Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh No! The Dreaded F-word!

The following comment by 'Angela and Robert Pedersen' appeared in the immediately foregoing CF post:
"Can you believe comment #12 on the About.com article that you linked for your readers? [Link to About.Com article, edited for brevity]
"'Equal parenting time is not the issue. The issue stems from parents inability to cooperate and work together in the best interest of their children. I am not exactely sure what the situation between Robert Penderson and his child’s mother is but I can guess they don’t get along or appear to agree on whats best for their child. Thats the issue and thats what does the most harm to children caught in the middle of their parents inability to agree. No change in law will ever stop this. The parents need to change their attitudes!'

'Comment by Shelia — April 28, 2008 @ 5:12 pm'
"It is sad to me that someone can be so comepletly off. I hope more of your readers will comment at the About.com article similar to how you did - excellent job."
Well. I don't know if that's Rob talking, or Angela -- and I'm pretty sure it can't be both. But I'm guessing it's Rob. Sounds like his voice, anyway!

And yes, I can certainly "believe" comment #12. It doesn't tax my power of belief by even so much as a faith molecule, and it is woefully certain that I've seen worse! Haven't we all. . .?

But I would sharply remind 'Shelia' that equal parenting IS the issue! If it is not the issue, then why the hell are they talking about it so much, eh? It sounds to me like somebody thinks equal parenting is the issue, even if it's not an issue for Shelia!

Now, in terms of posting words elsewhere on the web, I really don't get out much. I'm largely a CF homebody. In this case however, comments 16, 45 and 50 are my own. I got a little bit carried away on comment #50, but that's how it rolls sometimes, eh?

Comment #45 is the most significant of the lot:
(Parenthetically speaking, I cannot help but wonder if Shelia would classify herself as a feminist . . .?)

Comment by Fidelbogen — April 29, 2008 @ 6:39 pm

Please note, this is where the fun begins! All you crafty MRAs will twig to what I'm saying: the F-word -- feminism -- appears nowhere on the thread until my short statement cited above. Somebody had to break the silence, so I took the task upon myself. And man. . . it was easy!

Almost as easy would have been a standard feminist-bashing MRA rant. I can do such rants very well when I've a mind for it! But much of the time -- even most of the time -- I don't. And that is not because I'm inherently polite and civilized, but rather because we are playing a game of strategy which requires that we suit the measure to the matter!

In the thread, the word "misandry" occurs along with several open acknowledgments that MEN specifically are getting a raw deal. And yet. . . nobody speaks of feminism! Nobody links the dots into any larger pattern that would embed fathers' rights into an explanatory context, or cast light upon the source of all that man-hating which the various commenters have pointed out!

For it is not merely in divorce law and custody procedure that men are getting the short end. That may be the most visibly dramatic way, but it is far from the only way. In fact, male-bashing is endemic clear across the social landscape, and powerful forces are at work to see that it worsens steadily and spreads into every possible corner. And over the course of many years, MRA analysis has shown the source of this contagion to be precisely that organized system of thought and energy known as feminism.

So why the silence? Why is it virtually taboo, across large sectors, to even lightly mention the dreaded F-word in a conversation about men's griefs? Why is it only in the MRA clubhouse on the wrong side of the tracks that a more forthright style of conversation flourishes?

Right off the top, I can think of three reasons:

1.) Because some folk are just plain naive and thickheaded, and honestly don't know what the hell is going on. They are viewing the problem as if through the cardboard tube from a toilet-paper roll.

2.) Because some folk feel that feminism is fundamentally a Good Thing. And that appearances notwithstanding, the source of the problem must therefore lie in a direction other than feminism. And that this point is so axiomatic it's not even up for discussion.

3.) Because some folk know perfectly well what's up in regard to feminism, but choose for discretionary political reasons to buckle their lip, so as not to upset certain delicate applecarts in their working arrangements.

People in the third category have my respect and understanding. People in the first and second categories have what is left of my patience -- and that is not much!

But the thing which intrigues me first and foremost, is that this vexed silence concerning the word feminism encompasses nearly ANY emotional context or tone of voice. You needn't even be excoriating feminism. The taboo, in most cases, extends to any mention of the subject within certain realms of conversation -- namely, as I said earlier, where men's difficulties are the topic. For it seems that ANY reference to feminism in such proximity would invite speculation as per a causative nexus.

So when I posted my comment on that thread, I did no more than type the word feminism with some frills. Oh, certainly I was disingenuous as hell, and not meaning to be subtle about this! But I violated the taboo so very lightly that I may as well have brushed it with a feather. That my words were freighted with insinuation nowise cancels what they ostensibly intone -- and they ostensibly intone nothing prejudicial about feminism.

And yet, I broke the silence—that is what counts! I stuck a whirring moth in the brain bonnet of every reader on that thread. They experienced, if only for a moment, a certain thought of considerable heft. And. . . having once thought that thought, they can never again NOT have thought it.

