Friday, August 24, 2007

Street2Web in New Zealand!

New Zealand is a unique global hotspot for our movement - in many ways one of the most interesting places on Earth at the present time. Many intensely political things have been happening for quite a while in this remote island nation, and guess what? Next week they're at it again! I've recently gotten word of a very exciting activist project which I think you will enjoy hearing about.

Jim Bagnall, National Director of Project Reunion (helping reunite children with their fathers), Founder of Union of Fathers and Trustee of North Shore Men's Centre and Julie Whitehouse, founder and trustee of Auckland Single Parent's Trust as well as other New Zealand activists will be distributing informational brochures at four Universities in and around Auckland. Their goal is to reach both male and female students who are supportive of men, and female students who are doing gender studies - hoping to awaken all of these groups to what is happening in their country regarding men's issues.

Between Monday, 27 August and Friday, 31 August, 2000 booklets will be distributed to students at these targeted institutions. This is both a promotion for MGTOW, and an effort to persuade New Zealand young people to vote carefully in next year's elections.

Several Men's Rights sites (including the Counter-Feminist!) have been listed in these booklets and the booklets themselves summarize the cold hard facts that many MRA sites contain. In fact all information was gathered from these sites based upon the suggestions of MRA members. The NZ activist coalition is hoping that members of the online MRA community will be accomodating and willing to share their wisdom.

Did you catch that last bit? This means that in the next 2 or 3 weeks male-friendly webmasters and bloggers might notice a spike of web traffic thanks to those 2000 booklets that are being distributed in New Zealand! And thereafter, a continuing ripple effect when word-of-mouth on the street swings into action.

I am told that more printings and distributions are planned for the future, so . . . hold onto your hats!

Now, some of you crafty MRA theorists will immediately cotton onto the larger implications of this. It is far more that just a cool activism project: it is a landmark development and at least potentially the beginning of a powerful trend that could turbocharge the Movement! I say "at least potentially", since the future is not etched in stone and much depends on what you, I, or any combination of all of us decides to do with this kind of power.

Many of us online types have bemoaned our confinement to the cyberspace ghetto, but I consider that a naive brand of tunnel-vision which misses the full complexity of what is happening in the Movement at large. Still, the feeling is based upon a kernel of correct understanding: that energy confined purely to cyberspace is frustratingly limited as per demographic reach and range of operations.

The project in New Zealand creates a pipeline running from the offline physical world (the street) to the worldwide web. The flow of energy is street-to-web. It is not street-to-street. It is not web-to-street. Above all, it is not the tired old web-to-web that we know so well.

No, it is street-to-web.

Or even better: Street2Web.

(Hey, that looks right cool and jazzy, doesn't it?)

Yes, the street and the web are separate domains, governed by separate principles and yielding separate powers. However, it is good to combine these domains, these principles, these powers!

And as you can see, there are two ways to work web and street in tandem. One is to PUSH people from the web to the street. The other is to PULL people from the street to the web.

These are profoundly different modalities which yield profoundly different effects, and we ought to use them BOTH. We ought to combine them, for by means of such combination we shall arrive at a multiplication of our torque which is at once symbiotic and synergistic.

The power of street2web is not understood by most MRAs. Nor is it understood by them, that when you pull web traffic from the street it is a fundamentally and qualitatively different process than when you pull it from elsewhere on the web. This lack of understanding needs to be remedied.

I haven't explained this one tenth as well as I wanted to explain it, but I know that the Movement contains plenty of smart people who will instantly catch my drift and take up the slack. A word to the wise is plenty, and I know that the wise among you are plentiful.


**Post Corrigendum: I have temporarily removed the PDF link that I had originally posted here - reason being, that the designers wish to make some corrections to the brochure. I will post a link to the corrected version as soon as they upload it to their server.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the only way to solve the problem to destroy those political maginas.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

By handing them a shovel and tricking them into digging their own political graves, perhaps?

5:40 PM  
Blogger julie said...

Awesome writing Fidelbogan and thanx.

Jim was around this morning and I showed him this post.

