Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Stuff From the Memory Vaults

About two days ago, somebody left a comment on an ancient CF post from Dec 2006—when this blog was a mere 2 months old. The comment was extremely good, so I am topsiding it. To savor the full flavor of this, you'll want to read the original post:

"It is comments like these (from Faith of the Feminist Country blog) that really, truly show them for what they are, beyond any reasonable doubt. The fact is that she is not just speaking abstractly; it's a response to the MRM, which routinely highlights issues such as false rape accusations, abuse of men and children by female perpetrators, etc.

"So given the context, that she is referring to these things - physical and sexual abuse, false imprisonment - it is undeniably SICK that she could ever present these as 'deserved punishment'.

"Sitting in jail for 20 years on a false rape charge is a justified punishment, she says.

"But a punishment for what, exactly? 'For centuries of abuse against women and children'. This part blows my mind, because she is essentially saying that men who are alive today should pay for the crimes of men from hundreds of years ago.

"What principle of justice is this, that I could be held accountable for the crimes of previous generations of men, to which I had no involvement; and for which my appropriate punishment may be sexual or physical assault by a woman, or a false allegation which deprives me of my liberty for years or decades?

"Why, a feminist principle of justice, of course!

"Men, the ones who overwhelmingly refuse to take responsibility for poor behavior?

"I don't recall a man ever promoting anything along the lines of this horrific conception of criminal justice. 'Innocent men, you shall pay for the crimes of guilty men ... the consequences of false rape allegations and abuse against you are deserved'.

"Wow. And the 'period' is a nice touch; discussion is over, because I said so. Feminists are NOT interested in the free exchange of ideas, but in monopolising 'truth' and placing it beyond question or discussion.

"All of this is why it's so important to keep citing them. Keep quoting them. Put it everywhere. A child can see through the logical fallacies of such arguments. Men and non-hateful women certainly will.

"The quotes don't even need commentary; they speak for themselves. Having said that, good call on asking her what surrender would actually entail. Giving up all our civil rights to the whims of whimmin, I guess; accepting those false rape allegations and sitting in prison feeling so very bad about ourselves for being born male? Comforting ourselves when we are victims of female assaults or prison rape, that whatever the case, we deserve this, because of the actions of our ancestors?

"If men want to win this battle, they must first come together to laugh in the face of feminism, to disregard its lies, and drink to its death."


All right. Now here is a report on Kevin Driscoll's situation, this time from somebody other than Angela. I received Angela's report yesterday, but it's a long one and at the moment I'm not equal to the editing. However, here's the short version: the prosecution made a royal ass of itself, and the future looks bright enough that Kevin should wear shades. But it ain't over until it's over, and it will be over on Tuesday, when the closing arguments and the verdict will be delivered. Here is today's brief dispatch:

"So just a quick update for you. Kevin's trial is on hold until Tuesday now. The judge had some things to take care of and will have closing statements and jury instructions at that time. I'm sure Angie will have another update that may be more informative for you since she is allowed in the courtroom . . . .

"From what I understand Melissa took the stand again yesterday and basically had to admit she lied to the jury under oath regarding the statement she made about having sex with another partner that night. I don't believe it was revealed to the jury that it was Dennis she was referring to. Either way it really helps Kevin's case for the Jury to know that she lied on the stand. I also believe it was a door opened for the defense to ask her some other questions that shows she has lied about other events that night on the stand. I don't think the jury will be to empathetic to a liar.

"Also the DA had their "expert" witnesses on the stand. The Dentist and her family practice doctor and a rape specialist... who is actually a student and has not even graduated yet!!! According to the Dentist, unless Kevin had been part of the cirque Du soleil the marks on Melissa would be all but impossible to have been made by biting that is if it was even a bite mark. He could not say with any certainty that it was.

"The family practice doctor was not a specialist and could only comment on articles that she has read and tell the jury which one she agreed with the most. Apparently when asked how a bruise formed and healed she could not even answer this question. A far cry from the bruise specialist the defense called who easily explained this process. What a joke.
"The rape specialist was simply a student who had sat in on some groups and that is the extent of her expertise. Guess that makes me an expert on several things as well, if that's all it takes! I feel very confident that the jury has enough information to make the right decision without even hearing from Kevin on the stand. Melissa has proven what she is and I know the Jury has to see that by now.

"This does not mean that Kevin does not need everyone's support. If anyone is able and willing, show up at court for Kevin!! Thank you."


Blogger sccrow said...

Men in the past are not guilty of anything.

This is another false assumption of feminism.

The feminists have fabricated the crimes that happened in the past. None of what they say is accurate.

Women were held of high-accord - just look at concrete examples - like the Titanic. The majority of people who survived that were women - because of the old "Women and Children First" attitude.

If there were any truth to what these snakes were saying, the majority of survivors would have been MEN - not women - because - according to them - men did not really care about women at all - other than using them as slaves - or objects or whatever they say these days.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Sal said...


Thanks for this. Turns out it was just the kick up the backside I needed to get blogging myself.

If there are no entries yet, keep checking back, there will be by the end of the day. With many more forthcoming.

- Sal / Snark

2:38 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Coool! I will keep an eye on that space. If your blog is on the same level as that comment of yours, then yours shall be a blog to watch indeed!

3:46 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


"Men in the past are not guilty of anything..This is another false assumption of feminism".

The reason that men in the past are not guilty of anything, is because "men" is a virtually meaningless entity to which to assign guilt in the first place.

3:57 PM  

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