You needn't break silence with a gong when a whisper or witticism will suffice. And from thenceforth you ease the volume up little by little.

Your written contributions to the thread in would arrive most timely. And if in the course of your remarks you wish to insert even once the word 'feminism' (howsoever blandly and nonchalantly voiced!) that too would be of service.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Instapundit AND About.Com!!

. . . and even more, by the looks of it! Yes, the publicity for the second Equal Parenting Bike Trek is getting truly ferocious. And I am told that the radical femmeroids at N.O.W. headquarters are SO unhappy about this that their brains are boiling like soup inside their skulls, squirting out their ears under pressure, and painting miraculous pornography pictures on their office walls!

But here is the latest, direct from EPBT Central:

Last week we had the incredible experience of having Instapundit, one of the world's top ranked news and political blogs, cover the 2008 Equal Parenting Bike Trek. This single post by Instapundit exposed thousands upon thousands of people to this inspirational story.

So many news blogs are covering the 758 mile Equal Parenting Bike Trek that we are finding new coverage on a daily basis. OVER One Hundred blogs have already covered this event. ABOUT.COM, owned by the New York Times and recognized as a top 15 content site, just covered the 2008 Equal Parenting Bike Trek. In less than 24 hours, thousands of readers have visited the main event page for the Equal Parenting Bike Trek!
Commenting does NOT require you to sign up for an account so it is very easy. If you utilize Stumbleupon, Digg!, Mixx or other social bookmarking please do so on Wayne Parker's story.

View the always updating list of
Please take note of the following:
1) We have many upcoming radio interviews and several magazines that will be publishing stories about the Equal Parenting Bike Trek. We will keep you informed as they occur.
2) We are in need of donations in order to fully fund this event. Please consider donating any amount to help our cyclists and chase vehicle crew. Please do so via the secure Chipin (paypal) in the middle of this page.
3) If you live in Michigan you should seriously consider joining our Meetup group. There is a reason why our ratings are so high!
4) Ask off of work now to attend the August 7, 2008 departure of the Equal Parenting Bike Trek for the Lansing Michigan Capitol. Dance4Equality and CRISPE will be present. Dance4Equality will be performing their Pow-wows of song and dance!!

Angela Pedersen, R.N.
A Child's Right

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holistic Gender

Well, it looks like Kuuenbu, an occasional CF commenter, has decided to take his part in helping to gain some solidarity for non-feminism. His own non-feminist blog, entitled Holistic Gender, may be found here:


Kuuenbu's most recent post, called 'Thank You, Feminism', is especially worth reading in my opinion:
"..Thanks to feminism, we are now able to recognize ways in which society disadvantages males and privileges females. Thanks to feminism, we are now able to apply a critical analysis to aspects of society from a distinctly male point of view, exposing how they portray and effect men. Thanks to feminism, we are now able to theorize the systematic oppression of men in a matriarchal society.

"Of course, this is all in the realm of theory, much like feminism. Which is why I am not a mascul(in)ist in addition to being a non-feminist. But if women are going to have their own political consciousness, then so should men. If women are going to publish material and engage in activism designed to gravitate society towards their own interests, then so should men. Feminists clamored for equality, that they could do all that men had done. Well, now it is time for men to partake in that same equality, doing what women have done in the field of self-serving gender philosophy."

Now those are sentiments which I can very readily "drink to"! I am reminded of my own (reluctant) conclusion that men and women have effectively become separate political parties, and that men had better get this through their collective noggin and modify their collective outlook for the sake of their own well-being, and that if they fail to so adjust their world-view (however distasteful it might seem to them) then well and truly they are patsies! They are marks!

I would make clear that I have not always held such an "extreme" position. My thinking upon this point evolved quite gradually and, as I say, reluctantly. But I find myself unable any longer to overlook the objective historical situation, and in good conscience I cannot counsel others to do so.

In a related vein, I will state for the record that the terms "masculist" and "masculinist" have never held any interest for me. My thinking is purely political and pragmatic -- it concerns itself with the workings of power. And although I am not averse to philosophical speculations about the nature of 'manhood', I refuse to spotlight such personal interests in the form of a political label or platform. To do so would generate a mirror counterpart of feminism, which I have NO intention of doing -- for this would only perpetuate a cycle which I have every intention of breaking and terminating.

Finally, I should add that I appreciate Kuuenbu's slyly ironic remark concerning "the field of self-serving gender philosophy." Such wit, in my opinion, is of a spirit that will empower the non-feminist sector, or any proposed sub-sector thereof.

Here again is the web address for Holistic Gender:


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feminist Plans Begin in High Places. . .

. . . and cascade down the mountain slopes like melting snow-water into the deep, shadowed valleys where we, the little people, struggle and toil. Look out for that water!! It's polluted with intestinal parasites and toxins you'd rather not hear about!

Feminism is not just a state ideology, but a world state ideology, deeply entrenched at the level of global policy and politics. Big powerful people are making big powerful plans, and those plans include feminist-based reconfiguration of human life clear down to the root-cellar!

