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Produkt Wurde Nicht Gefunden!

PRODUKT WURDE NICHT GEFUNDEN. That means: "product was not found".

Before I go any further I will send you to the post before last, so you can get the background on what I am discussing here:

As you'll have noted, the following comment was left by Michael, and I thought it was significant, so I attached it as a postscript on the post itself:
"And have a look at what fine academic books the German movement already can get published nowadays: Liberation movement for men: Towards a democracy of the sexes.

"The blurb on the publisher's website starts with
: 'What comes after feminism? Giving women equal status is no task anymore in western industrial societies. Equal status of women already exists.'

"Defining feminism right away as being a dispensable thing of the past, I mean that is quite exquisite, isn't it? The German feminists and their collaborators are already in a rage about it...

And today, another commenter, Rulatir, said THIS:

"It seems that the German feminists acted quickly :/

"The link given by Michael shows "PRODUKT WURDE NICHT GEFUNDEN" now."
Oh lord! A publisher of fine academic books in Germany issues a volume on 'men's liberation', and features this item in an online catalogue, and suddenly. . . . the book goes missing!

Now before we get too hasty, we should consider that maybe they were just tweaking the back end of their website, and the item got omitted from the database due to a glitch. You never know. Maybe in a week, it'll be back again. . .

On the other hand, perhaps it is true that the item was removed because feminists (German or otherwise) were upset by its presence.

It is also curious that the disappearance occurred so shortly after the link was published on this blog. Certainly, it is tempting to speculate that a CF post triggered the train of events leading to the book's removal. But no. . . to be honest, I don't think this blog has any "juice" outside of MRA country!

No, if feminists got the listing removed, it was likely the effect of local string-pulling and arm-twisting by German feminists. That would demonstrate at least two things: a.) that the feminists were mighty unhappy about the sale of such a book (no surprises there!), and b.) that their reach and their clout are quite formidable.

However, the feminists are not the only formidable ones in this case.
To me, it is formidable that such a book even got published in the first place! This tells me one important thing: that the "feminists" who theoretically made that book disappear from the website could not have been insiders at the publishing company, for if any such people had enough muscle to force the disappearance of the book, they'd have surely had enough muscle to block the book from ever getting printed.

So it would have been an outside job. The book got published without certain people knowing about it, but when those "certain people" got wind of this, the shit hit the fan! Initially, the
insiders had enough muscle or enough nerve to arrange publication, but the outsiders still had the strength to impose their will in the long run. The book was released in March 2009, so this would have taken three months to happen.

It oughtn't surprise us that feminists are by nature book-banners and burners—and that the more power they gain, they worse they will get! But who, precisely, would those mysterious "outsiders" be?
And how highly situated. . .?

Anyway. . . I found a copy of the original page in Google cache, and you can view it HERE:

I would suggest that you archive a copy of that page.

Now, just because the book was dropped from the online catalogue, doesn't necessarily mean it's out of print. The information given on the cached page ought to be enough for you to investigate and discover if that is the case.

Now, even though I understand German foggily at best, I will attempt to order the book. Perhaps that will motivate me to LEARN German by ploughing my way through it armed with Langenscheidt's dictionary! ;)


Apparently this book is not only still available, but is selling extremely well—for an academic book, that is. (See the comments for this post.)

Also, it looks like Fletcher DuBois is NOT the author of this book, even though his picture appears on the page next to it! The book seems to be an anthology, with essays from a number of (German) contributors.

Finally, it seems that MRA books are a booming business in Germany, as witness HERE:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still available on

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Nothing to worry about, Fidelbogen... Here's my quick translation of a blog entry from one of the book's contributors:

"Wednesday, June 17, 2009: First edition of "Liberation movement for men" already out of stock since Monday
Looking at the ranking of the book at Amazon one could get the impression it doesn't sell at all. But actually the publishing house just reports that the initial print run is already out of stock since Monday. Because it is an academic book, it wouldn't be correct imagining the initial print run amounting to a five digit number, but the benchmark here of course are other academic books. And regarding this, the publishing house reports that a sale of the initial print run within two months has never happened before with a book of this kind. Apparently the book reflects the zeitgeist. Starting end of June there'll be a reprint, and apart from that there are plans for further activities within the next months."

So no feminist interference here (this time), just more good news! :-)

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I just had a look at the cached page. I don't think Dr. Fletcher DuBois had anything to do with the book. To me it looks like that what's featured under the heading "Autorenportrait" is just an introduction to a randomly chosen author from the publishing house's authors. When I visited that page, there was a picture of a woman where's now the image of Dr. Fletcher DuBois... I agree the website is a bit confusing in that spot, even for native Germans.

Here's a press release regarding "Liberation movement for men" in English: Link (see bottom of page)
It also contains the names of the book's editors.

6:01 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Thank you Michael, for your input!

Since there is so much MRA activity in Germany (and Germanic parts of Europe overall), and since there is so much literature being generated, I think I should get SERIOUS about studying German so I don't miss out on all of that juicy stuff which is happening.

What a zeitgeist you guys have got over there! :))

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

In my impression the MRA movement here got a boost by pointing to the disadvantages boys encounter in our school system: Girls get all the support programs and extra attention in school under the banner of "equal opportunities" for their working lives, and boys get nothing. Over the years this led to fewer and fewer boys getting good school leaving certificates, university degrees and jobs, and there are lots of undeniable statistic facts to prove that.

Now the feminist answer to the situation basically is "girls perform better in school because they're more intelligent and have better social skills than boys". It's obvious that's not a satisfying answer, but answers and action plans addressing the problem of boys lagging behind in our school system are needed. Parents demand answers. The MRA people here have some answers and suggestions, and interestingly there are more and more people willing to listen.

Of course the feminists are trying to stone wall this development, because any strategy of supporting boys (and girls) in school according to their gender spells disaster for the feminists in the future. It's the feminists' Achilles heel, because all parents want their children, daughters AND sons, to perform well in school.

I see you've already found - very good website! Dr. Eugen Maus, one of the directors of this MRA association, nowadays gets routinely invitations for radio and TV interviews. Not completely prime time yet, but not far from it. :-)

3:48 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Now the feminist answer to the situation basically is "girls perform better in school because they're more intelligent and have better social skills than boys".

Heh. Not only is that "sexist", but the part about better social skills ought to be irrelevant. After all, it should be mainly about hitting the books and stuffing your head with knowledge. If people learned to value so-called "social skills" LESS, then the underlying cultural base for sociability would be modified to reflect a different set of values in the first place. That is, "being social" would be predicated upon something other than..well..being social. Then, the currently "social" people could take a turn at being the "unsocial" ones for a change!

I guess what I am fumbling to say is, down with any worldview which sets a supreme value upon so-called "togetherness" - making "intelligence" flow from togetherness, rather than the reverse.

6:10 AM  

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