Thursday, April 05, 2007

Notes Upon the Theory and Practice of Counter-Feminism

This website is called The Counter-Feminist, and it talks about something—a movement, an idea, a philosophy, a policy, a strategy - which is termed "counter-feminism". But up until now, only a sketchy and fragmentary explanation of that particular something has been provided. The present work will attempt to make good on the previous lack, and mark the needful pathways for future discussion.

What is counter-feminism? Or rather, what does counter-feminism do? Counter-feminism does exactly what the name implies; it counters feminism. More precisely, it counteracts feminism— by shadowing it, springing up in front of it, commenting on it, standing in its path, blocking it, embarrassing it, distracting it, causing it to stumble.

The present writing is intended as a map. Why a map? Consider the nature of maps generally; think of how they are made, and how they serve us. A map can be drawn in many, many ways; to show roads, to show rivers; to show mountain ranges, to show vegetation patterns; to show administrative boundaries such as states or counties; to display population densities, to show the deployment of forces in war; to chart the distribution of coal deposits or interstellar dust-clouds; to plot the annual rainfall region by region. There is no end to the maps we can generate, according to our needs. A map does not present all of reality, but only an abstracted slice of it—whatever we must know to expedite the matter at hand.

Accordingly, the present work is a conceptual map. It is a map of the political world adapted to our purposes, one which permits us to navigate toward the fulfillment of our purposes by providing the necessary information in terms of a pattern—a pragmatic template. We parse the world in a certain way and turn this into a chart to guide us, that we may know what we need to know in order to operate effectively. We don't need our map to show everything the world contains, nor do we need it to show what the world contains for others.

Again, our map shall sketch the political landscape in terms of what we must know in order to operate effectively, and attempt to outline what counter-feminism (CF) does and what distinguishes it as a system of understanding.

I had initially thought of writing one extremely long article to encompass the many points of discussion that are projected for the present work. But the longer I wrote the longer it got. . . . and it kept getting longer and longer. Furthermore, the blog has lain fallow long enough— it needs updating!

So, I've decided to break the long article into a series of shorter articles to appear as a serial. (Or, forgive the pun, as a cereal—spoon-sized shredded wheat instead of the big brick kind!) Now I can take all the time I want, and spin it out for miles.

Each article in this series will have a title that begins with "CF"—for counter-feminism. Article number one follows immediately:



Blogger Raulina Harrison said...

Hello, My name is Raulina. I believe that I'm being followed by a Radical Femenist Movement. For the past 3 and a half months,I have been seeing a lot of older women and men Following me and my roomate every where we go. A lot of these people are oldre(40 and up)I have been seeing-Grey haired Women and men,But mostly Women,A lot of Shaved headed Women, and angry looking People in general. I believe that this has something to do with my ex-boyfreind and his ex-girlfriend.I also posted an add on a lot of these Dating Sites.I wrote that Femenist Make me angry. What shuold I do about this problem.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Next time you see these people, walk right up to them, stand two inches in front of their face, and ask them what they are doing!

Then say, "one of your friends has told me everything."

Sound very, very mysterious when you say this. Then, turn around and walk away.....

7:54 PM  

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