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The Saga of the Chisel-toothed Rodent

Here for you all, a couple hours of very lurid reading. If you have not been aware of this little feuilleton, here is your chance to get up to speed:

Biting Beaver Article @ Encyclopedia Dramatica. . .

Now, the nature of such rodents is that they must be forever chewing on something because their little incisors are forever growing - like fingernails! And if they don't trim their choppers down to size, these will get longer and longer and eventually give the critters a fatal case of lockjaw!

At any rate, anybody who knows how my mind works will straightway suss out what I am thinking: the Biting Beaver is plainly and simply an allegorical personification of feminism as a whole! Yes. Isn't it elegant how the microcosm and the macrocosm mirror each other, model each other, and scale to each other? Like Russian matryushka dolls, yes?

Here is Biting Beaver's official "logo":
As you will remark, it is in the likeness of a beaver gnawing at a wooden phallic sculpture. But what strikes me is, that the sculpture was very clearly whittled out of a log! And I could be mistaken, but it looks uncannily as if the beaver itself is the inspired Michelangelo who CREATED that penile artwork in the first place - all for the purpose of destroying it!

In case it isn't clear, the writing on the log reads: "Exposing the heart of the patriarchy and destroying it". That hints pretty strongly that the beaver did the work of "exposing" the big "woody" that was sequestered inside the wood all along. What remains fuzzy to me is where the wood ends and where "the Wood" begins - or at any rate by what objective, empirical, non-arbitrary criterion the line of division was inscribed.

If you recall that the word "beaver" is slang, then you will see how the phrase "biting beaver" is a pretty good translation for the Latin vagina dentata. That might offer some kind of clue.

Not all sick minds are so easily exposed. Some of them are extremely subtle. "Occulted" is the word I would tend to use. But such is not the case with our gal Biting Beaver. No doubt she is very clever and verbally talented, but she completely lacks the gift to see herself as others see her: in that respect she's denser than a solid oak log!

And thank goodness for that: were she not so bloody thick in this way, she'd have dissimulated her true nature far more effectively, and fooled a lot more people, and risen far higher upon the tree of power in this world, and inflicted damage on a far more massive scale.

Which, I would hasten to add, is what plenty of radical manichaean feminists have in fact done - with consequences that have grown familiar to us over the last forty-odd years! Yes, the ones you never notice are the ones you need to watch.

In the end, there is no arguing with people who mentally sculpt the world in order to see what they wish to see. It is futile; you too are a part of their sculpture, and they will tell you so, and the more you protest the stronger their conviction grows!

Biting Beaver is the perfect feminist - a feminist par excellence! Right alongside of Valerie Solanas and plenty of other odious persons we could name. And such people are not simply "feminists" - they are feminism incarnate!

When the day is done, they leave nothing better than a pile of gnawed woodchips. That appears to be their one true purpose on earth; to accelerate the growth of entropy.

Let us say that the log is civilization, or society, or what-you-will. The beaver is steadily chomping away at the log, and the carved phallos is nothing but a transitory stage in a larger process that destroys so-called "patriarchy" right along with everything else, and in the end generates nothing but a mountain of chipped waste.


Blogger Kim said...

Ah, one's mastered the analogy as you have. ;)

I made the mistake of reading some of what Ms. Beaver had to say on her familial problems. Let me begin by saying that I actually feel...unclean...having read it. What a disgusting woman.

I've talked until I'm blue in the face, I've grown angry and yelled, I've cried when I was alone and when I was in front of him.

It sounds like she's in over her head with her children...somebody should submit to her that if she had a father in the home, maybe things wouldn't be so out of control. I'll gloss over some of the more disgusting things she said...because, frankly, I'm trying to block them from my mind, but I did like her comment about how she knew her son would eventually coerce (i.e. rape) some woman into sex. So if you try to get someone to have sex with you and you succeed, that's rape? Wouldn't that make like...I don't know, 90% of consensual sex rape? I think it's very scary that this woman is responsible for the upbringing and care of any child...let alone boys.

12:07 AM  
Blogger julie said...

Hi Kim,
Yes, this female is pretty screwed in the head.

