Monday, June 22, 2009


I post this entry for the sake of all places on the web which mirror this blog. About 10 of those, I believe.

Please note the corrections made in the post immediately prior to this, titled Produkt Ware Nicht Gefunden. Certain inaccuracies were contained there, and I have amended those on the original blog version, which you my directly read, HERE:

Webmasters who host mirrored versions may wish to re-do the original feed for that post.


Blogger Mareika said...

F, who are you? I know I ask this a million times and a million times you will not tell me.

But... How? Why? I, mean, I can't understand what brought you to be in all this?


You are not going to beleive my past week. You are not going to believe my day.

But part of it was spent listening and questioning a Frenchman.

What specific part of feminism do you dislike?

Is it modern feminism?

Is it Germaine Greer?

Is it the lack of men's voice?

Is it that you don't think women have a soul?

I can't understand because you seem to know all and yet you seem to know women at the same time.

Can you at least answer this.... How is that feminism came to you?

10:54 PM  
Blogger Mareika said...

Hey F, it is just silly me again.

I think I get all this now. I am not as smart as you but I think I understand why every move was ever made, now.

I ask again to leave my comment behind the curtain but I also feel abusive to ask this of you.

I am really sorry for taking so much and not giving back.

12:08 AM  

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