Monday, December 31, 2007

This Should be of Interest

"Progressing Backwards
The political and social foreground

"We’re told that men and women are the same. Or, rather, some of the time we’re told this. At other times we’re told that men and women are essentially and irrevocably different. We’re further told that although men and women are different, this is really just something to do with the way we are at the moment, albeit that we have been that way for a long time, living in the sort of society we do. In time, we keep being reminded, all will revert to how supposedly it should be and how it used to be in times of yore: i.e. men and women are the same after all. Even so, it’s then insisted that actually, in the end, no matter what we do, men will never get to be truly the same as women: men and women are forever and totally different (except when it’s more convenient to regard them as exactly the same).

"We’re also told that women are disadvantaged, and that they’ve got this way because of oppression by men. We’re never told how or why this could be. We’re not told why—especially if men and women are supposedly the same — there would be any point in one sex oppressing the other. We’re not told how it can be — if indeed men are different to women and oppress them — that by most measures it is not women who are disadvantaged but men (or, at least, a large sub-group or even the majority of men). Nobody tells us why men are maligned as if they’re at one with the very few at the top of the pile, whereas all women are championed irrespective of who they are, what they have done, or how they have lived their lives. Confused? You certainly should be. The notion that males and females — or some essence of what is male or female — are the same or different, oppressed or actually advantaged, is like a juggler with two balls up in the air. He never gets hold of either of them but is constantly palming each upwards and across the path of the other. Eventually the whole spectacle has to come crashing to the ground. That’s what is about to happen to what we currently think about men and women. . . ."

Copyright © Steve Moxon 2007

The above is excerpted from a recently published book. Go here to learn more:

When you get there you will notice a list of links leading to PDF files which offer samples similar to the one I have quoted. Good reading to keep you busy for a while. . .

Also pertinent, is this.

Oh. . . to draw things into focus, let me say it again:



Blogger dad4justice said...


Pure genius and I have stolen it and put it into my header on my blog, because it's to brillaint not too. I hope you are not offended .


8:01 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Why good sir, you rate my capacity for offense far too highly! ;-)

But hey, if you like the slogan so much, wait until you see THIS:

8:48 PM  

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