Monday, December 10, 2007

A Detective Story of Sorts

To my esteemed fellow laborers in the vineyard: Greetings. Today I wish to share something with you. I wish to tell you a tale. Or rather, to set forth the elements of a tale, in such fashion that the yarn will spin itself. "He who hath an ear to hear, let him hear."

This concerns a certain web personality who, true to a certain policy, I will introduce to you as Biron Sleete.

Having made this introduction, I will now cut to the chase.

To begin, I would like you to study the text cited below, which comes from a website called Men's Rights Blog. This website is authored by one who employs the name of Masculist Man . I shall abbreviate his moniker as "MM".

Please attend closely: the text given below is not purported to be of MM's authorship. MM represents it as a citation from a different website - a citation which he exhibits to his readers in order to illustrate a point. We are given to understand the MM did not himself write this passage. Bear that in mind.

Here is the text in question. I shall refer to it henceforth as Text A. The reason for the variable font treatments will be explained further along:

"IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!

"The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against women!

"The time has come for women of all races, faiths and nationalities to join together as one!

"We are smarter.

"We are focused.

"We have the power.

"And we are seizing control.

"IMBRA was just the beginning.

"The time has come.

"The future is ours.

"Support your sisters!

"Defeat the Cretins!"

Text A may be found on Men's Rights Blog, as part of a post entitled "She Heil". Below, I have provided the URL for this exact post. Please take a jog over there right quick, to see for yourself and briefly confirm what we have discussed so far. Then come straight back.

You'll have noted that MM provides a brief introduction in the form of a single sentence. This sentence reads: "Something else from Cuntlips:" As the underlining is meant to suggest, the word "cuntlips" (on MM's blog post) is hyperlinked to a different website. If you click upon "cuntlips" in MM's blog post, it will take you what MM understands or represents to be the original source of Text A. But don't go there yet! Just for now, follow along with my presentation.

Before we proceed any further, I want to acquaint you with the next wrinkle in the plot, which is this: the owner of the website which MM has hyperlinked to "cuntlips", is none other than the very Biron Sleete whom I introduced earlier. In fact, Cuntlips is a scurrilous nickname which MM has given to Biron Sleete.

Biron Sleete, then, is purportedly (
by the purport of MM) the author of Text A .

Very well! I would like you to journey once again to MM's website by clicking on the URL which I provide once again below. When you get there, immediately click on that magical word "cuntlips" and it will take you to Biron Sleete's website. As you will note, this lands you on a blog post entitled "A Call for Peace". But first, here is a sneak preview of what you will find there. We shall refer to the following passage as Text B:

"A Call for Peace!

"The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against men & women!

"The time has come for women of all races, faiths and nationalities to join together as one!

"We are smarter.

"We are focused.

"We have the power.

"And we are seizing control.

"The future is ours.

"Support Peace!

"Defeat Violence!"

Again, the font treatments are significant - as I will explain in due course. But look, here is the URL. Go, follow the link progression I have described, and confirm the state of Text B at Biron Sleete's website with your own eyes. Then hurry back:

All right, you're back. Hopefully no editing changes have occurred between the time I will publish this post and the time you might read it!

I'd like to discuss a couple of things. First, make note of the present blog post TITLE at Biron Sleete's website. It reads: ""A Call for Peace!" You'll find it in darkish, purplish letters directly beneath the blog post DATE, - which by the way is:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All right! I am rubbing my hands together now, because I am about to reveal the smoking gun! Those among you who have blogged on Blogger will understand how the post editing system works. The TITLE for a blog post is entered in a separate field above the main text body! Correct?

All right, so far so good! But here is something that you may not have noticed about the Blogger system. Once you have published a blog post with a particular title, the Blogger system generates a URL for that post's unique HTML page. And the TITLE which you first selected gets incorporated into the URL which appears in the location bar of your browser.

It will say something like:


All right, the thing you may not have noticed is that once you publish a post under a particular title, you are stuck with that title forever! It's called a permalink.

Oh sure, you can enter a new title in the TITLE field on your editing page, and this will appear in the blog post itself. No doubt! Likewise, you can edit the main body of the post to your heart's abundant satisfaction!

BUT.... the post title as incorporated in the URL will not change! Thus, you can rewrite that title as "apples", or "oranges", or "plums", or "pears" or howsoever you damn please, and the unique URL for that post, found in the location bar of your browser, will still read as:


I'm sorry, but you'll never get away from hanky-panky-pants-on-fire! And that's the breaks, Jake!

But let's get back to our little tale, shall we?

Go back AGAIN (sorry!) to the URL, and navigate via 'cuntlips' to Biron Sleete's website. I know it's a tortuous navigation routine, but I have my reasons. When you get there, take a look at the web address given in your location bar. It will be the standard Blogger formula, and in the HTML title section it will say: "imbra-was-just-beginning_31.html"

Go there. Observe. Scrutinize. Archive a copy of the page! Then come right back. Here's the URL:

All right, now that you're back let's talk about that URL title:


YES. That was the ORIGINAL TITLE OF THE POST when the post was first published on 31 Oct 2007.


