Sunday, October 04, 2009

MRAs in England Have Scored
One for the Side!

I have gotten a very interesting e-mail from George Rolph in London, reporting on a recent political victory by British MRAs. It is a cloak-and-dagger tale of sorts—replete with stimulating elements of drama, undercover intrigue, political wrangling, and offshore databases—and it offers some idea of the level at which our worldwide Revolt Against Feminism is beginning to operate. But alas, only abroad! Only in other parts of the Anglosphere, or in the Continental Eurosphere.

However, it looks like our good ol' USA is still the official planetary Garden of Boredom in this respect!

The following excerpt from yesterday's e-mail is a summary of the affair in George's own words. It is followed by some links, to material of related interest:

A success for British MRAs!

For many years British MRAs have been tirelessly bombarding various MPs, Journalists, police officers and TV stations about female paedophiles and being ignored. The news, when it reported paedophile activity, focused exclusively on the role of male offenders for years. The impression given was that only men did this horrible crime and when women were involved it was only because nasty men made them do it. Thus, "it was all his fault, your honour," became the standard get-out for the women who abused children, as with almost every other crime they are accused of. Being thought of as a victim has its benefits if your are female and a criminal!

This situation continued year after year but brave MRAs, who shall remain nameless, began collecting evidence that female paedophiles were alive and well and doing what they do for nothing other than the thrill of it. Nauseating photographs and movies were collected and were stored in a secret database out of the country at great risk to the men and women who collected the data. At any moment they could be arrested and labeled a pervert for even daring to download the filth. Ending up on some lefty database somewhere and marked for life. One female member who expressed an interest in gathering the data told me that if she and the others were caught and added to a list, "at least the police and everyone else would be forced to admit that women downloaded this stuff too."

Once the evidence was gathered, along with the few studies that have been done into the problem of female paedophiles and copies of a BBC Panorama program, for example, that looked into this phenomena years ago, a warning was sent out that if the media, the government, and the police continued to ignore the truth, the Men's Rights Movement would publish the films and pictures along with all of the other evidence in a very public and open way. The outcry from the public would have been huge and would have made headlines around the world. Chief among the questions asked would have been why have the establishment so obviously and deliberately ignored the female side of this issue for so long? They can get away with that when it comes to domestic violence, but not when it comes to the sexual abuse of children. We knew that, and so did they. Thankfully, they caved in and although they will seek to downplay female involvement in this crime as much as they can, because to do otherwise would ruin their anti-family plans, at least we forced them to admit it exists!

Of course, they caved in without admitting just how sick they remain on the other issues such as domestic abuse, forced male castration; the massive violence perpetrated against men and boys world wide; the refusal to action male homelessness in the same manner that female homelessness is addressed; the stark differences in the way male prisoners and housed and treated compared to females; the crisis in male education; the anti male discrimination within the medical; the outrageous discrimination males are facing in the family and criminal courts in terms of lack of access to their own flesh and blood and huge disparity in sentences handed out by judges in the courts and the hateful attacks on men by the advertising industry and so on.

This was a success but we have a long way to go. However, for those men and women committed to fighting for men, family and boys in this world, a well deserved glass of something soothing is in order. We made the deaf and the ignorant listen. That does not happen every day.

Th evidence gathered and the identities of those who gathered it are secret and will not be disclosed so please do not ask. If you are reading this in a different country and you are also an MRA then please note that everything was gathered from the Internet and in one or two cases, paper evidence (studies) were obtained from sympathetic people inside various Universities. That means you can do it too if this is still a problem in your country. The reason for the secrecy should be obvious as computer trails can be traced back to source. Sorry, but at least we have shown it can be done.

We do not mind that the BBC have chosen to paint themselves as brave pioneers leading the way on this matter. We know better but we will let them steal the glory. The truth is important, not which lying sods inside the establishment have an ego trip while covering up the fact that they have lied about this and stalled on the subject for years because they did not want to upset the feminists and ruin their 'only men are evil' propaganda.

Keep fighting.

George Rolph

Further reading:
Postscriptum: I'm afraid I must beg to differ with George just a tad bit. While it is true that the truth is first priority, I still think it is important to expose the names of the "lying sods" too! Whoever and wherever they might be. . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent news,I'm rooting for all our friends across the pond.

Keep the pressure on 'em,men.

9:32 PM  
Blogger The Archivist said...


This is HUGE. Keep up the great work. I wonder if they can do anything about the prevalence of false accusations as well?

E. Steven Berkimer

1:41 PM  

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