Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Few Things

Today, I have heard from a very kind gentleman who wishes to be of financial assistance to Kevin Driscoll's cause! I straightway put him in touch with the correct personnel.

0n another note:

The following comment was left by Lisa, on the previous post. I topside it here as further proof that Kevin has a passel of staunch allies and well-wishers, that the word is getting out and circulating widely:
"I too can not participate in any demonstrations in Kevin's favor. Simply because I live too far away. However, I was thinking...wouldn't now be a better time to organize a demonstration? BEFORE they drag this innocent man through another trial? This trial was so hard on him. I can't begin to imagine how another will affect him, & those close to him. I think it would be wise to let the DA's office know what you think, before they begin to organize a new case against him. Maybe if enough people express their shock & disapproval of this gross misuse of our justice system it will make a difference. I will be writing my own letter & speaking to the media contacts that I have. And IF this absurdity goes to another trial, I will be there to support Kevin as often as possible."
Other than this, I am giving myself a break from matters Kevin for at least this evening, and maybe again tomorrow. I need it.

Now I'd like to share something unrelated. Go and check out this article by Cathy Young, in which she pulls apart some of the recent anti-MRA feminist propaganda that was published in the respectable, progressive online journal 'Slate' . Please note that Cathy published this piece in Forbes, of all places:

When you are done with that, here is something else read-worthy:

Finally, please do cap it all off with a visit to the False Rape Society:


Anonymous Thomas said...

This is amazing to have this type of help.

12:34 PM  

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