Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wanted: Kevin Driscoll Supporters
at the Court House!

The Deschutes County Circuit Court, in Bend, Oregon, will not be in session on Wednesday, 11 Nov. Hearings for the Kevin Driscoll case will resume on Thursday, 12 Nov. I am informed that Kevin will take the stand on Thursday!

I realize that a LOT of readers from Bend and Deschutes County have been following these blog updates on the Driscoll case. And I'm pretty sure that some of you folks are in Kevin's corner. So here is what I would like to see happening. I would like to see a LOT of you showing up at the courthouse in Bend on Thursday. Do whatever it takes to be there; wrangle a day off from work any way you can, but BE there!


But first, I want you all to make lapel badges and small placards that say TEAM KEVIN. Make those letters big and bold enough to be easily readable from across the courtroom. And then. . .


You have all of Wednesday to prepare for Thursday, so. . be prepared, as the Boy Scouts would say! Start an e-mail pyramid and CC the message to as many people as you can.

Oh, and would the fine citizen who posted the link on the Bend Craigslist do me the honor of posting another link to THIS blog post in particular?? Be sure to write a short blurb, letting people know what's up. Here is the URL for the job:


The Bend courthouse, where the hearings are held, is at the following address:

1100 NW Bond, Bend, OR 97701.

Be there. And check the schedule for later hearings, and be there on those days too!

Let's put the fear of the People into the SLIME who run the police and prosecutor's office in Deschutes County, Oregon...!!

Postscript: I have gotten the following inspirational note from a supporter of Kevin:
"That is awesome!! I'll get that out there any place I can think of. Its really great to see strangers caring about Kevin. There actually may be some hope left in this world after all."



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What happen Tuesday?

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