9 years he has been working in the Family courtroom with some of the most extreme cases in NZ. And he is an incredible activist.

He has just recently been interviewed by the highest University in NZ and they have asked him if he would participate in a debate with the feminists. NZ is still at the University level, a controversial place. It is going to be interesting to see where this goes.

2,000 flyers is a lot. Tuesday and Friday are the days set aside for this.

BTW, I like the name of the project. Street2web. Pretty cool.

This is another amazing male in NZ who has done a lot for fathers and is an activist. Can you add him to your links.

6:19 PM  
Blogger julie said...

Hi again Fidelbogan,

We know that we did not do justice to MGTOW, by making it MTGOW. We couldn't stop the first lot of flyers being printed but we are changing the flyers for the next lot. And we will have it on the site available in a PDF file.

Also save the males is coming off and men's link is replacing it. It is a bit much for the students.

If people want to print the flyers, please give us a bit of time to rectify the changes.

I hope I didn't upset things by asking for dad4justice to be on you links. Come on bro... he is above most for getting of his arse at least. lol

Also I found another site worthwhile from markymark's thoughts being a tomboy against feminism. That has to be worthwhile for if it is not then neither am I.

Tomboys are not lesbians and they are not your enemy. To be honest I would be sickened if you wanted me to have coffee and tea with women all day and speak gossip on others. I hate that. But sure I can sew (I have made and designed uniforms for the Australian basketball team and rowing team) and ... well, I can cook but my male friends are better at it than I am. lol

PS, you better not want to put me back in the kitchen else I will start karate lessons. lol

12:08 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Hey..the link WILL go on my list - I am just tired, so I haven't done it yet.

And I know what you're saying about tomboys. But I do have one problem with tomboys: there aren't enough of them! ;) (lol!!!!)

As for the brochure, is good to hear that you are making those changes - I believe things will work for the best that way.

Shall I remove the PDF link from this post? I can do that, but since this post is mirrored in a few other places, the uncorrected brochure will still be available from those locations unless you remove it from your server....

So: I would recommend removing it from the server. . .

Then, when the time comes, re-upload the corrected version under the same name to the same file path.

**Okay, I have decided. i AM going to remove the PDF link from this post. As you will see if you read the post again.

12:44 AM  
Blogger publius said...

The power of street2web is not understood by most MRAs. Nor is it understood by them, that when you pull web traffic from the street it is a fundamentally and qualitatively different process than when you pull it from elsewhere on the web. This lack of understanding needs to be remedied.

Now, how do you know this?

2:17 AM  
Blogger julie said...

Oh, Mr tired. lol

It won't matter if you keep the flyer PDF. But please do. It will be good to keep it for our brothers and sisters to see. There are a couple of guys doing the same in America after us. And maybe some sisters that don't dare to speak up yet. lol

You must know this is team work.

At least they should know that most of the stuff we used came from Angry Harry's website and he didn't mind us using it word for word.

But then we do have a bit about NZ and our Prime Minister. So, really, it is just a show.

Now here is a bit of news for your readers. On a western world wide scale, intellectuals (those with the papers and being paid) are fighting feminism in that "Men and Women are different" Just so you know.

3:07 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I found the MTGOW/MGTOW misspelling negligible. Ok that's probably because I don't feel entirely comfortable with their manifesto in the first place, but that's a different discussion. I just felt a bit disappointed that Thomas Ellis' book "The Rantings of a Single Male - Losing Patience with Feminism, Political Correctness and Basically Everything" wasn't in the book list. The man tells it like it is, he can write, and he always illustrates his points with examples from his life (and has retained his sense of humour).

Of course I wish the booklet lots of success! Let's hope people feel motivated by it to find out about a topic that's not exactly a main stream media favourite.

3:29 AM  
Blogger julie said...


Your rantings of a single male sounds like our "Eve's Bite"

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I found the MTGOW/MGTOW misspelling negligible. Ok that's probably because I don't feel entirely comfortable with their manifesto in the first place..."

I couldn't agree more. I don't go along with the "MGTOW manifesto" either. It strikes me as a form of sentimental traditionalism.

