Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheap Fun Behind Enemy Lines! ;-)

I am bored. The well is dry, and I have (temporarily) run out of things to say. My poor, tired brain refuses to "put out"! So I have done something very unusual—for me at any rate! I have trolled on a feminist blog. Yes, that is what they would call it. Anybody who enters their webspaces and speaks against feminism in any manner whatsoever, is a "troll". All right, so today I was an MRA troll.

The blog in question is called "The Apostate", and I stumbled upon it in the course of a Google search for I-forget-what. The blog authoress is a verrry interesting person for a feminist. Here is how she describes herself:

"I’m a former-Muslim 26-year-old Pakistani-American FeministAtheistCommunist who grew up in Saudi Arabia. I became an American on Aug. 12, 2008."

Shit! Half of me respects and admires half of what she is, but the other half, well. . . Houston, we have a problem!

So, she abjured Islam only to glom onto another religion (feminism/marxism) which isn't a speck better. Let us all hope that some day the Apostate will undergo her "second apostasy". Until she does, we're all "infidels" to HER.

So. . . I, the MRA infidel, left a comment. And being how it is a Wordpress blog, the comment is presently visible, but "awaiting moderation". However, for the sake of evidence and the sake of archivalism, I've made a screen capture—which you see above. The comment may or may not survive there, but it surely survives HERE, eh? Note the little morsel from an earlier commenter, for your additional reading enjoyment. :)

You will want to explore that blog some. At least, I would recommend it.

Oh, and it seems to me that the Apostate is the kind of person who would have NO difficulty understanding what I said in my comment. She would need to pretend that she didn't understand! ;)

All right, here's the URL:

And in case the URL shown at the bottom of the screen capture is unclear, it is THIS:


Anonymous AlekNovy said...

This tinyurl is nonfunctional because the blog has been taken off Fidel.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Well, to be more technically accurate, it has gone into "invite only" mode.

This fits in with a trend I have been noticing. Feminist blogs in general haven't got as much wind in their sails that they used to....

12:46 AM  

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