No, these big powerful people are not satisfied to leave us alone to work out our own little relationships and our own little destinies. For you see, they are wiser than we are! They are more clever than we are! They are better educated than we are! And not only that, but they are just plain better than we are!

And so, clearly, they must know better than we do what is best for us!!

I share with you a 38-page PDF, published under the imprimatur of the United Nations, entitled 'Gender Mainstreaming':


And what is this 'gender mainstreaming'?
"The ECOSOC agreed conclusions 1997/2 defines gender mainstreaming as: “…the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in all areas and at all levels. It is a strategy for making women’s as well as men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes in all political, economic and societal spheres so that women and men benefit equally and inequality is not perpetuated. The ultimate goal is to achieve gender equality.
I trust that you, gentle reader, are not led astray by those cute rhetorical dollops about "women and men", nor overtaken by the intellectual narcosis inherent to the term 'equality'. Note the item in the URL path which says "womenwatch". Note that it does not say "womenandmenwatch".

What these people are really talking about is direct, systematic and forcible implantation of the feminist worldview into "all political, economic and societal spheres". All right, not to mince words, social engineering. And nowhere do they pause to consider if such a thing is actually WANTED by the little guinea pigs - meaning you and I - who will live with the consequences. It has evidently never occurred to these people, that some of us might not agree with their analysis. Or then again, maybe they just don't get that we even have minds in the first place!

So yes, they do have big plans for us because, being more evolved and all of that, they naturally know more than we do!

But in order to swing their big plans, they will need to swing the power of the state in a big way—both nationally and globally. Which means: more agencies, bureaucracies, committees, sub-committees, laws, by-laws, enforcement apparatus, punitive apparatus, indoctrination, and state or quasi-state control of every kind. And once they have bolted their machinery into place, who then might have the power to unbolt any of it? And who then might muster the fortitude to raise any objection when they wheel the next batch of machinery into place?

Because after all, it is all for the cause of gender equality, yes? And who could possibly object to gender equality anyway? Doesn't gender equality sound like a good thing? And doesn't everybody know exactly what "gender equality" means? And if there still isn't quite enough gender equality, who could possibly object to MORE gender equality? Eh? Seriously, can there ever be enough "gender equality" in this world? And can there ever be enough new policies and programmes in all political, economic and societal sectors to enforce all of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation that will prove necessary for all of the new integral dimensions of gender equality of which there will never be enough?

You know what? This is all making me very, very tired!

How can we instruct these people to FUCK OFF and stay the hell out of our lives??

I am certain that we cannot accomplish this by argument or persuasion. No, we must morally and intellectually turn the tables on them, aggressively throw them on the defensive, block their path, refuse to budge, stare them down, and then ask them in an ice-cold voice what the hell they plan to do about it. . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh, the Rolling Miles. . . !

Hey! Do you remember the EQUAL PARENTING BIKE TREK, which took place in August 2007? You know, those two crazy guys, Rob & Robb, who rode their bicycles from Michigan all the way to Washington, DC? Remember that??

Well guess what folks, they're at it again in 2008!! And by Jove, this time it looks like they're crazier than ever... yes indeed! I share the following, extracted from a recent e-mail:

"Traditional Media will fall in line as we move closer to the August 7th departure but ALREADY New Media coverage has exceeded our expectations with over 85 blogs buzzing about the 758 mile Equal Parenting Bike Trek. We are not just talking about fatherhood related blogs! Cycling Blogs, Political blogs, News Blogs have already covered this exciting human interest story with more being added to the list of coverage daily!!

"Blogs such as:

"Dr. Helen - Forensic Psychologist

"Instapundit - One of top ranked blogs in the world

"Protein Wisdom News Blog - Very popular with online traffic that dwarfs others. Post#2

"Akindele Unleashed - Detroit political pundit

"Roger Kramer Cycling - top ranked cycling blog

"Cozy Beehive Cycling Blog - top ranked cycling blog

"Dean's World - popular

"Lansing State Journal Online - Already 97 readers have recommended this article!

"Michigan Bicyclist Magazine will soon be doing a story about the 2008 Equal Parenting and a nationally distributed cycling magazine has expressed interest in covering this story. One of Michigan's top tier newspapers has expressed interest in covering the departure event of the Equal Parenting Bike Trek at the Lansing Capitol on August 7th. Be sure to attend this exciting event and cheer on our cyclists. Plus, Dance4Equality and CRISPE will also be present.

"We have been amazed by the coverage and support of the news blog Protein Wisdom. Each time they cover the Equal Parenting Bike Trek thousands of unique visitors learn about the EquaParenting Bike Trek.


"Please show your support for this event and make a donation. No amount is too small or large. The date we need this event fully funded by is rapidly approaching.

"2008 Sponsors/Donations

"Why should you consider donating?