But I'm entirely for the MGTOW principle of each man rejecting the standards and expectations imposed upon him by society, and instead appealing to his own conscience for guidance. In that respect MGTOW has been around since Emerson wrote 'On Self-Reliance'.

The downside is you have to bear the consequences of bad decisions. (I personally see this as an upside).

Rob Case

7:24 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"The power of street2web is not understood by most MRAs. Nor is it understood by them, that when you pull web traffic from the street it is a fundamentally and
qualitatively different process than when you pull it from elsewhere on the web. This lack of understanding needs to be remedied."

Now, how do you know this?

Because it is hard for me to "know" otherwise, given the nature of things.

Cyberspace and the Street are distinct, radically different worlds - they differ in more ways than we can ever truly hope to inventory.

These 2 worlds differ (among other reasons) because each harbors a unique set of filters and constraints - factors which govern both A.) the flow of information within each of these worlds, and B.) the exact flavor of human awareness resulting from such flow in each of these worlds.

Now...I mentioned the cyberspace ghetto effect. This effect is mainly the result of frustrated mental energy, bottled up inside a computer network with no egress (or only limited, sporadic egress) to the "real world" of the Street.

At the end of the day, the Street is REAL...and cyberspace ain't. The Street is where it's at, it's where we LIVE....and cyberspace ain't. Nobody literally "lives" inside of monitors or FiOs cables! Bearing that in mind, it's easy to understand the frustration of "activists" whose energy is confined purely to the web - its due to the DISCONNECT between where they genuinely LIVE, and the cyberbottle they are pouring their energy into!

So, what is cyberspace? Mainly, it's a tool. Or as I would prefer to say: an "engine". It is not where we live - it is just an ENGINE, a thing that can perform work.

What kind of work? Well, for present purposes...the CS Engine amplifies our voice like a megaphone because it turns physical distance into nothing at all, and as well it reaches potentially huge numbers of brains. I say potentially.

But again, cyberspace is not where we live. The CSengine does "unreal" things (magical you might say!) that cannot happen in the world where we actually LIVE.

And if we want our "revolution" to operate where we actually LIVE..we must bring cyberspace into a tightly woven functional partnership with the Street, so that the energy circulates in every possible direction between (and within) those 2 radically different worlds - thus binding them together into a synergism whose effects may be calculated and controlled and utilized in the best manner.

This all sounds a bit mystical, but that's what happens when you try to encompass HUGE ideas that tax the limitations of available language.

Now, the energy flow we're talking about boils down to information flow - and since this info-flow can only relate to the Street by being carried in a host brain, this means that we can only be talkin' bout flow of PEOPLE. (At any rate, we may use that word for shorthand convenience.)

Consider once again the 4 Channels:

1. Web2Web (w2w)
2. Street2Street (s2s)
3. Web2Street (w2s)
4. Street2Web (s2w)

Very well: the problem with w2w is already known by online MRAs who have gotten no further than talking to each other or squabbling uselessly with online feminists. It's the cyberspace ghetto syndrome. Round and round it goes....
Also, the flow of information across the web is limited by those filters and constraints mentioned earlier, which in turn limits the possibilities for getting the word OUT or the recruits IN..
Finally, don't forget the fatal limitations upon ANY activist energy which is confined purely to cyberspace.

Concerning s2s: It can have PROFOUND outcomes in terms of deep rooted penetration, face-to-face bonding, and slow building of networks and communities and uh...secrecy (shhh!).....However, it is slow in terms of lateral spread. Did I mention s-l-o-w...? Slow enough to tax our patience, I might add! And worse, slow enough to make us roadkill to an enemy who is built for speed and getting speedier..

Concerning w2s: This is a very useful channel and we would be crippled without it. It carries the word from Cyberspace to Street..and that is good! W2s happens naturally all of the time, at which point some s2s naturally occurs as well in consequence. I wish the online MRAs would bear this last point in mind order to hearten themselves - they aren't quite as bottled-up as they think!
Not only does w2s trigger s2s, it also triggers s2w - which is uniquely interesting among the 4 channels, and I go now to discuss it.

