Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is There Life After Duke-LAX?

Yes indeed, for Reade Seligmann!

Seligmann, now attending Brown University in Rhode Island, has become involved with the Innocence Project.
"With his personal story, Seligmann would be a natural spokesman on campus for the Innocence Project, even though the organization did not personally help him during the Duke case. But Seligmann was quick to deflect credit for organizing the event, saying that it was really his coaches who put in the grunt work to get the event together.

" 'Just having gone through what I went through really opened my eyes to the injustices' of the court system, Seligmann said. 'The Innocence Project right now is the most legitimate program trying to change the wrongs of the criminal system.'

"Seligmann became involved with the organization after being invited to its first banquet in April, shortly after he was declared innocent. At the banquet, he met other wrongly accused people, some of whom had spent years in jail for crimes they didn't commit.

" 'It was one of the most incredible experiences that I ever had,' Seligmann said. 'Getting a chance to meet some of these people really puts a face on some of these issues. To see what these people went though is mind-boggling. Getting a chance to talk about what they went through and how the justice system treated them really inspired me to make a difference.' "
Read the full article from the Brown Daily Herald here:

I am grateful to MensCollegeActivist.Org for sending me the link to this story.


Blogger MarkyMark said...


This is great news! I'm glad to see Mr. Seligmann turn his injustice into a positive; I'm glad to see him take something bad, and make good come out of it. He IS a natural match for The Innocence Project and its work. Thanks for posting this! If you don't mind, I may put this up on my blog also...

Oh, before I go, I just wanted to say that you have one of th finest blogs out there! You tackle the issues in a fearless, comprehensive, and deep way; your posts are airtight. No wonder the feminazis avoid arguing with you at all costs! Even before they make their arguments, you've torn them to shreds. Well done, Sir! I don't know if I have you on my link list, but you definitely should be. If you're not, I'll rectify that soon. Have a great day, CF...


12:32 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Ahh... surely you honor the unworthy, sir! Still, I am honored. :))

And yes, by all means post the story about Reade Seligmann. After all, there's no need to keep it a deep dark ;)

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful man, who has been through so much, and will continue to bear a stigma for the rest of his life. Considering the hell he's been through it's amazing that he can still think of others, but thank God that he can.

This is what being an American hero is all about.

11:38 PM  

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