Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i COMMAND You to Read These Articles!!

"These studies, together with the data contradicting patriarchal theories of etiology of partner intimate violence, and emerging research on personality factors among violent men and contextual variables such as self-defense, cannot be ignored. A convincing body of evidence had established that women (1) initiate physical violence as often as, or more often than, men; (2) rarely assault strictly in self-defense, but rather, like their male counterparts, are driven by a variety of motives; (3) engage in comparable levels of emotionally abusive and controlling behaviors as men, with the exception of rape and physical intimidation; and (4) generally participate as active agents in abuse dynamics, rather than react passively.

"Although the patriarchal paradigm has continued to inform the making of public policy, its theoretical foundations are beginning to fall apart and the way is being paved for radically new perspectives on the causes and treatment of intimate partner abuse, among them the author's gender-inclusive conception (Hamel, 2005). In this first decade of the new millennium, amidst continuing debate and controversy, it is becoming more and more evident that IPV is truly a human problem, and not simply one of gender."
Very well. Go now and devour the entire article (by John Hamel) from which the above is excerpted. It is a long article, and trust me, it is WELL worth reading!

It is HERE:

Next. . . a "teaser" from a FINE piece by Donald Dutton - a kind of bird's eye overview summary of various IPV studies:
"Research data contradicting the feminist view of intimate partner violence (IPV)--exclusively male perpetrators and female victims--have been available since 1980. Stets and Straus (1992) reported data from the 1985 United States National Survey on the incidence of abuse showing that 45 percent of abuse reports were bilateral (corrected for level of severity) and, of the rest, women were three times as likely as males to use severe violence against a non-violent or minimally violent partner. Dutton (1994) reviewed data patterns inconsistent with feminist theory, including higher rates of IPV in lesbian relationships compared to heterosexual relationships, the absence of a direct relationship between power and violence in couples, and a small number of men who used severe violence unilaterally.

"As new incidence data were collected, they became more troubling for feminist theory (Dutton 2006; Dutton & Nicholls, 2005). These included data from the United States National Surveys of 1975 and 1985 showing women to be as violent as males. However, female violence rates have been portrayed as indications of self-defensive behavior, as less serious, or as a result of reporting differences. In fact, they are equivalent or exceed males' rates, they include female violence against non-violent males, and they have serious consequences for males."

Yes, absolutely! Glut yourself on this one too, HERE:

Oh, and did I mention: Keep copies for yourselves, and share the links with interested others ?? The more the merrier! :))

Ripping the lid off of feminism's DV shenanigans is, in my opinion, the best possible "Femi-gate" we can aspire to.

Want to pound the nails in feminism's coffin?
This is the way to do it!


Blogger byrdeye said...

The facts are all on our side. We just have to publicize them now.

The Western world is still living in an outdated alternate-reality that didn't even really exist in the 60s, much less now..

I mean, Hitlary is still repeating the old "gender wage gap" feminist rhetoric, even though that's been thoroughly debunked over and over by now!

11:55 AM  

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