Hi Fidelbogan,

Something I learnt today that is interesting about anger management courses. ... If you ask for the policy of the program you will find it states, "All men historically are rapists and wife and children beaters."

Holy cow, I didn't know that. But it seems that is why they never give males a chance to be treated innocently. All men are guilty and if they didn't do it at that moment they are capable of doing it in future so all are to be treated with suspicion.

Anyhow it was on talk back radio where Jim Bagnall was the interviewee. He says it doesn't matter how much they say they are putting out there for fathers, for nothing will change until this policy changes.

That is also why we have no support for men and DV.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Well I suppose BitingBeaver's son watching porn was just his survival instincts kicking in, for fear that in such a hostile environment he forgets how it's done: I wonder if she has ever heard about panda porn. It's a success story, and helps a whole species to survive.

Here's good news just in via BBC News: Beavers seem to thoroughly ignore BitingBeaver's appeal for emasculating their own kind! Clever beavers. And I was relieved to get immediate visual confirmation that beavers don't have long, pink ears. ;-)

5:58 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


What? That's NEWS to you? But yes, such is the philosophy which feminist innovation has instilled into the apparatus of state on many levels.

Although: what you are describing sounds more like the Duluth Model programs, rather than anger management. (It seems the Duluthers and the AM people have a conflict regarding their underlying approach to the issues. Anger management is actually contrary to the spirit of Duluth. And yet, as we see from this, not so contrary after all!)

To All:

I shall return later in the day to respond further to this, and to comments on the previous post..

11:14 AM  
Blogger julie said...

Hi Fidelbogan,

I look forward to soemthing on this.

I want to put it on menz also because there are many readers who are thinking that having women's involvement will make a difference because we network. That is apparently the problem says the papers. Men have not been able to get things off the ground because they lack the skills, it basically says. I am starting to see that this is not the case.

Women are not going to be able to do it either. Not with policy this way.

But then, as happens in other groups, "What goes on behind the doors is not what you hear from the outside". And even though women in high positions would be aware of this, they say nothing to keep getting the funding. No funding does nothing. Funding saves lives and sanity.

You shouldn't be surprised that I don't know this. Heaps of people working in the community don't know this.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Julie: I don't believe for one minute that "men can't network". That's rubbish! Men have networked very well indeed throughout history. The thing to understand about men is that once they get "fired up" about something (a cause, a project,etc..) they can rise to the occasion and do just about anything.

I tend to think that men not knowing how to network is just a current historical fluke that applies to certain classes of men...

**On another note, here is some reading material about the Duluth model:

The Duluth model is built upon the "man bad/woman good" cosmology which feminism itself is built upon. It does not officially recognize that women could have any responsibility at all when things go wrong domestically; also, it assumes the idea of "patriarchal power and control" and refuses to explain "male violence" any other way. It only talks about "male" violence; in the Duluth universe, female violence apparently doesn't exist - or when it does it is NEVER her fault, it is ALWAYS self-defense, women are ALWAYS victims, men are ALWAYS perpetrators, etc..etc..

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've never heard this assertion that "Men can't network" until you yourself posted it on the MENZ board some months ago.

I have seen it since only once in the papers, a quote from a woman involved in the opening of a men's refuge this past week.

NZ being such a small place, I don't doubt this same woman reads the MENZ board herself. I leave you to connect the dots.

All the same, it is an easy assertion to refute.

For starters, nearly every global corporation was started and tended to by men. The degree of networking required is massive. Every political candidate must network to survive - and most are men. The great empires of the past were networks of men. The list does go on.

Even feminist dogma recognises our formidable ability to network - labelling it the 'old boys' network' or less directly, 'the glass ceiling'.

Rob Case

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi fidelbogen, Nice post, what I liked the most was the pointing out that feminism is a propagator of societal entropy. As we all know it is a failed marxist theory that even Joseph Stalin rejected as it screwed up commmunist/socialist society in the Soviet Union. Those who embrace 2nd or 3rd wave feminist theory are cultural ignorant as the doctrines they follow were rejected by the society that spawned them. Nice Work, Keep it up

4:27 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Rob: I've heard "men can't network" or "men can't operate collectively" or various variations thereof, quite a bit in various places.

