Thursday, August 30, 2007

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Press Release: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Michigan House Representatives Brenda Clack and Steve Tobocman Dishonor Michigan's Families and Children

Michigan - August 31st 2007 -
To commemorate this special day, a resolution was introduced in the State House of Representatives on August 8 by Rep. Glenn Steil. This resolution, HR 162, had bi-partisan support, with ten Democrats joining nineteen Republicans as co-sponsors.

HR 162 failed, because it was passed to Rep. Brenda Clack's Family and Children's Services Committee, and she declined to respond to requests to take up the resolution. House Democrat Floor Leader Steve Tobocman refused requests that HR 162 be "discharged to the floor", which would free it from the committee process, and free it up for immediate discussion and a vote.

Democratic Floor Leader Tobocman's office repeatedly stated the resolution was only about joint custody (in a divorce/separation matter), and would not discharge it to the floor. Tobocman's largest problem was that the date of the rally was put in the resolution, so to pass the resolution would be to endorse the rally.

Following is the wording for House Resolution 162:
A resolution commemorating August 18, 2007, as Family Preservation Day in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, We recognize that the interconnected relationships fostered in families are essential to our state's stability, growth and quality of life; and
Whereas, The strength of our nation today is dependant on the strength of the family structure; and
Whereas, The preservation of the family unit will bring about the benefits of ongoing parental relationships, which include, but are not limited to, a declining rate of juvenile crime and childhood poverty and an increased rate of childhood self esteem and family-value awareness; and
Whereas, Family Preservation Day is an opportunity for government to join forces with parents, children, community organizations and local agencies to advocate on behalf of our children, and to take action together against the destruction of the family structure; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body commemorate August 18, 2007, as Family Preservation Day in the state of Michigan.

HR 162 makes no mention of joint child custody. Naturally the date of the DC Rally was in the resolution-they were the same date! The DC Rally and HR 162 were just two segments of the Family Preservation Day celebration!
Not only did HR 162 fail, so too did a request to Governor Granholm to issue a special proclamation to recognize and honor August 18 as Family Preservation Day. Not even a simple acknowledgment was received on the proclamation requests!
Here are three serious and very clear examples of how the state's Democratic leaders feel about the families of our state. For them not to be able or willing to set aside one single day with a small bit of fanfare to honor Michigan families and to encourage their preservation speaks volumes.
There is yet another serious example of this leadership arrogance and complete disregard toward Michigan families and their children. Rep. Brenda Clack is also refusing to allow House Bill 4564, The Equal Parenting Bill, up in "her" committee for discussion, hearings, and vote. There are eight other committee members-four Republicans and four Democrats. Why is such an important bill being "held hostage"? The Equal Parenting Bill would finally begin to form Michigan's custody laws into being what is truly "in the best interests of the child" and not the antiquted 1970s law which harms families and children.


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