"This event has a solid track record of obtaining media coverage in a big way. Do you want the issue of equal parenting to be covered by TV News, Radio, Newspapers and New Media in a big way?

Rob Pedersen himself informs me that this year there will be not just two, but five, count 'em FIVE CERTIFIED RAVING LUNATICS who will undertake the arduous, perilous, desolating journey through the bleak & tortured badlands of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland! Oh, and probably through that little northern finger of West Virginia too - I'm not sure of the route.

So, it looks like this will be a regular thing, every year? I certainly hope so. And a growing thing, too! The number of cyclists has increased by 150% since 2007, so, does that mean the trend will continue and that we can expect to see maybe 13 cyclists next year? And then more and more each year until it starts looking like the Tour de France?

Remember, this shines a media spotlight on the issues. This attracts the eye of the world. And the more that it grows year by year, the more that it will set the issues on the front burner of the public mind. And this should be of interest not only to solid-citizen parental types, but even to all of you hardcore MGTOW Ghost Nation marriage-strikers out yonder, on the margins and in the shadows! Yes, we all know who our Mortal Foe is -- the one who called for the destruction of marriage and family! And we shall all be deeply gratified, I am certain, to strike a "socko" propaganda blow at such a vital sector of our Mortal Foe's political empire!

Yes, these things have a way of snowballing, don't they? The media, the word-of-mouth, the number of cyclists -- all of it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Notes: Toward An Efficient Political World-View

The will to oppose feminism and its damaging consequences operates, in a fragmentary way, all across the social landscape. This "movement" ( for want of a better word) lacks cohesion. In both ideology and political strategyto say nothing of practical organization it resembles a  rabble of separate mobs, often at cross-purposes, armed with torches, pitchforks, and poorly articulated anger. Briefly, a peasant rebellion.

Hence, our movement is no movement at all, but a plurality of "motions" which amount to a sloshing chaos. This puts us at a disadvantage, not only because it is inefficient,  but  because it offers our enemies a compromising spectacle which they are  happy to turn against us in their propaganda.

I've said it before: our "movement" is a broad demographic uprising among a disaffected population. To call it a movement is a linguistic convenience, a way to avoid complicated circumlocution. Yet our enemies want very much to proclaim this thing of ours as a movement in some orthodox way. That serves their advantage, for it  puts their side in a stronger attack posture by making our side look amenable to customary formulaeeasier to deal with, and easier to discredit.

The so-called "men's movement" is paradoxical because it both is and is not monolithic. Every kind of person, man and woman alike, is active within this sociocultural fermentation. I say every kind, and that embraces the moral spectrum of human nature. But apart from being monolithically human, there is nothing monolithic about the moral spectrum of human nature.

What is significantly monolithic about this so-called movement is that it unites upon the anchorage point of shared opposition to feminism and its damaging consequences.This opposition is sometimes openly articulated, and other times complicitly manifested, but is undoubtedly real.

So if we seek unity, it is already ours: opposition to feminism combines our energy at the root of our endeavor. That does not yet make us collectively a "movement". However, it does make us a community of shared intention, and shared intention is critical, since for want of it nothing further could be built.

Yet bear in mind that  shared intention is only a foundation, because mere intention is stationary until it is joined to motion. In our case, shared intention joins to such a disunity of motions or plans that it forms no animating principle for any shared motion
that would usefully define a movement. Hence it can serve only as a grouping device, like a fenced field.

However, it is precisely our lack of unity in motion which our enemies would work to our detriment
NOT through the game of divide-and-conquer, but through pejorative imputation on the basis of a wrong assumption.

The case is this: nobody "speaks for the movement", because there is no movement! That very point is precisely the wrong assumption - that a "movement" exists. But our enemies seem not to have understood this, and they are forever seeking some imaginary "official voice of the men's movement", in order to hold ALL of that so-called movement accountable for any indiscreet utterances this so-called voice might make, or be interpreted to have made.

But again, there is no "movement"
only scattered motion in scattered modules. And while these modules sometimes converse to some degree, they share little common directiveand hence, no unity of accountability. 

There is only a growing fermentation of disaffection, joined to an evolving consensus as regards the objective nature of the difficulty. But once again, it embraces the moral spectrum of human nature
which, let it be remembered, is sometimes commendable and other times otherwise.

Still, the fact remains that nobody, commendable or otherwise, enjoys being trodden on
and the more so if they have committed no certifiable offense that would justify such treatment. So when a targeted population is subjected to such treatment arbitrarily, it should come as no surprise when this group gets angry about it. Not all of this  anger will sound commendable -- but seriously, what can you expect? Poison input breeds poisoned output.

We are confronting the full spectrum of human nature here: there is no doubt the world contains all manner of men, and you mustn't expect all of them to react morally when they are treated immorally
although quite a few of them might struggle heroically to do so.

So the unity of our cause inheres in our shared opposition to feminism and to its damaging consequences.
That is the bedrock we stand upon. That aloneno more, but certainly no less.

