Monday, February 01, 2010

Herbert Marcuse Lecture at Stanford

While I am working on a more demanding project (an open letter to non-feminist women), I'll toss out a little something to keep readers entertained, and let them know I am still alive! ;)

The PDF I offer is a totalitarian political fairy tale and to my mind a smoking gun. In other words, it is a transcript of a lecture delivered by Herbert Marcuse at Stanford University in March, 1974. Remember, it is NOT the kind of thing you are required by any law (civil, moral, intellectual or otherwise) to believe or to let slip by without asking rude questions about it.

Who the hell do these people think they are? And what do they plan to do, throw you in jail? It doesn't matter if such preachers radiate authoritarian gravitas and charisma, or pull a huge string of academic letters after their names, or act like they are miles above you. You are not required to let one single particle of their preaching slide past you if it bears a suspicious odor. Where the hell do these people get this stuff, anyway?

Here is a sample:
"And here is my concluding personal statement. You may if you wish interpret it as a statement of surrender, or a statement of commitment. I believe that we men have to pay for the sins of a patriarchal civilization and its tyranny of power: women must become free to determine their own life, not as wife, not as mother, not as mistress, not as girl friend, but as an individual human being. This will be a struggle permeated with bitter conflicts, torment and suffering (mental and physical). . . . . . These erotic conflicts cannot be resolved in a facile, playful way, nor by being tough, nor by establishing exchange relationships. . . .Feminist socialism will have to develop its own morality, which will be more, and other, than the mere cancellation of bourgeois morality."
You can download the complete file here:

Addendum: My own response to the message of Marcuse is encompassed in the following:

And . . . is treated more expansively HERE:


Blogger Amateur Strategist said...

Hey, Fidelbogen, long time no talk.

I wanted to know your thoughts on my latest post. I know you find my writing style hard to digest, but I was more or less asking for dissemination of the idea in my post. This isn't to say no Man should ever reproduce, but to sit under the Sword of Damocles to achieve it is not worth it, and not reproducing doesn't make any Man a "loser" of any sort... more on that in the post, I need to know your opinion and others.



5:32 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Amstrat: So far, my response would be "right on!"

In fact, it pretty much sounds like an "old hat" thing that goes without saying! ;)

Anyhow, I'll get to your post and get back, but not right this minute. (It's late now.)

9:25 PM  
Blogger trent13 said...

The scary thing is that all of that was premeditated as part of the larger agenda of the Frankfurt school - in fact, I would go so far as to say that he probably didn't believe a single word of the crap he put out, but he knew timing was vital in the U.S. - this country was ripe to be indoctrinated in all the different dogmas of the new religion, including feminism. Disgusting - and so transparently b.s.! I'm confounded by the fact that all of these women who took up his banner by burning their bras didn't stop and say, "hmmmm, what's the catch? This guy sounds too good to be true - what's his agenda?"

I mean, seriously, if anyone kisses your (collective) a** that much, shouldn't you kind of wonder why?

And F, hurry up with that post - anticipation is killing me here! ;)

7:32 PM  

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