Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just For Today - Dec 25, 2007


Just for today, I am going to hang up my counter-feminist hat, and be a regular normal guy who enjoys innocent things like going out in the woods to take pictures. Yes, earlier today, I was crouching over my text editor composing a somber, end-of-the-world diatribe. Of a sudden, the flicker of descending snowflakes caught my eye through the hairline gaps in the venetian blinds. Yes: a white Christmas! Does that give you a warm fuzzy feeling, eh?

So, I pulled on my big thick coat and grabbed my digital camera and headed out. Above, you see a sample of the takings. It's a thicket of alder trees with nary a spruce, Douglas fir, bigleaf maple or madrona anywhere in sight. The area is carpeted with blackberry brambles - a mat of choking vegetation! And a swampy little creek meanders through it, broadening at the lower end into a small, frog-infested pond. At the outflow of the pond, the creek continues on its way into a dark, majestic forest of evergreens.

All sorts of critters live hereabouts. In addition to the two-legged kind we are too familiar with, you will meet up with raccoon, possum, deer. . . and upon my word I once saw a fox crossing the road in the early morn. Or perhaps it was a coyote - hard to tell.

You go way deep in the woods and you'll even find lynx and black bear! And of course, you'll hear the owls who-who-whoooo-ing in the night. ;)

Snow is comparatively uncommon around these parts, but it does occur now and again - as you can see. By the time I took this photo, it was already turning into slush on the ground. I'm pretty sure it will melt away by tomorrow, which is good! I don't want to drive in it.

Anyway, be merry if you feel like it! ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, What a beautiful picture.

1:14 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

So, the world gets to know a little about the man behind the mask.

How cool.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

But... do you know that you tease by doing this?

So who are you? What are you about?

Don't you sort of think it is unfair that we know nothing about you?

So you decide to be a normal man for once. When weren't you a normal man?

Sorry but I am so curious about you?

8:10 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Please disregard my last comment.

I mean. .. this is business and you shouldn't mix business with pleasure.

I do have plans for 2008 to have an outlet. I hope you do to.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Good picture, fidel! Your woods almost look like the woods here, but there's no snow here so far...

1:21 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Michael: I guess the reason it looks "almost" like the woods there, is because you have the European sub-species of the alder tree, while we have the North American version - and they look "almost" the same but not quite.. ? ;-)

Oh, BTW, we have snow AGAIN today! And I had to drive in it! :-(

@ Julie: No, I am not normally normal, but when I saw the snow falling, I decided to be abnormal by being normal. Just for the day. Plus, it was Christmas, and people normally pay attention to Christmas, so I decided to be "normal" in that way too, even though it was for me "abnormal".

Plans for 2008? Some activism in the offline world. . .

3:57 PM  

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