It comes to this; that our shared opposition draws us all into a shared perimeter of operations or, if you will, a sector. And please note that a sector is not a movement, but rather a charted space that renders movement intelligible in terms of its progressions.
Given that the prefix anti is understood to signify opposition, to say that I am "opposed to feminism" amounts to saying that I am anti-feminist. However, prior to opposition (and a necessary precondition to it) is simple negation. Hence, to declare that I am non-feminist is to assert a thing of greater latitude, greater profundity and, as it may prove, greater utility.

The term non-feminist etches a line through the middle of reality, and by so doing draws into the light of discourse a region of existential space which is not feminism. This act is decisively consequential, as I hope to show. It is of course a political line in the sand
that much verges on the self-evident. Yet the thing is not merely political, but in addition metaphysical.The category of non-feminism, as we understand it and would have it understood, poses a counter-claim against feminism's usurpative self-investiture of hegemonic privilege. This counter-claim operates elegantly, simply by directing attention to a quintessentially constitutive fact about feminism: that it both claims universality and aggressively aspires to it. We consider feminism's claim to be grandiose, and we believe that it crosses into the territory of hubris. And we consider feminism's aggressive pursuit of its claim to be pernicious.

But to say that feminism "claims universality"
what meaning has this? It means that the partisans of feminist doctrine assert that a certain body of theoryof which they are the custodiansholds a legitimate sovereign right to subsume all of human life within the purview of its explanatory discourse.

And to say that feminism "aggressively aspires" to universality
what meaning has this? It means that the partisans of feminist doctrine seek by all possible contrivance of law, pedagogy and propaganda to advance feminism's claim into the realm of WORLDLY FACTboth within the fabric of cultural and institutional life, and within the private lives of as many private citizens as might feasibly be drawn into the moral gravity-well of feminist theory.

Non-feminism both bears witness to these facts about feminism, and stands as a roadblock against them. The minute you say "non-feminism", or "non-feminist", you are (so to speak) advertising a competing product and demanding a rightful share of the market for that product. Feminism, you see, not only claims a monopoly upon truth, but likewise claims a mandate to exercise unhindered political muscle on behalf of that monopoly. But the claim is spurious; the claim is a bubble. A way is needed to pop this bubble
and the simple notion of non-feminism is just the pin for the job!

When the term "non-feminism" presents itself without explanation and yet apparently demanding respect, how can a feminist argue against it? The answer is: uphill, and with difficulty."Non-feminism" says both a lot, and not much at all. It says a lot because it surveys a lot of territory, but it says not much because we are not
told much about what that territory contains. We are told only that it does NOT contain feminism.

But to a feminist, such negative presentation offers a slippery wall with no grappling points
there is nothing positive to be asserted against non-feminism simply because the term itself asserts nothing positive in the first place. Moreover, the term itself bespeaks nothing judgmental - either good or illas regards feminism. It bespeaks only ALTERITY.
Non-feminism says nothing about itself other than to assert its otherness. It says to the feminist, "you are feminism, and I am not." That is ALL it says. Yet this deceptively simple message places a burden of proof upon the feminist IN PERPETUITY to establish feminism as inherently more desirable than a lack of feminism, or with more inherent right to cultural sovereignty.

Simply stated, non-feminism places feminism permanently on the defensive
by default. And it does this masterfully, without assuming any aggressive posture!

Non-feminism is not a person, not an organization, not an ideology, not a doctrine, and above all not a movement. Non-feminism is simply the universe exclusive of feminism
and that is a portion of the cosmos greater than 99%. Therefore, non-feminism need not and cannot answer for itself. How can 99% of the universe "answer for" itself? What in heaven's name could such an action possibly entail? No, only persons, organizations, ideologies, doctrines and so-called political movements need to "answer for themselves", because only entities such as those are constricted enough to embody the possibility of transgression.

Those who speak on behalf of feminism cannot hope to gain the initiative against non-feminism without FIRST making it clear why the rest of the universe ought to be filled with feminism, or interpreted by feminism, or overshadowed by feminism, or by whatever means brought under the sceptre of feminism's imperium.

Tersely stated, feminism must first explain itself. And regrettably, self-explanation constitutes a position of weakness because it differs by merely a shade from self-justification
and self-justification is a defensive posture. Thus, to be under obligation of explaining yourself is ipso facto to be on the defensive. It is the thief who must explain himself; the magistrate need not. It is the courtier who must explain himself; the king need not.So, if you simply declare yourself "non-feminist", others have no warrant to interrogate you in quest of further particulars. Your non-participation in feminism, your non-alignment in the polarity of its discourse, your cavalier refusal to take its issues as points of decisive personal or spiritual significance, are simply not open for discussion unless youin your own good time and at your own sovereign pleasurefeel so disposed.Still, you may anticipate occasional opposition to this scheme of politesse. A customary knee-jerk response by the typical feminist foot-soldier is to rattle off a list of talking-points pertaining to women's issues. In the mind of the speaker, such a list passes for a "definition" of feminism, and the speaker wishes to drive you into a corner by suggesting that your aloofness toward feminism means that you approve of glass ceilings or the like.

