Friday, October 16, 2009

More Testimony

Here is more that I have gotten about the Kevin Driscoll case. Keep in mind that this is first-hand testimony from a personal friend who is right at the scene, has been monitoring things closely, and is better situated to know about this than almost anybody on Earth.

This beats hell out of reality cop shows, doesn't it? Beats the 6 o'clock news, too! From what I can gather, the deputy prosecutor, Jody Vaughan, differs by no appreciable criterion from Mike Nifong. They appear stamped from an identical cookie-cutter, those two! The story makes an unadulterated window into how the hanky-panky and manipulation of evidence really operates in such cases. Certainly, he-said/she-said is the pivotal point to the scenario, but as we see here, they like to back it up with fraudulent stage props as well. Not only do feminist-inspired laws pave the way, but good old fashioned greed and corruption kicks in like a turbo-booster alongside the indoctrinated legal culture.

I will post more, and soon! The report from my correspondent follows:
"In a nutshell here are some of JV's latest creations:

"* Kevin is on house arrest. Until the end of September he has been on full house arrest, only allowed to leave to go to the grocery store on his way to and from paying his weekly home monitoring payments. Apparently JV from time to time has called his monitoring person to check his whereabouts on certain dates and times... each time the monitor has assured JV that Kevin was at home. The end of September Kevin had a hearing, the second half was to see if he could get the house arrest lifted. JV told the judge that she had witnesess putting him at the bar at all times of the night. The judge asked her where these witnesses were, she was unable to provide them.

"* The main reason for the September hearing was for JV to try and get 3 of Kevin's ex's to be able to testify during the trial that they had similar experiences with Kevin, and say that he was a habitual offender. She had a great big poster board set up and tried to link the 4 girls (3 ex's and Melissa) together. The judge threw it all out. They were lies. None of the girls were alleging rape. One of the girls even told Kevin that the investigator went to her and said "this is what we have on Kevin now, he has been charged in the past (he never was) what can you do to help us put this monster away. This woman was unable to appear in court that day, but said that she read the report the investigator wrote up and told JV that it wasn't accurate as to what she said. The report was basically fabricated to go along with JV's case. In actuality Kevin has had and currently has a restraining order against this girl.

"* On Jan. 24th, Detective Chris Wick took photographs of Melissas bruises on her arms & legs, a SANE nurse at the hospital took pictures of her private parts. On Jan 27th, there were a second set of pictures taken of her arms, she refused to have any more pictures taken of her private areas. Some time around April, Kevin's attorney asked JV for the pictures taken on the 27th, JV said they were lost, but she would get them from the detectives. She never did. At a hearing (I think it was one in August, but maybe the most recent in Sept.) Kevin's attorney asked for the pictures again, she suggested they ask the Det. Chris Wick, since he was there, he told them that there were no pictures taken on the 27th. He isn't sure why it says that in the report and it was a "mishap", he says that Kevin's attorney has all the pictures that were taken.

"* In the Sept. hearing, Jody also produced a 2nd police report that Melissa filed shortly after filing the original one. She held this report from Kevin's attorney, he demanded a copy of it when she brought it up in court. In this report, Melissa admits to lying in her first report in regards to having a sexual relationship with Dennis earlier that night, as she didn't want to admit to it in the first one because she didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her boyfriend Patrick.

"Lack of evidence: This whole case is built upon these bruises. The bruises are the ONLY reason Kevin was arrested prior to the police doing any type of investigation. These bruises she is claiming were caused by Kevin were actually seen by the other guy Dennis who she'd had relations with earlier in the night. He asked her about them, she declined to answer, and later used them as her "evidence" that Kevin brutally raped her. Kevin's attorney sent the pictures the police and SANE nurse took to a Forensic Pathologist, she concluded that the bruises were older than the time frame, eliminating Kevin as the cause. The rest of the pictures were so blurry and shoddy she was unable to use them for any type of examination. JV has hired a local family practice doctor here in town to disprove the Forensic Pathologist by saying you can't put an exact date on the bruises. This is also why we think the pictures taken on the 27th were "lost", then "never taken" because then her body would show it's own time line, and would also prove the bruises were not caused by Kevin.
"The ex-girlfriends are out, the bruises are a joke...there is no other evidence I know of that she has aside from Melissa's word against Kevin's. How she plans to try this case let alone win it is beyond me, but it is scary beyond belief anyway.

We recently found out about her formal complaints and are looking into what these are regarding. I'm hoping they are something that would be useful here.

"Let me know what of the information I can send you (reports, videos etc.) you can look it over, and then I'd be happy to fill in any blanks or answer any questions. There is also a letter Melissa wrote to the judge in February when Kevin was trying to get released from jail to house arrest. After she wrote that letter she was seen by several people several times out in the bars with random guys. Melissa was also on probation at the time for a recent DUI she received. She was not to be in the bars or drinking during this time... she self-admits in her police report she was.

"Thank you for all your hard work, and I will look forward to hearing from you soon."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This case is getting more and more crazy, as it proceeds !!!
We sincerely hope, that Kevin take this woman to the cleaners, when this is all over, and sue her silly for false accusation and testimony..,The punishment should be, at least, half of what is sentenced for rape!!!
Denmark, Europe.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-HereĀ“s a little something, that Angela might be able to use:
Visit "False Rape Society"
Good luck!
Denmark, Europe.

4:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrific; another nifong who will ruin countless innocent lives and get away with it. Just what this country needs!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NIFONG! That is the exact word for this women.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Bend Observer said...

Thank you everyone for stepping up! I know KD really appericates all of the support and help.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Bend Observer:

I would like very much to hear from you . . (See e-mail link at upper right on the blog page.)

6:46 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


No, the word is not NIFONG, it is. . .


6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Terrific; another nifong who will ruin countless innocent lives and get away with it. Just what this country needs!

4:46 PM

Actually it isn't what we need. We already have too many prosecutors like former prosecutor Nipong and this prosecutor who, like Nipong, seek to gain a conviction against innocent men at any/all costs. In Nashville,TN there is a female prosecutor who is very similar to both Nipong and this prosecutor. Her name; Kathy Morante. A couple of years ago she left prosecuting adult males and moved on to prosecuting male juveniles.

1:50 AM  
OpenID Daemon said...

This woman is still out there. She is now doing the same thing to my son. She has done this in Idaho, Oregon [three counties, Deschutes, Josephine,and Klamath County. Please help stop this evil woman who should be behind bars. And yet she still practices law and breaks more laws than those she prosecutes.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Please contact me:

7:48 AM  

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