Friday, November 20, 2009

A Rousing Call to Action!

Oh friends, Romans, countrymen, and residents of Bend and Deschutes County! Take heed!

Heather, who seems be from your neck of the woods, has left the following comment on the previous post. I find it very much to the point, and what the time requires:
"OK, this is's time for us ALL to do more than just blog about the lunacy of this trial! I say we picket the DA's office with signs and the courthouse as well (when the new trial begins). Major media must get involved. Keep bugging them, and keep bugging them, until something is done. EVERYONE in Bend needs to know what is going on!! I can't do anything for personal reasons, but I would ask that if there are readers of this blog from Bend, please band together and do something. I cannot imagine what kevin must be going through right now. All this is so frustrating for me, I can't imagine what it's like for him and his family. Insane!!!!"
Yes, everyone in Bend, Redmond, and all of those Deschutes County places, needs to know what is going on. And trust me; in the aftermath of Kevin Driscoll's hung-jury trial, there is a LOT going on. Since yesterday, I have been communicating off the record and must maintain a certain level of confidence —mainly because the criminal justice establishment in Deschutes County is beginning to play hardball, and I don't want to recklessly endanger things at this point. We are balancing a delicate tea-tray, so I will be circumspect in my style of communication.

Briefly, they are going to give Kevin another trial. And in the process, they are going to build a new case from the ground up. But THIS TIME. . . they do not want to see a repeat of the fiasco they endured the first time! Do you see which direction this is moving in. . .?

My poor brain is buzzing like a swarming bee hive with all the things i COULD be talking about. But I need to settle my thoughts. I need to get a grip. And I need to think about staging. SO. . . I will be parcelling things out little by little over the days to come.

For now, the word is that Kevin will have a hearing on 23 Dec, 2009, to see about getting his house arrest lifted. And when will the second trial begin, you ask? I do not know, but I expect it will be a few months. You know how these things go. They drag on and on.

More later.

Now go to the False Rape Society:


Blogger Angela said...

I hope and pray the DA decides against filing a second round of charges against Kevin. I know they are all bent out of shape about the personal attacks against them... but like I say... truth hurts... maybe they could quit pouting long enough to see this as an opportunity to change their tactics and re-examin their ethics. Besides, they are doing the same thing with the Bend Bulletin right!?! I know I sound naive, but sometimes all we have is hope. :)

Heather, I would really like to talk to you... would you mind contacting me?

9:56 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


I said it in the comment thread on the previous post, but since Angela said it here I guess I'll say it also, again.

Contact me, if you don't mind, at


10:52 PM  
Blogger The Archivist said...


All those in that area that are fed up with the way the D.A.'s office is handling things, need to stand up and make their voices heard.

I really hope there is no second trial.


Once again, thanks for the link to us. It is appreciated.

E. Steven Berkimer

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I too can not participate in any demonstrations in Kevin's favor. Simply because I live too far away. However, I was thinking...wouldn't now be a better time to organize a demonstration? BEFORE they drag this innocent man through another trial? This trial was so hard on him. I can't begin to imagine how another will affect him, & those close to him. I think it would be wise to let the DA's office know what you think, before they begin to organize a new case against him. Maybe if enough people express their shock & disapproval of this gross misuse of our justice system it will make a difference. I will be writing my own letter & speaking to the media contacts that I have. And IF this absurdity goes to another trial, I will be there to support Kevin as often as possible.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


I will repeat what I said earlier to Heather, and that is, contact me (if you've a mind to do so) at:

6:03 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

I sent you an email yesterday...looking forward to hearing from you and/or Angela.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Heather, I responded directly to your e-mail. Did you not receive my message?

Try checking your spam folder. . .

9:49 AM  

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