Saturday, March 20, 2010

And Here is ANOTHER One!

Another new website of the pro-male men's movement, I mean. These are sprouting up everywhere, as I have said before, and if I were a feminist I might say "sprouting up like poison mushrooms." However, I am not a feminist, so to my mind they are pushing up like the crocuses and daffodils of Spring!

The blossom which I am introducing today is a website called The publisher of this site is Steven — and since he has requested that I hold his surname in confidence, I won't call him any more than that. I had asked Steven to send me some "good copy", and he obligingly mailed the following:
"Thank you! I am relatively new to anti-feminist activism but no man is new to the experience of being a member of the disposable sex. Here is some material for you:

"It is difficult to even imagine and conceive just how pervasive feminist social conditioning is on our society. So many good men feel constant simmering rage, unknowingly trapped in an unending hell of cognitive dissonance and taught to blame themselves for their feelings; unaware that their rage stems from the fact that they are enslaved.

"It starts with “romantic” nursery rhymes and fairy tales of gallant heroes rescuing fair maidens, told to us as infants. If the hero does not save the maiden then he might as well not even exist. United States society, in particular, constantly reminds men how lucky they are to be “free” and to have jobs so they can materially provide for their prostitutes, I mean wives, girlfriends and prospective girlfriends: so much reinforcement that the last thing a man could possibly think is that he is enslaved. In the psychological theories of transactional analysis, our society is playing a giant game, i.e. con. At the expense of primarily male taxpayers, females use the majority of welfare and government benefits to steal from us by virtue of having no obligation to us whatsoever. Taxpayers are denied even a simple “thank you” from the women and children we are forced to anonymously support. I think the truth can begin to set these men free, force women to be honest and help many children too.

" is a constant work in progress and I anticipate it will continue evolving in the years ahead. The objective of the site is to be simple, clear, direct and brutally honest. I want feminists to be confronted, surrounded, shocked and awed by their own vile hypocrisy. I want feminists to feel filthy and disgusted with themselves as they are struggling to remain afloat in cesspools of their own lies and hate. I want feminists to feel the burden of having spat upon the memory of millions of their heroic forefathers who died for women: on battlefields, working dangerous jobs, and the tens of thousands of men who die each year by their own hand. I want to expose the modern feminism/female supremacy movement as genocide, the systematic murder of the male soul; the despicable and obscene crime against humanity that it truly is. I want feminists to repent for their exploitation, demand equal responsibility, and demand to pay restitution in the form of education to all people on the evil selfishness of feminism. I want to empower men to escape the trap, help others escape it, and help children avoid it. I want children, men and women to cherish honesty, courage, respect and non-exploitive love.

"Again, my anti-feminist activism is just getting started. So far, beyond the simple website, activities include distributing flyers (shrunk to 80%, fits on a single sheet of paper) and making small financial contributions. I have to be very careful because I work on a University campus that represents one of the epicenters of the feminist movement, complete with Orwellian sexual harassment rules and a rabid Women’s Studies department that perpetuates them. Therefore, so that I may continue my efforts, I would appreciate your keeping my full name (feel free to use my first) and email address confidential. At the same time, I get to work with people like Daphne Patai. Being active in an epicenter of feminism is a blessing because it gives me an opportunity to strike right at the heart of it.

"Thank you again,

It is good to see somebody who is active on campus, and I know that such activity is astir both in the USA and abroad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I welcome this site on board. It has always been my sincere desrire to network all MRM/Counter-feminist sites into a cohesive team.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"I welcome this site on board. It has always been my sincere desrire to network all MRM/Counter-feminist sites into a cohesive team."

Yes, that has always been my own sincere desire as well.

12:11 AM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

Another good site - I'll add it to my LINKS list.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice.

You're doing well Fidel. I'm impressed also by the comments on your site and what these people are doing.


6:38 AM  
Blogger Discount said...

Thank you so much Fidelbogen for what you are doing for us all..

I started my own blog after my girlfriend left me. Nothing to do with her, in fact we write letters back and forth and send each other Christmas presents etc... She sent me a bottle of her finest home made Mead the other day and yes I partake without a second thought. I cherish my relationships with women.

I started it not because I'm a "misogynist" but because I felt it necessary to express my male experiences.


Needless to say it was this discovery, the discovery that there were so many others that makes me fervent and confident that my male experience is indeed true and valid.

You have been and inspiration to me sir. You really have done a lot for me and other young men. THANK YOU....YOU ARE RIGHT, THERE ARE OTHERS...SO MANY OTHERS...OUT THERE..

Red0660 on Youtube and my blog as you may already know is

I also love to read Novaseekers blog, mensnewsdaily and thespearhead .com

1:53 AM  
Blogger Discount said...

Be careful Steven you are in the heart of the beast. One false word and you will be socially executed and relegated to the back alleys of our matriarchal civilization.

One need only even suggest that men and women are different as Dr. Lawrence Summers the former president of Harvard University did and the feminist party will have you executed.... God speed brother.

2:05 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Red0660 on Youtube and my blog as you may already know is"

Ahhhh. . . the artist formerly known as Bwec!

6:09 AM  

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