The current title of the post is : "A Call for Peace." You have already seen this on TEXT B at Biron Sleete's website. So manifestly, the post title has been altered since the 31 Oct 2006 publication date.

Let's dig deeper. Look at TEXT A, and what do you see in the title spot? It says: "IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!" This is the version that MM copied verbatim (we are to suppose) from Biron Sleete, directly into his 'She Heil' blog post of 2 Nov 2007 - only two days after Biron Sleete published "IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!" - which we know for a fact was the original title, because the tell-tale URL tells us so!

In fact, it occupies the exact same spot which "A Call for Peace" occupies in Text B: it occupies the title spot. You can see it both here and on Biron Sleete's blog.

The original title of Biron Sleete's blog post was "IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!" But then Biron Sleete changed it. I find this odd. If you know anything at all about IMBRA and the controversy surrounding it, you will know that such a title is suitable for Text A while being wildly out of place for Text B -- which is the version presently existing on Biron Sleete's website! But Text B has nothing at all to do with IMBRA, and this makes it improbable that Text B is the version that was first published on 31 Oct 2007.

Granted, we are free to speculate that MM altered Biron Sleete's original passage to create the writing presently seen on his 'She Heil' blog post of 2 Nov - the version we call TEXT A . And it is conceivable that Biron Sleete would assert (or somehow imply) that something of this nature had in fact occurred.

But honestly, where do the PROBABILITIES lie? What could possibly motivate MM to commit such a fabrication?

And not only do I fail to detect a plausible motive, but I would need to take MM for a double-dipped fool if he had fabricated Text A in order to pass it off as Biron Sleete's writing while providing a hyperlink to the original version so that anybody who took the trouble would immediately learn of the deception.

Ought we suppose that MM fabricated Text A under pretense of its being Biron Sleete's original writing, yet nonetheless furnished a link to the actual writing (Text B)? And ought we further suppose that Biron Sleete had (in theory) initially published Text B under the implausible title of "IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!", only to modify that title to "A Call for Peace", when it would make far more sense to give Text B the second title in the first place?

OR . . . does it make more sense that Biron Sleete originally posted Text A under the title given, then edited this to read as TEXT B some time after 2 Nov 2007, in response to MM's 'She Heil' blog post?

It is also curious that the message of Text A - concerning IMBRA - is entirely out of character with the political part that Biron Sleete presently claims to be acting.

Text B, as it presently appears on its native website, is followed by three reader comments - the first two of which I give below:
Masculist Man said...


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.
I hope you like the living Hell you helped to create.

MM's 'She Heil' blog post was published on 2 Nov 2007 at 11:05 PM. The first comment above, also by MM and containing the phrase 'SHE HEIL' thrice-repeated, was entered on the same day at 11:23 PM - a difference of 18 minutes. Evidently MM saw Biron Sleete's post first, then returned to his own blog to create his post containing the Text A material copied-and-pasted from Biron Sleete. Finally, 18 minutes after publishing his own blog post, MM returned to Biron Sleete's in order to compose his reader comment as seen above.

Some time later - whether hours or days I know not - Biron Sleete was inspired to modify and re-title Text A (then posted) to make it read as Text B (currently posted). Observe that both MM's comment and the one which follows are completely unsuited in reply to Text B, while they make perfect sense in reply to Text A .

SO . . . it is clear to me that Biron Sleete willfully modified the inflammatory Text A into the pacific Text B with the premeditated intention of making the two commenters look deranged and stupid.

Biron Sleete might claim that MM modified Text B into Text A with fraudulent designs, but I would not find such a claim creditable to uphold in light of the available evidence. What fraudulence may be found in the present case would seem to lie rather on the side of Biron Sleete.

I would like to end this article with some comparative observations about the two texts here considered.

In both Text A and Text B as given above, you will note that certain bits are highlighted. This was done for your convenience so that you can see at a glance the parts that were either added, deleted or substantially modified in order to create Text B.

In order to create Text A from Text B:
  • "Support your sisters!" and "Defeat the Cretins!" were both dropped, and replaced by "Support Peace!" and "Defeat Violence!".
  • "The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against women!" was modified to read: "The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against men & women!"
  • The phrase "The time has come" was omitted from Text B.
  • The phrase "IMBRA was just the beginning" - which duplicated the title of Text A within the body of Text A - was omitted from Text B.
  • Finally, the title was changed from "IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!" to "A Call for Peace".

You may also note that
in paragraph number two of both versions I have given boldface treatment to the phrase "women of all races". The fact that this phrase is identical in both versions smacks of hasty editing, since consistency would require that "women of all races" be modified in Text B to read "men & women of all races" in order to reflect the modified usage in paragraph number one of that text.

In conclusion, it seems that we have here to do with a shallow, fickle con artist. A manipulator. A chameleon to be sure, but one who changes backqrounds a mite fast and sometimes hangs fire on the ol' switcheroo!

