Sunday, March 07, 2010

Article at MND - Worth a Read

The following was posted at Men's News Daily less than 12 hours ago, and it pulls together quite a few threads concerning the dire predicament of men in today's world. I recommend reading it while my immediately prior CF post is fresh in your mind. This MND piece is, according to the author, a work-in-progress for which he solicits feedback:

"What remains of chivalry is better described as toxic waste in the water supply. And just as we depart from the old definitions of masculinity, we must do the same with chivalry. It may have once also been a code of honor used by alphas to control other men, but in the modern world we all know it has but one meaning- female privilege. And so now we can call chivalry by more modern, more appropriate names, e.g. VAWA, primary aggressor laws, Title IX, rape shield laws, Title IV-D, family court, prosecution on false accusation, media bias against men, or, if you prefer the short and simple version, misandry."
(Some of you might be familiar with the simile of shoving the toothpaste back into the tube, conceived by the same author some time ago, and will see how it all interlinks!)


Blogger NotNOW said...

Whatever remains of chivalry must be stamped out. I mean to give them equality until the whining becomes a din, and then give them some more.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Whatever remains of chivalry must be stamped out. I mean to give them equality until the whining becomes a din, and then give them some more."

With a 'Nurse Ratched' smile, while wishing them all the best? ;)

11:54 AM  
Blogger Bwec said...

Well yes, with the disenfranchisement of males the death of chivalry and obligation to women is a natural result..

The course we are on is that of government husbandry, the disenfranchisement of males from the family and matriarchy.

If only women's "choices" were not financed by male liabilities we would be fine. Unfortunately, at this point anyway, while we are on the way to Communism men are forced to do the providing to "independent women" after divorce.

Men are made to be the financiers of our own nullification and disposability..

With the "mancession" and the diversion of the Stimulus Package to women I'm hoping for a critical mass to be reached sooner rather than later..

I'm hoping that the responsibility to provide for women will be taken over by the Communist state. That way at least the liability of women's "choices" is distributed back to them and everyone else in taxes. I'm hoping that men will have as little liabilities to women as they now have to us. I hope that men will have "choices".

I am afraid that "women's liberation" is naturally leading to "male liberation" i.e. A Communist Revolution.

The works of Alexandria Kollanti which can be found at marxist . org has clearly illustrated to me where this is going....

12:22 AM  

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