Monday, June 15, 2009

The Most Perfect of All Possible Valleys

It seems to me that this iconic image was captured on 12 Sept 2005.

It is indeed, as you will note, the most perfect of all possible valleys - not to say the most beautiful, scenic, or spectacular, but without a doubt the most perfect of all possible valleys. It makes no matter where it is located, nor can we declare with certainty that this valley is found anywhere in time or space as we know them.

And it just so happens that this most perfect of valleys is the official center of the MRA/MGTOW universe. Now, you might be wondering about the authority behind such a statement. What makes this most perfect of valleys the OFFICIAL center of the MRA/MGTOW universe? In what does its "officialness" consist; by what virtue or capacity is this quality bestowed?

Well, it's really quite simple. First, I elected myself, for the occasion, to the Office of Officialdom. Then I dusted off my official hat of office, and settled it squarely upon my official noggin, and made my official pronouncement:

"This, the Most Perfect of All Possible Valleys, is the official center of the MRA/MGTOW universe. So let it be enacted throughout all the realm."

And so it is. Because I said so. Ipse dixit!

Yes, we may be going our own ways, but here at last is the axis mundi of our world, the place where our many and varied sagebrush paths will find their point of intersection. It is spatial, very spatial. And we males, as everybody knows, are spatial creatures: we love things of an exploratory, navigational character!

Some may find this harsh, even arid—for truly, it is a barren desert landscape. And yet that is quite fitting, since indeed we are wanderers in the desert, are we not?

But look: see the lush willows and cottonwoods along the creek. It is an oasis! So our world is not bereft of charm. . .

You don't believe me? Go now, and download the large version. It is 1500 pixels wide, big enough that you can physically walk right into the scene and wander about! Follow the creek up the valley for about a mile, and you will come to the beaver pond with the fat blue dragonflies hovering and circling all around!

However, there is something in the large version that I particularly want you to notice. Something very special. Study the ridge slope in the upper left corner of the image. See if you can spot the man going his own way. Look very, very closely! Do you see him??


Blogger The Archivist said...


I can only assume this is another awesome picture from central/southeast Washington? I really have to get back there (Grew up in the Spokane area).

Thanks for the great shots.

E. Steven Berkimer

8:06 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Well, it certainly LOOKS like that part of the world, doesn't it? Although, if it is outside of time and space, then I would hesitate to say for sure. . . ;)

As for Spokane: I know it well!

8:35 PM  
Blogger Mareika said...

Very nice picture and article. Perfect timing, too!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on this?

I noticed it is brought to us by the feminists at Cosmopolitan. That is what we are to these people-animals.


@anon: I shortened the web address you gave via, then reposted your comment here.


5:50 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Any thoughts on this?".

Hey, it's Cosmo! What can you expect?


6:18 PM  

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