Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yo, Feminists! We Need to Talk...

Hey you guys, I'd like you to meet somebody! Here is a man who speaks his mind; a man who is - how shall I put it? - in touch with his feelings!

You know what else? This man has a BLOG which I'm sure you'll find interesting. Take a good look, then come back and we'll chew the fat for a little bit, okay? The blog is called The Malestrom.

If you are easily shocked, do NOT visit the following link. You have been  seriously WARNED, my little grasshoppers!

Are you back now? Have you seen enough? So...what do you think?

I'll tell you what I think - since everybody knows that Fidelbogen the Counter-Feminist is a plainspoken chap who lays it on the line and doesn't mince words! Yes, that is exactly why I took up blogging: to tell you what I think!

The Counter-Feminist does not hide or disguise from you that the world contains a number of things. And what is true of the world is likewise true of this global fermentation we call the movement of men - which, trust me, is a world unto itself that mirrors the world at large!

Truly, the movement of men is a house with many mansions! You have just had a memorable peek around the corner into one of the shabbier, more obscure hallways. What I've shown you is quite something, and it ought to give you an index for comparison. You thought that old "Fidel" was quite the arrant, double-dyed patriarchal oppressor, didn't you?

It's good that I'm keenly aware of the difference between "female" and "feminist", eh? That's a damn sight more than most of you guys can claim! And yes, to be perfectly honest, it's more than plenty of MRA types can claim - I'm keenly aware of THAT TOO, thank you very much!
Which brings up another point: A lot of people in this "movement" can't see the difference between feminism and the overall female population. They despise feminism, and through the haze of their fury they can't make out the border between ideology and biology, so they despise women too!

For the world, withal, has come to that: the misogynistic shift! The poison of feminist political fallout has operated, to some degree more or less, upon nearly all men, and not to their benefit! Or anybody else's.

As everybody knows, the Counter-Feminist speaks the bloody truth at all times and does not sugarcoat things! I do not conceal from you that the general movement of men contains every kind of man you could ever hope to find upon the moral spectrum of humanity. I throw the door wide open and shine a torch inside so you can see it all very, very clearly. I'm not pulling the goddamn wool over your eyes! The Counter-Feminist doesn't play that!

Our Mr. Malestrom, whose acquaintance you have lately made, offers a study of some interest. He is a vigorous fellow, is he not? He is a man of passion and vehemence - a man who speaketh roundly! One is bound to give him that much at any rate. Just the same, I shall not conceal from you, or from him, that I do not hold with him upon all points. That is to say, that there are certain points concerning which he and I would sharply differ. Still, I value Mr. M. for what I may chance to learn from him. For everything in the world, rightly considered, is an education - whether in itself or by virtue of what it reveals or foretells. And I do find Mr. M. highly educational in that regard, even as I find so many feminists highly educational and highly revealing - of human nature, of life, of the world itself.

The world is an interesting place and always has been, yet it might become dramatically more interesting, if you follow me. For the continued application of feminist poison to the male social ecology is bound to have some interesting effects.

To be sure, the thought has occurred to me that Mr. M. is, just possibly, a feminist provocateur posing as a flamboyantly controversial MRA in order to place a certain light (let us say) upon the movement. How could such a thought not occur to me? After all, I'm the Counter-Feminist; it's my job to think of such things! And I don't put it past you feminists to employ such tactics - I am acutely aware that such possibilities lie within your moral gamut, especially when the game starts heating up as it is presently doing.

However, I shall do Mr. M. the courtesy of taking him at face value, since the point of my exposition will neither rise nor fall upon the strength of something so merely hypothetical as the case in hand. Mr M. stands in for a type which most indubitably does exist, and accordingly serves us well enough for an illustration.

So the future, as I say, might become interesting - and the continued postponement of certain imperatives can only ratchet the wheel higher, click by click and tooth by tooth. Word to the wise: the continued application of feminist poison to the male social ecology will generate, and can only generate, a maelstrom indeed! Let us suppose there comes a day when the fur is flying - when shit mingled with blood rains down from the sky. What then? I predict that on that day your tribe will be catching the bitter end of it. My advice, which you are perfectly free to reject, is to take that thought on board.

I'll be around. And when that day dawns with a red sky - or even before it dawns - look me up. We'll sit down at the big round oaken table with our documents in order, and lattes or cappucinos in front of us. Thank your luck that it's only me, on that day.


Blogger publius said...

Greetings Fidelbogen,

I can only guess, but I would say this blog will only serve to cool many prospective mra's towards the men's movement. Whether that's by design, who knows, but I find it way too extreme. As you probably know, I don't mind foul language, but this is a bit much.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I clicked, scrunched up my eyes, and tried to find the back button without looking at the screen again. I know exactly what you're saying. This is my fear. Even if they're in the minority, that they're being created, should be a great concern. I think radical feminists are overjoyed by the creation of such individuals, because it serves to strengthen their platform...which is also why I understand your suspicion that this is being put out there by the feminists. However, I do believe it's real, I've seen enough of hatred begetting hatred to believe it. Which supports my long-held belief, that monsters are not born, but created.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Michael: Point taken as regards the link warning - as you will note. However.... I'll keep your comment in the "alpha channel" since you have stated exactly WHAT is so shocking upon that blog; letting the cat out of the bag so to speak. But now, anybody who goes there will be properly warned in advance, yet they will not know for what, exactly - they will need to go and find out for themselves!

