Saturday, December 15, 2007

Out of the Blue!

The following is from an e-mail which I got today literally "out of the blue": the author used a blue typeface! Anyway, I enjoyed it and wanted to share it:
Hello Fidelbogen!! I happened across your short diatribe on feminism as such (I too have read Nietzsche, lots and lots of Nietzsche actually) while scouring the internet for memes. I would just like to tell you how happy I am to have come across your site. . . . . . Your content analysis of Valerie Solanas' Scum Manifesto was not lost on me. I also have a cherished copy of that not-so-well received work of Norman Mailer's THE PRISONER OF SEX!

Feminism is a theory, albeit poor theory. And like all theories, it's just a another way of interpreting the world around us. Only in the case of feminism, it is a way of interpreting everything that women find untenable about the nature of the relations between men and women in terms of its being men's fault. In this way, they can kill two birds with one stone. They can blame men for their relative lack of status and achievement while at the same time absolving themselves of any fundamental responsibility for their own miserable existence. I've always thought feminism short for feminine chauvinism... a portmanteau too..

Feminism is an ideology. In this case, ideology takes the form of religion. Men are convicted, they feel guilt, shame, remorse, they confess, then repent, and ultimately they are reformed.. As with religion, the work is never done and it's evangelical to boot!

We've all heard the call...All the criticism, the complaining, the fault finding, the self-righteous moralistic drivel about men's attitudes, the sick blaming, the myopic theories about male dominance and patriarchy, (synonym for original sin) all the effeminate whining about being degraded, used, abused, treated like slaves, sex objects, second class citizens, mere pieces of property.

One can hear them accuse. How they love to accuse! The resentful and pious attitudes characteristic of women today will not permit themselves any rest until they have forged men and things in such a way that these attitudes may be vented on them.

"Ridicule is often the only weapon remaining to conscious inferiority."

The comparison of feminism to religion is not lost on me. And the author makes 'patriarchy' to be a stand-in for 'original sin' - which is certainly an interesting take! Personally, I have always taken patriarchy as equivalent to 'the devil'. But they both seem valid interpretations - no need to bedevil ourselves with the distinction, eh?

Oh, I should add that the author seems to overestimate the amount of Nietzsche that I have read! ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The SCUM manifesto reveals a woman who thinks she resents male authority, but actually is dying of frustration because she has no strong men in her life to tell her what to do. She feels insecure without those boundaries.

If she truly hated men, she would just become a lesbian and live happily without them; instead she fixates on men, fantasizing about being dominated by a Patriarchy that exists only her imagination.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Kuuenbu said...

Hear hear! I've had the same realizations about feminism's startling similarities to Western organized religion ("patriarchy" as Satan, male original sin, promised utopia etc.) myself, and this realization was a major factor in my current fascination with the MRM/NFM.

I actually started a list comparing the modern politicized feminist beast to fundamentalist Christianity, although I don't know if I'll ever finish it. The sheer amount of comparisons are almost overwhelming!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Davout said...

Andy Warhol volunteered for 'first in the firing line' and Solanas duly obliged.

I am amazed at all these pussified men who sign up to partner the black widow spiders. Eventually several of them get shot at like Warhol or discover they are gay like John Stoltenberg, partner of the lesbian Dworkinator.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Davout: Aiyiyi!! Don't get me started on John Stoltenberg....
(Familiar with his book Refusing to Be a Man? Sickest piece o' shit I have EVER polluted my mind with!!)

@Kuuenbu: If you haven't finished that list, it could well be that it's unfinishable.

Another essential list would inventory the comparisons to Marxism.

My thinking is, that feminism has accomplished something analogous to breaching the separation of Church and State. They haven't slipped their Goddess theology under the wire quite yet, but. . . give 'em time!

6:35 PM  
Blogger Kuuenbu said...

"Another essential list would inventory the comparisons to Marxism."

Difference is that feminism vocally admits those comparisons. The day a radical feminist admits their belief system's roots in the "patriarchal" Middle Eastern teology they claim to despise is the day feminism finally implodes.

Religion, Marxism and feminism really are like a holy trinity of dogmatic sickness. The fact that so many atheists are Marxists or radical feminists just goes to show how little thought people actually give to their belief systems.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"The fact that so many atheists are Marxists or radical feminists just goes to show how little thought people actually give to their belief systems."

Non-belief in a supra-natural creator deity doth not a freethinker make. Verily, it taketh more!

10:55 AM  

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