Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Signs, Signs...Everywhere Signs!

The following statement by "anonymous" has just this minute appeared as a comment, appended to my recent post about the man who was cleared of a rape conviction after his death.

I share it here in all of its uncensored glory. You must admit that Anonymous pulls no punches, and his words make for a most compelling read!

Feminists, take heed of the forces which are now rising up in the field against you! It is YOU who have created this level of anger, this level of rage! Please square up to your own responsibility for making the world what it is - you are rightly to blame for many many evil things; your guilt lies heavily upon your OWN head, like a heap of burning coals! Yes, you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. . .

Remember, these are not Fidelbogen's words; Fidel is a sweet, purring Siamese cat compared to this man here:

"I'll just repeat what I wrote on Christianj's blog:

"I take extreme precautions to minimize the chance that a woman would ever falsely accuse me of rape but if it ever happened, I would make sure that she eventually paid the ultimate price for it.

"Every Real Man has a line that you do not cross - a line where he is willing to take a stand and if necessary, make the ultimate sacrifice - and a false rape accusation is where I draw my line in the sand.

"If these bloodthirsty cunts want to destroy lives by killing their unborn babies, ripping their families apart and ass raping their exes in divorce court that is between them, the fool that married them and eventually God.

"But heed this you evil cunts: if any of you ever falsely accuses me of rape you will have made a fatal mistake. Long after you've forgotten me and long after you've moved on to destroy other lives I promise you, I will not have forgotten you. I will hunt down your worthless ass and I will be your judge, jury & executioner.

"I wish that every man would consider being falsely accused of rape as an unprovoked declaration of war against his person and act accordingly.

"These cunts need to understand IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that a MAN is not a defenseless baby in her womb that she can do with as she pleases and that there will be serious consequences for trying to fuck him over.

"As Bruce Lee famously said, "You touch me and I'll touch you back." Fight fire with fire with these bitches, that is the only language they understand. They try and destroy your life you destroy theirs, it's as simple as that. I'll leave it to Jesus to turn the other cheek.

"I sometimes wonder if even we who think we are onto women fully comprehend the depths of their depravity and wickedness."

I have presented the above, without comment, for its objective information value. Such things are a sign of the times, like a sign posted near a highway that warns us to reduce speed and watch how we drive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fast do you think false rape accusations would stop if a talking head on CNN ended a piece with the following statement:
"...Ivana Distroiu becomes the 7th woman this year in the United States to disappear after being convicted of falsely accusing a man of rape. At this time, authorities are unsure of whether this is the work of one man or of some sort of vigilante syndicate."

There are a lot of smart men in the MRA movement but when one or two geniuses finally decide to devote their full attention to finding a solution to the feminist question these cunts will have no idea that they are living on borrowed time.

MGTOW - like MLK - is just one piece of the puzzle. Anyone who knows anything about the American civil rights movement knows that Malcolm X played just as important a role as Martin Luther King.

In fact, it was a combination of the carrot (MLK), the stick (Malcolm X) & the Law (Thurgood Marshall) that eventually led to material changes for American blacks. Take away any of the pieces and the civil rights movement wouldn't of acheived success when it did.

The MRA movement has the carrot (MGTOW) but we won't be fully successful until the other two pieces are put in place.

If and when "the stick" finally does emerge he (as a figurehead but “they” as a group) will put the fear of God back into women so fast that it will pave the way for "the law" to appear.

I wouldn't be surprised if "the law" ends up being a woman because they will start coming out of the woodwork and turning on the feminazis, finally admitting that that they have gone waay too far.

These women will demand that the laws be changed - not because they've suddenly gotten a conscience but because they fear for their own safety. In other words, make no mistake; if things ever do improve it will ultimately be because of (the threat of) "the stick."

Unfortunately, I doubt that any of us will be alive to see that day.

Western women as a group have obviously never heard the expression "Let sleeping dogs lay" and that will eventually come back to bite them in the ass - hard.

Even Labradors have a mean streak that has to be seen to be believed if you push them too far.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like you can change my last sentence to:

Even Labradors can turn into Cujo if you push them too far.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

I have a very strict policy: I do not make woman-bashing statements - although I certainly don't disguise that women as individuals can have "the devil inside" just as well as men.

Having said that much, I would add this: it is not my business to censor the anti-female sentiments of others. The rise and proliferation of such sentiments is merely a symptom, merely a predictable outcome of forces which have been unleashed in the world. And it is not my job to walk upon the stormy ocean and sweep it flat with a broom!

I value the present contribution of Mr.A(nonymous) precisely because I want the world to witness what the world contains; I want the world to know what the world is coming to; I want the world to know where the world might be headed . . . unless we head it off in a different direction!

My personal opinion regarding anything that Mr. A says here, is of no consequence. My only concern is to draw your attention to something and say "behold!"

Feminist, behold the poison fruit of your own aggression! Your own treachery! Your own hypocrisy! Your own filthy, stinking greed! Your shameless double-dealings and double-standards, and your never-ending LIES, LIES LIES!!

Oh, for the love of sweet jumping Jeeezus!! You guys know the goddamn drill by now:


I hold you accountable.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Well, I can't condone most of what Anonymous has said, as I don't condone any form of violent etremism, I do, however, recognise it as a result...Feminism reaping what it has sown. I don't, however, think it's going need to come down to knocking off women to affect change. Call me an optimist, but I think we're going to start seeing change quite soon. Already, many people are starting to realise that, oh, I guess feminists were wrong and women really DO lie about rape. I think, after some of the high profile incidences of late, we're going to see more and more attention being drawn to the matter and more and more public outrage...and when I say 'outrage' I'm not referring to the killing spree variety Anonymous recommends but something slightly more legal. The movement for men's rights will have much more validity if it doesn't give in to extemist measures. I think passing laws that require a woman to serve the maximum sentence the man she falsely accused would have served, will act as a very strong deterrent...without resorting to murder.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Kim: Ya know what? You're absolutely right! The scenario you have described will most likely be the one that finally plays out!

It had jolly well better be, or else.... mark my's gonna be the way that Mr. A described it!

In other words, we have a choice, IF we are wise enough to choose wisely.

But...continued advancement of feminist plans and policies will only drive us all into a downward spiral of bad to worse to worser and worser and worser...

And what pray tell does that mean? It means: expect more Marc Lepines. Expect men's rights terrorism and mafioso activity...and all manner of beastly untidiness. THAT is what the world might come to IF we don't make the wise choice.

Feminists will NEVER make the wise choice in such matters. Instead, they will go right on doing what feminists have always done: blaming the bad stuff on "men" or "the patriarchy". NO MATTER WHAT!

They will NEVER stop doing this. If they did, they would instantly stop being feminists. And a feminist can never stop being a feminist while remaining a feminist - if that makes any sense. ;-)

That is why I think that the only way to deal with them, ultimately, is to pull their plug. To SHUT THEM DOWN COLD by showing them NO RESPECT! Whatsoever!

Better that, I'm sure we'll all agree, than radical men's rights vigilantes compiling hit lists of known feminists, or planting bombs in NOW headquarters, or...or...or.... :-0

We must speak daggers to them, but use none. And as you will have noted, I treat feminists very, very rudely....

For as the saying goes: "Bless a villain and he will curse you."

12:03 AM  

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