As for your other remarks: You are right that such people could generate adverse publicity in ways that are unpredictable. (Think Marc Lepine!!) So it is good that they be isolated from the mainstream of the movement. However , I see them both as symptomatic of what feminist influence (at an extreme) generates in the world, and as harbingers of things to come if something doesn't occur to moderate and eventually reverse feminist influence!

Feminism itself must bear some considerable share of responsibility for the very existence of such people and such attitudes! But that is the one thing the feminists will never do - own up to their responsibility for making the world WORSE. However, I think I see a way to hold their feet to the fire....;-)

10:53 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Publius, you are exactly right - it is a bit much. However, note Kim's comment immediately following....



Thank you for discerning my thoughts (almost) to a 'T'!

Of COURSE the feminists are happy to see such people around; that way, they can point the finger at someone! They are nothing if not accomplished finger-pointers!

In order to make the the world worse...they need to, well...MAKE THE WORLD WORSE! (If you catch my drift.)

If they can find something GENUINELY bad which they can use...then use it they will! But if not, they need to get creative, d.h. spinning bogus DV horror stories out of statistical straw. (For unlike Rumpelstiltskin, they haven't got the power to spin gold out of straw!)

And from that they generate moral panic and spread psychic toxin...etc etc etc....

11:38 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Oh, Publius, welcome back to the land of the living! There was some dark speculation that you had gone the way of EB and FredX. Conspiracy theories abounding..... ;-)

11:42 PM  
Blogger publius said...

Well, Kim has some excellent observations.

I wasn't sure if I would make it back or not. Things have been happening... a little bit.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

That's ok, fidelbogen - so you don't spoil the "surprise" ;)
(If you like, just delete the first paragraph of my 1st comment.)

However when I suddenly saw your warning above the link, but no explanation in the comments section, I got a bit confused. I thought, "oh oh, Michael, maybe that warning was there all along!" ...

1:18 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"(If you like, just delete the first paragraph of my 1st comment.)"

Can't do that, Michael. Blogger does not allow editing of user comments. We can only accept 'em or reject 'em.

NOTE: I have given the post a considerable re-write. It is better now - stronger, clearer.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Christianj said...

I thought I was on the edge but that blog needs to be taken down...

It does no-one any benefit as a matter of fact it's more destructive.

Remember that blog showing a guy with a shattered arse, every one was up in arms over it and they were forced to remove it (not sure if they did,actually)that blog is far worse...

It is detrimental to the cause....

3:23 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Yes. It's destructive, detrimental, without benefit.

Save in one respect: I see it as a sympton. An omen. A weather sign.

In that respect, it has...benefit. Or usefulness.

And so, I see in such things an opportunity to establish a certain truth about the nature of the world, which will be of benefit to the cause.

It will put feminism on the defensive....

4:32 PM  
Blogger Outcast Superstar said...

I agree with Christian

This guy started a violent thread on my forum so I went ahead and moderated and toned it down.

I asked him to tone down his posts. He responded by cussing at me and started another violent thread which was in severe violation of the TOS Rules.

I had no choice but to delete all his posts and to permanently ban him from Happy Bachelors Forum.

P.S. I was disgusted when I saw that blog. It's absolutely sickning.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

By the way, OS, I added your new forum - Happy Bachelors - to my link list. Just below "Don't Get Married".

11:20 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

The longer that feminism remains in power, and continues to advance culturally and politically, the more little malestroms we can expect to see popping up here, there, all over the "daisies".

All right, like poison mushrooms.

Banning them, pushing them back underground, and so all very well, however....

We need to develop an analysis, a "body of theory" to account for the existence of such manifestations, and to establish that FEMINISM is partly to blame for the growing prevalence of such things.

To put it simply, an "ecological" explanation.

"Poison in, poison out" as I like to say.

Here, we have one (extreme) example of "poison out".

The more poison in, the more poison out. Poison begets poison....

And the enemy, as we well know, has contributed poison most generously indeed.

Their usual modus operandi is to blame MEN for anything "poisonous" that seems to spring from a male source. If we explain this by using an ecological model, we may finally compel them to face their OWN responsibility for making the human ecology worse. This will force them to clean up their own poison by SUCKING IT UP. . .

What a concept. ;-)

11:50 PM  
Blogger julie said...

Oh this is funny,

I am impressed that Christianj thinks that blog is over the top. I actually thought HIS blog was over the top.

This guy is .. seriously .. F&^%&^

2:36 AM  
Blogger Callum Phoenix said...

That kind of blog is not what the Men's Movement needs. Fred X's blog was absolutely superb and if anything his bad language greatly aided him in getting his points across. A role model for me for sure. The same with Duncan Idaho and the Captain's blog. They are gone now and that seriously depresses me. This blog I have just encountered in all honesty makes me sick. I knew right away that this is exactly NOT what we need and as KIM said will only give more power to the feminists. It was firmly ingrained in my mind that the day we started making Marc Lepine out as some hero is the day the men's movement crashed. It has already begun and I can see now we are in for some very hard times. It is just as I feared.

9:37 AM  

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