The talking-point trick is simply a way for the speaker to talk past you, and duck the genuine point at issue. I don't mean the speaker consciously goes about to do this, but the net effect comes to the same thing. The speaker presents what he or she personally believes to be feminism, and utilizes this purely subjective understanding as a yardstick to measure the objective world—in this case, you!

Such is the character of feminist subjectivism. Feminism is an enterprise composed of many people who have only a skewed, sketchy, or compartmentalized knowledge of what they are involved in. It is also an enterprise which privileges theory over reality, and fails signally to factor the real-world result of its theories into its self-definition, preferring rather to lay blame upon the world when things go awry.

For such reasons among others, we are not well-advised to go to the feminists themselves for an account of what feminism essentially IS. The feminists will only explain what feminism is supposed to be, and even those reports will vary markedly. Hence, our quest for an objective accounting must step beyond
feminist subjectivism and self-description, and take stock of feminism from the outside, as a phenomenon embedded in a web of ecological relations with things other than itself.Feminist subjectivism presumes that feminist ideology holds the power to explain all things, and that all things must therefore yield a right-of-way to feminist ideology. The trick works because the majority of feminists are profoundly ignorant of how feminism actually operates. This ignorance is owing to a lack of information about feminismin other words, partial knowledge.

And partial knowledge begets partiality, toward a personal version of feminism—whatever the feminist speaker believes feminism is, or wishes it to be. But this personal version, being founded upon incomplete (partial) information about feminism, cannot gather the full scope of what feminism in total does to the non-feminist world. All the same, this partial knowledge deems itself to possess a complete understanding. Accordingly, if the non-feminist world does not conform to, or defer to, such "understanding", then that very fact must (by the feminist reckoning) be due to intransigence on the part of the non-feminist world
and must therefore count as inculpatory evidence against that world.

Now consider that this mental proceeding is duplicated, with degrees of variation, in millions of feminist or feminist-influenced brains, and it becomes clear that feminist understanding is built upon a subjective platform. Signals from the non-feminist world
which speak of feminism's effects upon that worldwould be critically informative in this connection. But such signals are not objectively processed.In sum, if you wish to know what "real feminism" is, you could as well ask a non-feminist as a feminist. To ask a feminist about feminism is useful if you wish to put feminism on the defensive by forcing it to explain itself. But if you seek pragmatically useful knowledge about feminism as a phenomenon, you should commence your investigation in the border region of feminism's impact upon the larger world, and only much later convene your court of inquiry with the individual feminist.

So once more, it is
feminism's responsibility to justify itself to the non-feminist worldcontinually and repeatedly if need be, and even until hell freezes over! Feminism is not equivalent to a natural law (such as, for example, gravity) which operates with supra-human compulsion. One cannot "argue" with a natural law or expect a natural law to justify itself. But as concerns feminism, the case stands rather differently. Feminism is very much a human artifice. It is contrived by humans and imposed by human methods upon other humanswho in theory might not take such imposition kindly and therefore ought first to be consulted.

In the future, we may expect to block
feminist subjectivism by an arsenal of methods whose ingenuity will grow in proportion to our research and development efforts. This is to suggest where our study energy should be directed.

Yes. Feminism, which presumes to interpret all things, must hereinafter be made to answer searching questions about itself as requital for its presumption. That is only proper when you consider the metaphysical nature of the case. Did
feminism give birth to the rest of the universe, or did the rest of the universe give birth to feminism? If you are like me, you will see straightway that the rest of the universe knocks feminism behind the eight-ball every time!

Simply put, the rest of the universe provides the entire foundation and formative principle which allows feminism to exist in the first place
which makes feminism itself no better than a ripple on the river. There is an enormous world beyond feminism, a world enormously more ancient and deeply-rooted than feminism, and feminism is enormously conceited if it presumes to explain everything about that world, or presumes to make its explanations morally binding upon that world.

In the expanded view of things, feminism is precious little and non-feminism is quite a bit. So if you are not a feminist, you have ample territory in which to wander without feeling crowded or constrained or in peril of being taken for somebody other than who you are. Nobody is entitled to any clarification of your standpoint beyond what
the term non-feminist plainly intones. By that I mean, that if you encounter somebody who desires to "preach feminism" at you, you have only to say "I am a non-feminist" and then walk away. Having no ground to guess your precise objection to feminism, or even that you have any objection at all, they may not rightfully harm you further.

Or if they assail you with the talking-point trick, stand quietly and let them say their say until their spring winds down. At that point you may, at your discretion, ask them if they have anything further to add. Then, deliver something like the following speech:

"None of your remarks have the least bearing upon my reason for objecting to feminism. Since I have not stated my reason, you have no ground on which to know the nature of my objection. Furthermore, I am bound by no legal or moral principle to discharge my mind upon that point. So, I bid you a good day!"

