Friday, October 02, 2009

CF Demographics

If you are familiar with the Blogger system, you probably know about followers. Followers are "people who are interested in your blog, " and have chosen to subscribe to an RSS feed (or something of that kind) which will keep them posted every time you put up a new post. And if you have a Blogger blog, you can go to your dashboard and click on a certain ikon, and you will be taken to a list of all your followers—from which you can learn more about them by clicking on their names.

Some bloggers have a little widget on their blogs which will display (in the sidebar) the thumbnail pics which their followers have submitted. I don't have that particular device because, being a low-tech sort of person, I am hostile to bells and whistles and gizmos and whatnot. And further: if I wanted to install the follower doodad, I would need to make potentially traumatic (and irreversible) changes to my template. So, better safe than sorry!

At any rate, the Counter-Feminist has got, as of this writing, 15 official Blogger 'followers' — in addition to a much larger coterie of regulars who surf in whenever.

The follower list is interesting for what it reveals about CF readership. Some of these readers are black, and some are caucasian. About half of them are women. And at least one of them is a black woman.

Among the black readership, there is a breakdown between educated middle-class and urban proletariat. However, what all my black readers appear to have in common is, that terms like "disciplined" and "upwardly aspiring" seem applicable.

Politically, the follower list ranges from libertarian freethinkers to religious conservatives—with the latter predominating.

I know, both by means of the follower list and through other channels, that this blog has an unusually large number of CATHOLIC readers. I find that intriguing, since I am not a bit Catholic, and never, at any time, did I sit down and say to myself "what can I do to pull in Catholics?" And yet . . . there they are. Go figure!

And I know, both by means of the follower list and through other channels, that this blog has a rather healthy number of female readers. Some of these are feminists who swing by occasionally for monitoring purposes, but plenty of them are just regular gals who enjoy what they find here.

Hugo Schwyzer occasionally drops by—or used to, anyway.

And a few famous or quasi-famous ones make this a regular stop. You'd probably recognize their names . . .

All right, hopefully a few of you found significance in all of this, or at least something mildly interesting. I like to give my readers matter that is worth their while, if possible.

However, I did have more arcane, ulterior reasons for posting this post . . .

*Mysterious Grin*



Anonymous julie said...

Where is everyone lately? Usually there is some excellent comments on this site from other bloggers?

It gives other readers a chance to read their blogs also to get a good view of men think.

4:38 PM  

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