Plenty of men seem to believe it too. Even some MRAs!

It's a conclusion easily inferred or extracted from much of feminist writing - Carol Gilligan, for example.

You'll hear them say things like "women believe in connectedness, or community, or holistic thinking, or..etc etc etc."

None of which necessarily pertains to networking - which at its most basic is no more than keeping up a list of contacts in a rolodex. Any capable businessman does THAT.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Kim said:"So if you try to get someone to have sex with you and you succeed, that's rape?"

Some extreme feminists have said in various ways that "under patriarchy, all sex is rape because women aren't powerful enough to give meaningful consent."

Which I would call a load of hysterical, pedantic claptrap.

And...they are continually pushing the envelope vis a vis the definition of rape, so that more and more normal sexual activity falls under the big umbrella in some way.

Their eventual game plan appears to be, to make a complete train wreck out of normal man-woman relations, by instilling mutual suspicion and fear, and making naturalness or spontaneity all but impossible.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Michael: I'm sure that plenty of people would not be a bit happy to hear that pornography even *might* have socially redeeming value . . . .

7:00 PM  
Blogger julie said...

Hi Fidelbogan, I see you didn't put my last comment up yet. And it would be nice not to have it up. Or keep it behind the curtain.

It may not come across well and I am still learning and ... I have a box full of good excuses if you would like to hear some more. lol

2:28 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Actually... there was just one bit right at the very end that gave me a bit of a pause....

And I was going to e-mail for a clarification. But now I don't need to. . . :)

5:11 PM  
Blogger julie said...

Hi Fidelbogan,

Thanx for that. This journey that I have stumbled on is not so black and white, anymore.

I am meeting women who have been involved in all this in some way and recently I spoke to another female I know who was a radical feminist back in the 80's in England. She is not the first for me but they don't come out with this sort of stuff over a few conversations. It seems I don't know who I am associated with sometimes. And it seems that this was challenged along the way quite a bit and it seems that it was based on very corrupt behaviors. I already know that it was corrupt by reading feminists stories that have come to the attention of MRA but then I never expected to get to know the ins and outs on a personal level.

I am so disappointed that feminism was about the hatred of men from the women who were responsible to bring us good fortune as females.

I personally think today that the feminists who actually did the work were expecting it to balance. Were expecting it to be stopped before it got so out of hand and this radical woman has followed it up until today. She knows how unbalanced it is but she still believes the females have more to get. But she is going to help and so she should. I am not going to blame men for not stopping this because it is not their responsibility. Men hold other men accountable and as much as they need to start standing up to women, women also need to hold each other accountable. Not so easy though when women themselves are afraid of strong, pushy, domineering women.

It is a bit funny that things have changed so much in my area since I pointed this out to my mayor and to a few other leading men and women.

As much as I too would like to go my own way and treat others with respect, I am walking the talk. I don't really like it for I too would like it to be someone else's fault and problem.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous paul parmenter said...

Good God, Fidelbogen, from where did you dredge up this horror? I know we are used to referring to the more extreme feminists as batshit insane, but this goes beyond insanity. If Biting Beaver is for real, she is nothing short of a maniac on the loose, hell-bent on wrecking the self-esteem of her sons and doing everything that is most likely to turn them into the very woman-hating monsters she claims she is trying to prevent. It's spine-chilling.

Just as being continuously on the receiving end of misandry will inevitably drive the weaker-minded men among us over the edge and create the occasional malestrom, as you rightly pointed out a few posts ago; so continuous feminist indoctrination will inevitably create more biting beavers among the female faithful. How can it be otherwise, when the message is pure hatred of everything masculine, reinforced at every turn? Are not women's minds at least as susceptible to this lethal type of indoctrination as men's?

Her talk of abortion is deeply disturbing. But this is also what you get when you give women the power of life and death over their children. We would never give that power to even the most stable, level-headed and morally scrupulous man; we recognise that such power is not for man to wield, and would threaten to corrupt even the best among us. So why in the name of God do we give it to every single woman, including the most demented, neurotic and immature among them? That is just asking for carnage; which is of course exactly what we have got.

So just how many more of these dangerous lunatics are being created in our midst?

1:49 AM  

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