What has been revealed in the microcosm of the present discussion speaks volumes - and entire libraries - about the macrocosm of the world and about certain classes of people who inhabit that macrcosm, and whom we are likely to encounter in the future.



A Google Cache copy of Biron Sleete's website version of Text B can be found here:

I recommend that you archive it, along with MM's "She Heil" post and the present "Call for Peace" post at Biron Sleete's.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More solid proof(with screenshots) at this website...


Let everyone read this post too. Biron Sleete is a fraud.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Exposing Feminism said...

It must be said that the enviro-ads on the archived page are very funny in an ironic way!

12:53 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

How do you search for archived pages from Ms. Sleet's blog? I would love to have a copy of her "Lorena Bobbitt" page which she has since removed.


2:13 PM  
Blogger Kuuenbu said...

Definitely a revealing post, though overly wordy in doing so. You could just simply say, "Here is the original. Here is the second. Notice how the URL reflects the original title and doesn't change even if the title within the article itself does? Just goes to show you the dirty tactics feminists like Ms. Steele are willing to stoop to!" instead of drawing out something that ought to be simple.

You're certainly free to entertain yourself with your writings, even though I personally don't think they help the "comic book guy" image that the MRM currently suffers from.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Robin Steele's game is unraveling. I guess Robin will need a new hobby, like torturing little Children or small animals.

Robin is a degenerate liar and a sociopath as well as an attention whore seeking to divide the Men's Movement with lies intended to inflame hatred against each other. She has been punked.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job, Bro! Briliant research job.

you OWN that bitch and she knows it. I got here from HER link to you here.

Dum bitch

11:32 AM  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

Good detective work,Fidel. Yes I copied it word for word without any alterations so it is an exact quote. Whatever is in blue or green is a quote. Whatever is in black are my comments.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"How do you search for archived pages from Ms. Sleet's blog? I would love to have a copy of her "Lorena Bobbitt" page which she has since removed."

Well Bob. . . if you still have the URL for the desired page, just punch it into Google. It should bring you to a listing of that page IF it is in Google cache at all (which I can't promise).

Anyway, when you get there you ought to see a link that says "cache" or the like.

Click on that link, and then "Bob's your uncle!" as they say.


10:06 PM  
Anonymous Curiepoint said...

Image is nothing. To succumb to other's perceptions of who and what we are is self-defeating. As the author said, "He who hath an ear to hear, let him hear".

As more and more men begin listening, it will become difficult to castigate them as comic book reading losers. The numbers are going up, albeit slowly. This revolution will not be achievable in our lifetimes, but it will be achieved.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"As more and more men begin listening, it will become difficult to castigate them as comic book reading losers. The numbers are going up, albeit slowly."

This clearly refers to the earlier commenter who mentioned "the comic book guy".

Call me old-fashioned, call me a relic, but.... I have no problem with HARD BOOKS. I come from the Gutenberg Galaxy, if anybody knows what that means. . .

And this blog is intended as a haven of sorts for people who are undaunted by the requirements of GOOD OLD FASHIONED HEAVY READING, and not afraid to follow trains of complex, difficult ideas expressed in intricately woven garlands of choice English words and phrases.

Anybody who wants to make the grade in the CF crowd needs to have a friggin' attention span and a healthy respect for dictionaries, dude!!

So, in my small way, I am doing what I can to dispel the "comic book guy" image that the MRM is said to be afflicted with.... ;-)

5:25 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Masculist Man:

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your note!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am interested in this subject, but after reading the main post quickly and not getting the point and not having time to reread it (and not sure the point is contained therein) could someone please tell me:

1. Is the person who changed the posts a man or woman?

2. Is the person who changed the posts trying to support men's or women's rights (or trying to make men or women look bad)?

Somehow these salient characteristics were either missed in the technical analysis or missed by me.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Anon: It appears that you are an "outsider" who wandered into a complex story-in-progress - which largely accounts for your mystification.

I wrote this blog article in a somewhat cryptic manner, for a calculated reason, but knowing that members of the NFM community in this sector of cyberspace would readily twig to what I was talking about. Which they did.

Look at the bottom of the reader comments and you will see "Links to this post". Click on the link you find there, and thoroughly read everything that you discover at the other end. That should clear up most of your perplexities. (Including an answer to your question no.1)

BTW, it is only ONE post that was altered. Not "posts" as you have written.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Anon: Regarding your question no.2, the answer is that there is no answer. It is still an open question - although I think that the majority of the "insiders" have already formed a rough consensus.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There has been zero activity on Rob N Steal's blog since January 2. Something has happened. Most likely the ruse is up, the word has gotten out to ignore this troll. And since her link is to Ginmar. Who is an avid Man hater, banned recently on Amptoons. She has zero credibility with Men's Rights Activists. She is a Fraud.

Not a mention of the Dallas Honor Killings of two Sisters. Not a single mention of the release of the Dallas Man who served 27 years for a Rape he did not commit.

Not a word on the story of the Mother in DC who murdered her 4 Daughters. Crickets chirping.

7:54 AM  

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