Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Blurb for a New Blog!

And this one is off to a very promising start. I especially recommend this blog because of its reflective, philosophical, almost literary tone - that's the kind of tone I LIKE! We need more of that flavor in the movement, and I am glad to see this becoming the case little by little.

Yes, Rob Case has contributed some worthy comments here at CF. His blog is entitled One Man's Kingdom. Check it out:


Now. . . in order to make this more than simply a new blog blurb, I'd like to share something very, very insightful - straight from the blog itself! The following is quoted from a post entitled A Small Victory:

"The heroine’s first interview with a lesbian suspect is distinguished by her pressing the suspect to account for her past - and the woman blurts out “I wasn’t one of those feminazis…”

"It’s the first time I have heard one of our words used on mainstream TV. It is significant.

"Having words of our own serve two very important purposes. The first is to give expression to ideas that currently have no form in the minds of the public at large. As soon as a word like ‘feminazi’ enters the public dialogue, you need no longer argue that feminazism exists. Your opponent cannot say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ when the word is on everybody’s lips. You can progress your argument beyond denial to the next step.

"The second point is that words of our own making are like marked fish that we have released into the ocean. If we start catching these fish elsewhere, we know the environment is not fatal to them. When our words come back to us, we know the ideas behind them are starting to thrive..."

Yes! These notable chunks of semantic erosion signal to us that the other side is losing ground - almost literally, as the rising river at flood stage undermines their bluff and a huge section crashes into the muddy, turbulent waters with a roaring splash. This triggers a fast retreat to more secure ground by those chagrined ones who were standing near the edge!

I especially like the idea of "progressing your argument beyond denial to the next step". This is a fine summary of what I have been preaching for quite some time - that once you have concluded a particular level of argument, you progress to the next level. My theory is, that we should unceremoniously assume that next level as a moral standpoint without waiting for any kind of official clearance to do so. We ought simply to close in, and to aggressively occupy that level, and to work from there. We should seize the initiative! This will make the other side waste their energy by arguing from the purely defensive posture it forces them into.

What Rob is saying, is that we should take heart from these signs of the times - which signal that the "new level" has gotten mainstream recognition. And indeed we should take heart from these things, HOWEVER....

Rather than merely waiting for the world to go there, we might as well go there FIRST, and dig the channel for the world to follow. Dig? After all, we don't need the mainstream to tell us what we already know, do we? They're bound to catch on eventually, and it behooves US to be the agents of their political awakening in the first place by...well, pushing the river a little bit!

But to frame the story in a different way: we are pushing our adversary into a hole, are we not? In a manner of speaking? Even as they have done to us these many years? A bit ruthless perhaps? Well, maybe. Or then again, perhaps we are only assisting them to dig the hole which they are bound to eventually dig for themselves. In fact . . . I believe that is precisely what we are doing!

It is simply my prediction - and you know how I like to make predictions! ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Fidelbogen for your kind words and support. Only too glad to put a little back into the blogging world.

I sense a small change in the wind, with men applying themselves in all directions now. Like you, I believe we have to simply seize the initiative, each and every one of us, and choose that which we can do on our own, without relying on others to do their bit, or our adversaries to cede their ground (they won't).

We are men, we are right to insist on being what we are, too bad if others don't like it. They can disagree in their own time.

Rob Case

7:34 PM  

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