You might go for the rest of your life and never call yourself anything but a non-feminist. This might be the only such self-descriptor you will ever need or care to use. I would like to impress upon you that there is no requirement to express your opposition in terms of a political movement, platform, organization, or anything at all of a positively assertive nature. To declare yourself non-feminist does no more than locate you within the universe exclusive of feminism
which is in no way a "movement", but rather a container of movement, or of predispositions to movement. Yet this brisk little maneuver is a radical decision of enormous political weight.As earlier stated, the non-feminist part of the universe is a region of existential space. A word previously used was sector, and that is a good terminological choice because it implies cutting or partitioningwhich is very much the sense of matters we would like to impart. So from henceforth we shall refer to the universe exclusive of feminism as the non-feminist sector.

The non-feminist sector contains all that is not feminism—and that is a lot. But prior to anything else, and as the name would suggest, it embodies a simple, primordial negation of feminism. Negation is the foundation. With respect to opposition of whatever form, negation is clearly the greater holon. If you declare yourself anti-feminist you must as a prerequisite declare yourself non-feminist.
But the reverse is not the case. You can be non-feminist without being anti-feminist, even as you can be non-catholic without being anti-catholic, non-jewish without being antisemitic, or all manner of similar examples.

Again, the non-feminist sector contains all that is not feminism
and that takes in a wealth of scenery. It includes the ridiculous, the sublime, the base, the exalted, the ignoble, the noblethe sum total of human nature and all which it encloses or is enclosed by! Please etch upon your memory that the term non-feminist sector is in no way a moral generalization.

And these two sectors
the feminist and the non-feministare merely two opposed systems of human imperfection. One must prevail and the other must back off, because some imperfections are more desirable than others.

Feminism, as we have explained many times, is perpetual revolution
which means that its being is identical with its being-in-motion. And feminist motion can be of only two sorts: advancing or retreating. Thus, for feminism to prosper, it must spread continually into the world beyond its perimeter, and in the process convert more and more of the non-feminist sector to a subaltern pattern of existence.

That is how feminism aggressively aspires to universality. It doesn't just sit quietly and pronounce an abstract "right" to be the ruling paradigm. It undertakes actively to conquer, and to assert the rights of conquest.

And feminism can do none other than this, for it cannot sit still. If it were not in motion, feminism would literally not exist at all! Therefore, if it is barricaded along its line of advance, it can do one thing only
retreat, and disintegrate within its own boundaries like an empire collapsing from internal decay. Such collapse too, is after all a form of motion!

Given that feminism aggressively aspires to universality, it cannot tolerate the continued existence of the non-feminist sector in any form, whether as opposition or as negation:

Feminism cannot tolerate the non-feminist sector in the form of opposition, and whenever it encounters non-feminist opposition, it will brand this as "reactionary" or "regressive" sooner than look into alternative explanatory models. Such is
feminist subjectivism.

Equally, feminism cannot tolerate the non-feminist sector in the form of negation, for the quite simple reason that feminism does not wish to be negated. Any piece of the world which stubbornly persists in "going its own way" is an open affront to any system (such as feminism) which desires to "become the world", or which claims an unassailable prerogative to do so.

Briefly then,
any condition or thing which is distinctly not feminism is an irritation and a threat to feminism because it serves as a reminder that feminism is in fact not the world. And that in turn raises the politically loaded question whether anything which is not feminism should be permitted to exist at all.

The only plausibly feminist answer would be NO, but few feminists would care to tackle this head-on because honesty would be politically awkward and therefore not the best policy. Luckily for them, it is easy to sweep such conversations under the rug before they even get started.

And so it comes to this, that the non-feminist sector commences with mere indifference to feminism, and rises by degrees through the many shades of active opposition, even to the point of unmitigated vitriol. And yet, to the feminist world-view there can be NO difference among those many shades, for in the mind of any truly indoctrinated feminist it is all the same whether we merely negate feminism by living blithely as if no such thing existed, or whether we campaign actively with the fixed intention of destroying it. Either possibility pours equally consequential sand into the machinery.
In consequence, the universal and etherically all-pervading feminist undertone says: "Who is not for me is against me!" And this, I submit, is a fact of surpassing importance which ought to stand uppermost in our thoughts. You must realize that they will classify you as an adversary if you merely fail to hoist their flag.

Yet it goes deeper, for you must also realize that by your mere existence
your simple presence in the world nothing moreyou pose an objective threat to THEIR existence, to the very basis of their existence, to their entire enterprise. Thus, whatever your posture within the non-feminist sectorbe it opposition or "merely" negationthey will rank you as an objective enemy within the feminist ideological paradigm.

Hence: All opposition is negation, and all negation is opposition. Through the feminist eyeball, that is how the world appears. I
n their scheme of things, negation and opposition are the same animal, and whatever stands in the way of feminism's universal presumption -- either actively or passivelycounts as opposition. It's all the same. It's all one.

