Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Story of Wil Hetherington

I am mentally in the doldrums concerning Kevin Driscoll's case—however, I do promise to snap out of it. But for now, just to mark the Thanksgiving holiday while I am on mental holiday, I'd like to blog about something a tad different and yet . . . very much up the same alley!

Plenty of MRAs already know about the case of William "Wil" Hetherington, but members of the general public (you central Oregonians for example!) might not be up to speed, and if you have been following Kevin Driscoll's case I'm sure you'll be receptive to hearing about something of this nature.

Wil Hetherington is a former auto worker from Genesee County, Michigan, USA (where Flint is located). In 1985, Wil was one of the first victims of the new feminist-instigated marital rape laws. Yes, Wil was convicted of raping his scamming, conniving, divorce-pirating wife—even though a heap of evidence pointed overwhelmingly to his innocence.

Long story short: Wil Hetherington has been incarcerated in Michigan for nearly 25 years in a sickening miscarriage of justice I won't even attempt to describe. Why should I, when I can so easily send you elsewhere to feast upon the appalling details:

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Blogger AlekNovy said...

Hey fiddel, the first link is dead, and the second link actually links to the same location as the first (by mistake).

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