Thursday, November 29, 2007

Erin Pizzey's Blog

I didn't know Erin Pizzey had a blog! What on earth took me so long to discover this, anyway? Here's a sample:

"I was aware that the feminist movement were going to wage war against my refuge. From the beginning I employed men and women to work with the mothers and the children. We also had staff who were willing to see any of the men who wanted our help. From the very beginning we had women coming into the refuge who were just as violent as the men they left and they were violent towards their children. We saw these women as most in need of our help. All this ran in direct contradiction of the feminists who insisted that all domestic violence was perpetrated by men.

All of this goes right along with my previous CF post as natural as beer with pretzels, eh? Incidentally, in case the picket sign in the above photo isn't clear to you, it reads, 'Erin Pizzey Condones Male Violence'.

"Other countries were taking copies of Scream Quietly Or the Neighbours Will Hear and photocopying the book in order to open refuges in their own countries. I was in negotiations with American publishers over the possibility of publishing Scream Quietly when I became aware that the book was likely to be politicised and naively I thought that by my cancelling the publication, I could at least protect one source of information from being hi-jacked by the feminist movement. I knew by now, that none of the women in this movement had any interest in the subject of family violence. For the leaders of this new political movement the subject of family violence was merely a high road to funding for their cause - the destruction of the family and of men.

"In 1977 Del Martin, a lesbian activist in California, wrote her book Battered Women, and of course she lifted a huge amount of Scream Quietly to bolster her argument that domestic violence was a direct result of marriage. At that time, the lesbian movement within the women’s movements across the world were the most highly organised and vociferous leaders. Heterosexual women were considered traitors to the cause and were guilty of ’sleeping with the enemy.’ I lasted but a few months within the women’s movement in England before I was booted out. Even then I tried to point out that lesbian women were coming to my refuge beaten up by their partners, but I was ignored."

Now check out Pizzey's most recent (27 Nov, 2007) entry in the reader comment section:
"I did of course try to open a house for men just after I opened my first refuge. I understood almost immediately the need for men to have refuge because as I have said many times I recognised that of the first 100 women who came into the refuge 62 were as violent or more violent than the men they left. I was given a very big house in North London by the GLC (Greater London Council) for free but I could not raise a penny from anywhere to run it. We did open however but couldn’t stay open. Many of the men who were only too willing to contribute money to the women’s shelter would not lift a finger to help men. I have always said that dv. is not a gender issue and yes if you read Prone to Violence the message in that book is loud and clear. I don’t think much will change until men decide that they will co-operate with each other and bring an end to this dreadful injustice. I have spend an enormous amount of my time talking to men’s groups across the world and the most depressing thing about it all is the men who do work hard and devote their lives to this subject but find that once most men have had their personal problem resolved by their brothers they melt away into the night and are never seen again."
All right, so head over there yourself for hours of absorbing, compelling, first-rate reading!


Blogger byrdeye said...

Yea, Erin has been trying to set the record straight for years now...but nobody hears what they don't want to hear.

And so the BS continues...

8:47 AM  

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