Concerning Street2Web: 3 points have emerged from the foregoing discussion which ought to be reiterated here: 1.Cyberspace and Street are radically different worlds with different filters and constraints upon information flow; 2.The Street is where we LIVE, and it is here that activist energy must eventually make itself felt; 3. Cyberspace is a tool, or ENGINE, which can usefully multiply effects where we LIVE (the Street).

Consider the first point, that Cyberspace and Street are uniquely different worlds. I hope I have made clear that these worlds, being uniquely different, harbor uniquely different powers which can be harnessed to our benefit. And again, as I have suggested, the problem is how to bring these distinct powers into a working synergistic combination that will give us the best of both worlds.

In my opinion, Street2Web fills the bill. It means, to pull web traffic (people)from Street to Cyberspace such that the limitations of the cyberspace ghetto are bypassed, and the advantages of s2s information flow (and demographic canvassing) are fed directly into Cyberspace - at which point the Cyberspace ENGINE effect goes to work for the benefit of the Street (where we LIVE). Basically, this takes the form of broadcasting critically important (cutting edge) information BACK to the Street, in a way that will multiply the natural strength of s2s information flow - in effect, turbocharging it and accelerating it!

An additional benefit accrues to the Cyberspace community in the form of "new blood" infusion from the Street - which will eventually feed BACK to the Street as the loop grows and grows.

S2w is better than w2s for the simple reason that it originates where we LIVE, and for that reason feeds "living" energy into Cyberspace - so that Cyberspace can better serve the LIVING world. (After all, it is only a engine. It is a means to an end; its purpose is to serve us.)

To put that another way: the Street is where its at, and it is where the revolution must eventually unfold, and the function of the CyberspaceENGINE should be only to accelerate the natural process of change as it occurs in the real world (the Street).

The csENGINE should ultimately draw its lifeblood from that radically different world - the Street - and NOT from itself!

** SO...this is why I see the brochure campaign in NZ as such an exciting pilot project, which points the way to bigger things. Now its all a question of figuring out PRECISE (and inexpensive) ways to draw web traffic from the Street by using the s2s channel. (Handing out brochures, for example, is pure s2s, but when website URLs are printed on these generates s2w! :)

** What I have explained here is still a rather obscure branch of knowledge, so I would not expect most MRAs to have thought of it yet, especially since I have only recently thought of it myself...

Hopefully, this long comment has been clarificatory.

I have no energy to write more, so ...good night! ;)

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I understand your frustration at what appears to be a lack of traction for men's issues. I've been reading many of the MR/FR writers for some while now, posting my own commentary and more recently keeping my own blog.

At times it does seem like pointless shouting into the void.

But as I look upon all significant movements of the past, the pattern is a familiar one. It is always the philosophers who come first, and they are either ignored or ridiculed. Always.

It's because they can see what most cannot yet - their vision is that little bit better, so that what is clear to them is still invisible to the many. They can see a truth that cannot be suppressed forever.

As the truth begins to dawn on a wider audience, the artists begin to recognise not only what the philosopher has been fore-seeing, but that there is also now a market for their particular art. After the philosophers come the artists - the novelists, the musicians, the visual men and women.

Then come the activists and protesters, those who recognise the audience has now grown to a mass that can no longer be ignored - indeed it becomes dangerous to do so. Established politicians start to change their public face.

Then come the educational initiatives, the awareness campaigns and finally the law changes. The unstoppable force reaches its true objective.

From there the momentum carries it beyond its original justice into new injustices of its own making, and a new breed of philosophers are speaking out against the new orthodoxy, and being ignored. So the cycle is completed.

I leave you with these words from Emerson:

"Few and mean as my gifts may be, I actually am, and do not need for my own assurance or the assurance of my fellows any secondary testimony.

What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think. This rule, equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness."

Rob Case

5:08 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Okay Julie...I have kept it behind the curtain. ;}

SO... have you yet or will you soon be printing the updated version of the booklets? Send me the new one (as PDF) when you do, and I will post a link.

9:24 PM  

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