Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Angry Harry Drops a Blockbuster

Go now, and read the latest by Angry Harry about the Kevin Driscoll case.

"Kevin Driscoll is Innocent":


After you have finished reading, I would urge you to "lobby" (as Harry puts it) the list of online pundits which appears toward the end of the article.

In addition, Angry Harry has printed on his webpage the same list of CC contacts which I earlier made available as a PDF.

This thing will not become as big as the Duke case unless somebody PUSHES to make it that way. And friends, Romans and countrymen, "somebody" is US!! The powers-that-be will most assuredly not make this as big as the Duke case. The last thing they want, is another episode of that magnitude! So, it is up to the activated non-feminist sector to overcome the intransigence of the entrenched—ideologues and crooks alike!

The first priority, is to rally support for Kevin and put unbearable heat on the official public criminals who want to destroy him. And in order to accomplish that, we need to spread the word, fast and furious, like wildfire. (And it would certainly help if those aforesaid. . . pundits would pitch in!)

The second priority, which follows close upon the first, is of a political and strategic nature. I've already stated this: we want to make the story big! All right, I will speak plainly: we want a dramatic propaganda victory. We want the Kevin Driscoll case to become a byword!

And when this is all over and the dust settles, we want to look back upon it as a landmark achievement for our sector—a milestone, a token of our growing political muscle, a demonstration of the force that we are able to muster, and most of all, a sign of what may be expected from us in the future. There is nothing quite like being a quantity in the algebra of political occurrence, eh?

On a somber note: If, heaven forbid, the verdict goes against Kevin . . . then the work has only begun. The aforesaid official public criminals will not be forgotten! Their fame will only grow and spread, because "somebody" will see to this, eh? But whichever way the scenario finally breaks, we are laying the foundation for it NOW. Aren't we?

I entreat all of my fellow partisans in the non-feminist sector to get involved in the activism plan sketched elsewhere, and to spread word of the Kevin Driscoll case ALL AROUND THE PLANET, by any and all means ingenuity might suggest.

Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victory shall be ours!
I promise you,-sooner or later, victory shall be ours !!!

10:31 PM  
Anonymous antifemininst said...

CONGRATULATIONS on such a fine website , if this is kept up its only a matter of time before those stinking feminazi femtards are banished !
if more and more intellectuals like Fidelbogen join the struggle the fnazis dont have a prayer against us.
I think the biggest obstacle in combating feminazism is that males dont have an identity as a gender , we donot identify ourselves as being part of a larger group singularly identified as males especially when it is got to do with gender issues where males are pitted against females .This is aggravated by social conditioning of males to favour women and sacrifice for women ie chivalrous conditioning .
But thanks to the internet activism of Mens activists & Antifemininsts all that is beginning to change slowly but surely and proof of that is something promising I saw on CNN today pls do check this out http://www.lyke2drink.com/pints/
This is good ! finally men are coming together as a gender to do something to address problems unique to men as a gender .
Pls do support this , pls post this in all the forums you can, victims of cancer are not just limited to women having breast cancer as feminists and the media would like to have us believe.
Well done CNN for that for allowing people to see that, quite a departure from the regular femininst leaning stuff ingnoring everything/body else in the world.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

men getting together as agender finally ! http://www.lyke2drink.com/pints/

4:07 AM  

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