Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extending the Scope of Operations

On the previous post, I got a comment which I quote in part as follows:
"Since you have become the rallying point for fighting against this crime against Kevin Driscoll, I suggest you create an email account . . . that all of us can CC to when we email various officials, media and the awful employers that sacked him."
Whether this blog is "the" rallying point for mobilizing on behalf of Kevin Driscoll is, I suppose, a point open for discussion. I should remark, however, that visitor and hit counts for the past few days have shot through the roof to fantastic heights. That is not an effect which I set about to create; there was no premeditation involved. It just happened, and I leave it to wiser heads to "go figure".

At any rate, I have taken my commenter's advice by creating an e-mail account reserved expressly for "matters Kevin". It is as follows:


As the commenter recommends, I would invite you to CC to me whatever you mail to Shefong, media outlets, various public officials, or other entities of significance. This stream of information will allow me to measure the temperature of the water and gauge the direction of the wind. So to speak.

I am particularly interested to hear from those who live in the vicinity of Deschutes County, Oregon—which is ground zero, after all! Not only am I keen to see what you have mailed to various targets, but I am also happy to get local anecdotes and "reports from the trenches"—whatever might convey some sense of the vox populi or give an idea of how effectively the word is spreading in the community. Whatever is of interest, send it along!

I would of course remind you of the timeworn caveat concerning e-mails of any kind: don't write anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to hear! That said, let me add that I will respect the confidentiality of sources at all times, and treat your privacy as a sacred trust. Names, addresses, or any form of identifying information will NOT be posted on this blog or otherwise disclosed to third parties. EVER.

You will find that I am a man of my word.

In the near future (but probably not tonight) I will post the new mail link in the upper right sidebar. You might have noticed that my usual "earthling" mail link has gone missing. I removed it for discretionary, paranoid reasons, for the duration of this particular campaign. Humor me. Regular correspondents who have me in their address books can reach me as always. And if you have non-Kevin stuff to talk about, you can send it to the gmx.com address—I'm cool with that. (But how if you say "non-kevin stuff" in the subject line? That would help.)


In conclusion, here is a video clip which Bend Observer recently posted on YouTube:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone reading this knows any of the following, please post names and contact e-mail addresses:

1) Kevin Driscoll's employer that fired him.

2) Congressmen and women for the Deschutes county area

3) The 2 Oregon senators

Time to get politicians involved.

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another summary of the Kevin Driscoll case published just minutes ago at Men's News Daily:


2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good move with the e-mail account (kevindriscollisinnocent@gmx.com) for people to CC to.

To anyone planning on e-mailing officials/media, always have at least one CC to somebody else that the recipient doesn't know. It adds a degree of uncertainty as to how closely he/she is being followed - which is a highly desirable thing.
It will also force them to consider if and how they might respond to you, knowing that a trail of the communication is effectively being recorded by people outside their influence.

Never send emails without CCs. They'll just be ignored. They may even be deleted after reading the first sentence.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous CJ said...

I live in Redmond...This case is disgusting. Over and over again our DA has raped innocent people in this community all for the win...Even when evidence is 100% there suporting a claim Dugan or one of his cronies will look the other way all for the win...Not for justice or truth. Its disgusting how this case has gotten this far. How this Melissa girl can sleep at night is beyond me. They need to dismiss the charges on Kevin and Pursue Charges on Melissa. Girls like her make it harder on true victims to have their day in court. Believe me I know. There is NO Fucking way she was raped and then casually waits by the car for a ride? Stays in the car for 15 minutes chatting? Give me a fucking break. When something like a rape happens you have a such a strong instinct to flee...To get away from the person that has harmed you. The distance between Kevin's house and the Fireside is not really that far...maybe 2 miles?? I would rather walk naked and barefoot to my car than get into the car of someone that had violated me not once but twice?? Yeah right...What a lieing bitch. It makes me sick that a person can literally lose a great job and be forced to in home monitering before a trial. What happenend to innocent until proven guilty. Not in Deschutes County. You are guilty until you PROVE yourself innocent. IF your lucky enough to do so. You want a interesting Dugan case?? Read up on David Black's case. A kid that got prosocuted for Murder in the death of 2 girls...He wasnt driving the car they were in. He wasnt in the car they died in. But yet Mike Dugan got the conviction on this kid. Bad choice he made? Yep. Murderer?? Nope. Power triping is all this is. Yet AGAIN.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous T said...

To the person who wanted Kevins employer info. He worked for the Federal Aviation Administration here in Redmond oregon. I have a strong feeling that disloyal friends and workmates pushed for his termination since this is a small town and rumors tend to spread like wildfire here. On a different note All of Kevins friends and workmates completely abandoned and crucified him not even calling him to ask if the accusations were true. He was guilty the second the news released his name and address on the news. It is a travesty that his name was released to the public without any regard of the consequences to his life. The media should be ashamed for the disregard of facts before issuing a story that suggests guilt. I highly doubt they did any independent research regarding the facts prior to the news release. Ill bet the Police department filled them in on the "FACTS "so they wouldnt have to. Sickening. As a person who is close to kevin and has been here from beginning till now I can say that the PD here has terribly miscostrued statements made by me personally and twisting the facts and details or just plain leaving information out that they felt wouldnt help their case.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


You sound verrry interesting person who knows a thing or two. Please contact me at


. . . if you've a mind to do so!

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-We´re going to take over this place and call it PLANET MAN !!!!

4:40 AM  

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