In the beginning, before feminism existed,
everybody was a non-feminist, and there was only negation. Those were innocent times. Then feminism appeared, making certain claims and certain demands, many of which appeared reasonable. After a while, the world re-flowed somewhat in order to accomodate those claims and those demands. Then feminism came back with new claims and demands, or more detailed editions of the old ones. This time, the claims and demands sounded a shade less reasonable, but still largely so. Again, the world re-flowedand this time in a more detailed way, but a shade more slowly.

Over and over the cycle replayed itself
with such frequency and overlap that it more resembled an asynchronous transformational blur along many fronts. In time, the continually updated claims and demands became tedious in their proliferation of nuance, taking on a more boring and burdensome character, seeming to drain the vital blood of life from the non-feminist sector in a way that could no longer be tolerated.

n addition, the overt reasonableness of feminist claims and demands was steadily declining because the normative threshold of reasonableness itself was steadily decliningowing largely to those small initial concessions which had little-by-little watered down the standards defining that threshold in the first place, thereby lowering the bar and admitting further debasement of standards, followed by still more lowering of the bar, and so on.
Such was the slow, steady encroachment of feminist political power into the non-feminist sector. And as the feminist power base grew, so likewise grew feminism's power to roll over anything in its path
culturally, socially, legally, academically, politically, propagandistically, or any other way.

However, as feminism's power multiplied, more and more of the non-feminist sector grew aware of that power, and of that power's range of influence. And in the course of so learning, the non-feminist sector grew ever more conscious of itself as a thing not only other than feminism, but actively opposed to it.Feminism, as we have noted, does not distinguish negation from opposition. In the long run therefore, feminism can do none other to greet negation with the same hostility it would display toward opposition. I say in the long run, for there is plenty of non-feminist territory which the feminist reconfiguration effort hasn't quite looked into yet
meaning that life within such territory may go on for quite some time in the naive enjoyment of its proper narrative. But eventually the feminist miasma will creep into such corners also, and when it does, predictable antagonisms will arise.

For sooner or later, the feminist question "what side are you on?" would
seek imperiously to be answered. And some people, knowing a phony moral dilemma when they smell one, would flatly refuse to be lumbered with this. Above all other thingsalthough very likely in addition to such thingsthey would take offense at receiving an ultimatum! At such a critical moment, an anti-feminist is made.

Yes, when feminism aggresses against non-feminism, certain segments of the non-feminist sector will naturally rise up and take the field against feminism, and in so doing become anti-feminist
by choice, by definition and by practice. Negation turns into opposition when feminism rudely steps on the wrong people's toesand to its significant misfortune it does this quite a bit.

Feminism has from the very beginning waged a campaign of steady, escalating aggression against the non-feminist sector. It is only to be expected that the non-feminist sector would rise up against this. If such uprising is not yet evident in all locations clear across the board, it will become so when feminist indoctrination reaches such a critical mass that none may any longer live in blissful ignorance of feminism's true nature.

On that day, it will be as if the feminist effort no longer had any room to exploit the
unheroic, pacifistic nature of the average person. This will occur because mere shallow acquiescence in feminist ideas will no longer satisfy the feminist demand for affirmation. Or more precisely stated, feminist authority will no longer be humored or bought off by such acquiescence and will require some manner of decisive inner change testable for authenticity.

When matters come to such a stand, people in markedly greater numbers will put away their pacifism and wax heroic. When they are backed against that brick wall they will make their decision
be it Yea or Nayand then the hurly-burly will commence in earnest.

In the interim, the term 'non-feminist sector' solves the vexed problem of what to call ourselves. We may, if we choose, call ourselves non-feminist and nothing more. And yet, because the non-feminist sector is not a movement but only a container of movement, it can be made to contain whatever the superabundance of our creativity and the exigency of our future needs might happen to require.
A rising sea floor, destined to become a new Atlantis, but first showing only scattered islands which in time will grow and merge.The non-feminist sector is everything. In the feminist order up to the present it has been NOTHING, but it must now assert itself and become something.



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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You Will Not Like This

Well, if you are a feminist - in other words, a female supremacist - I can positively guarantee that you won't!

Plenty of non-feminists won't, either.

But then again, it was bound to happen. In the historical cycles of act-and-react, it was only a matter of time before something like this popped up. Seriously, when a cult such as FEMINISM reaches endemic cultural proportions, and attains the rank of a state-sanctioned ideology, then something is bound to start pushing back! It's ineluctable. Even ordained. If nothing else, symmetry calls for it. The zeitgeist clamors for it. The balance beam demands to swing the other way again.

All right, so this stuff is radical, meaning that it goes to the roots of things. But I am certainly not telling you what to think -- I am simply showing you the times. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here now, for your worldly information, is the Humbled Females website:


Look, study, ponder, digest, be informed -- and know what the world contains! But think for thine own self.