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Man Cleared of Rape Charge: Too Bad, He Died First!

From: Times Educational Supplement, UK

Teacher cleared of rape too late

Graeme Paton
Published: 21 April 2006

"A teacher who died in prison after being convicted of raping one of his pupils has been posthumously cleared by the Court of Appeal.

"Darryl Gee was jailed in 2001 despite scant evidence to corroborate his accuser’s claims, which related to alleged incidents more than a decade earlier.

"The music teacher, who protested his innocence, died in his cell from an undiagnosed blood cancer. He had served 18 months of an eight-year sentence.This week, campaigners described the case as one of the worst miscarriages of justice they had seen after the Court of Appeal in London quashed his conviction. . . ."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll just repeat what I wrote on Christianj's blog:

I take extreme precautions to minimize the chance that a woman would ever falsely accuse me of rape but if it ever happened, I would make sure that she eventually paid the ultimate price for it.

Every Real Man has a line that you do not cross - a line where he is willing to take a stand and if necessary, make the ultimate sacrifice - and a false rape accusation is where I draw my line in the sand.

If these bloodthirsty cunts want to destroy lives by killing their unborn babies, ripping their families apart and ass raping their exes in divorce court that is between them, the fool that married them and eventually God.

But heed this you evil cunts: if any of you ever falsely accuses me of rape you will have made a fatal mistake. Long after you've forgotten me and long after you've moved on to destroy other lives I promise you, I will not have forgotten you. I will hunt down your worthless ass and I will be your judge, jury & executioner.

I wish that every man would consider being falsely accused of rape as an unprovoked declaration of war against his person and act accordingly.

These cunts need to understand IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that a MAN is not a defenseless baby in her womb that she can do with as she pleases and that there will be serious consequences for trying to fuck him over.

As Bruce Lee famously said, "You touch me and I'll touch you back."
Fight fire with fire with these bitches, that is the only language they understand. They try and destroy your life you destroy theirs, it's as simple as that. I'll leave it to Jesus to turn the other cheek.

I sometimes wonder if even we who think we are onto women fully comprehend the depths of their depravity and wickedness.

9:29 AM  

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