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I Have an Admirer - Yes, for Real!

A fellow by the name of Julian Real, who keeps a blog called "Radical Profeminist", has achieved considerable notoriety. Indeed, you may know of him already. He is famous, or should I rather say infamous?

So, my fellow workers in the vineyard: on with the story. Two or three days ago, I did something very unusual (for me). I left a comment on a feminist blog—the blog in question being Julian's. And why did I do this? Well, it was like an impulse buy at the checkout line, but in this case I was "checking out" his blog when the impulse struck. I do get those impulses occasionally.

I nonchalantly reckoned the comment would never see the light of day. Well, it looks like I reckoned wrong. It appeared indeed, but in a quite unexpected and spectacular manner. You see, Julian has done me the right singular honor of devoting an entire blog post to . . . . ME!! That is exactly how much admiration I have kindled in Julian's heart; he must reckon that I am a mighty grand figure indeed, in the grand scheme of things! I mean, he could have just deleted my comment and forgotten all about it—but no! Julian's. . admiration got the better of him! It seems the poor boy simply could not control himself!

Okay, now let's get serious. I say that he couldn't control himself, and seeing what he posted on his blog, you would almost certainly agree that he was "out of control". The post consisted chiefly of vitriolic personal attacks with no evident foundation or justification of any kind—unless you count as justification his links to my two blogs, which to him appear self-evidentially inculpative. But then, I must protest that he has a tin ear for the nuances.

Vitriol was ingredient number one—and proportionately, the greater. Ingredient number two was shoddily constructed argumention. But Julian doesn't give a rip about any of that, because he is "preaching to the choir", meaning that he blogs for the approving gaze of his radical leftwing peer group who can be depended on to share certain reflex emotions, and to cut him whatever slack he needs.

Julian's unreal onslaught depends almost entirely upon emotional shock and awe — a technique that radical feminists have honed and perfected to a fine art for many years. Nazi and Stalinist police interrogators were also adept at this. So. . . am I a bully? Only if you are, Julian! ;)

Anyhoo, in this case shock and awe failed, since I am neither shocked nor awed. Can't you tell? For example, Julian calls me an "anti-feminist asshole". Well, I will gladly acknowledge the anti-feminist part even though, oddly, he makes it sound like a bad thing! As for the "asshole" part, well. . . that is merely his opinion. And as you know (erm), we all have one of those, right?

Apart from shock and awe, Julian has flooded me with something I call the five-hundred gallon treatment. This technique also is a classic feminist debating trick, and it operates on the principle that five-hundred gallons is TOO MUCH! There is no way in hell you can drink it all! Nor would I attempt this in the present case, especially considering that most of it is bilgewater! Julian no doubt feels that his arguments are devastatingly trenchant; the problem is, I disagree. I can see a shitload of things wrong with those arguments, and. . . . I honestly don't have time to fuck with it; life is too short. And in a larger sense, NONE of us have time for this: that is the critical lesson that we non-feminists, counter-feminists, MRAs and so on, must all take to heart and practice diligently until it becomes second nature! Arguing with fanatics and 'true-believers' is a one way ticket down a bottomless rat hole!

I send you now to my handy little primer of feminist debating tactics, posted elsewhere on the blog, where 'five-hundred gallon treatment' is explained along with a few other things, some of which you might see to be germane to the present case:

You're back? All right.

So. . . Julian also attempts "guilt by association" because I allegedly "pal around with" (i.e. socially interact with) certain unclearly specified persons whom he deems to be "misogynistic, uberprivileged hetboys" and the like. Again, we all have opinions. . . don't we? Certainly, Julian and his peer group do! But for the record, I have hob-nobbed and 'chewed the fat' with a great variety of people in my day — including people not unlike Julian himself — and never once did I seek any permission from anybody, anywhere, any way, at any time, prior to doing so. So to be wholesomely frank about this, Julian can piss off! I will have a conversation with ANY human being on planet earth with whom I feel so-inclined, as often as I feel so-inclined, and for as long as I feel so-inclined, and with as much appearance of affability or any other emotion as it jolly well pleases me to manifest! Finito!!

Oh hey, I almost forgot: Here is the link to the post on Julian's blog which I am talking about. And I would kindly ask my onside readers one small favor: do NOT leave comments over there. Okay? Comment here to your heart's content, however.


Anonymous Kim said...

You feel privileged, least he posted your comment, instead of emulating his previous actions when dealing with John Dias, i.e., asking for a response, deleting the response he recieved and then claiming he never recieved one.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

For better or worse your link to his blog is dead.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Thanks for the heads-up.

I fixed it.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Snark said...

I would like to dedicate the following absolutely astounding song and music video to Julian:

The lyrics and posturing in the video tends to bring his kind to mind, anyway. And check out 2:50 ... I am quite sure this is how Julian sees himself.

Dare to believe, Julian!

Keep all your dreams alive!

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Sometimes I get a feeling you collect encounters with such most peculiar ladies and gentlemen like others collect rare butterflies, fidelbogen. ;-)

Imagine a world that is decidedly radical-pro-something (-feminist, -fascist, -racist,-communist, -capitalist, -islamist, -christian, -buddhist, -atheist, ... you get the idea). Julian might feel at home there, but what a lopsided, boring world that would be! Only very very few could thrive in such an environment. For example a radical-pro feminist-meateater's world: How could feminist vegetarians survive there, not to speak of antifeminist-minded animal right's activists? I fear such anomalies would be outright hunted down through the fields by hordes of merciless, radical-pro-something - minded brown shirts.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Meadester said...

KimYou feel privileged, least he posted your comment

Tell me about it. After accusing Danny from Danny's Corner of the Universe of wallowing in "white male privilege" - he refused to publish my correction that Danny is black. (Shortly afterward factcheckme of femonade - one of Julian's partners in crime til she kicked him to the curb - did the same thing and refused to publish comments by either Danny or me correcting her assumption about Danny's race). Not that there is anything wrong with being white, I am white and quite proud of my European heritage. But the idea of denying someone their very identity just to make a point - well, that's probably the best example of just how much their ideology depends on lies.

8:00 AM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

Occasionally I read about slanders against blogs like this.

When I visit the blog doing the slandering, I am always "not surprised". It usually consists of an argument akin to "This anti-feminist person is stinky and eats his own boogars!"

I glanced at his blog - much foul language - 3-4 people seem to occasionally comment (for many of his posts, there are 0 comments). He writes in it everyday - that tells me he has no life...

Your blog Fidelbogen is clearly way different - you have a HUGE number of people that post here - you do not post everyday (that tells me you have a life) etc...

Just my two cents, I would not have "graced his blog with your presence"...

P.S. the only negative criticism I have towards my site is a MAN who is undergoing the procedure to become a WOMAN. He believes he is the re-incarnation of a dark-elf queen:

Think I am joking?

I am glad that these fruitcakes are NOT on our side!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Noobius said...

I checked out that blog and at one point he claims white people appeared only a few hundred years ago. Oh well, if you ever feel like reading more batshit insane stuff check out
The sidebar there provides more links to wackos. Laughing at them is one of my few guilty pleasures :)

11:05 AM  
Blogger QuickLikeViper said...

wow. his 'responses' were almost as painful as reading comments on youtube. pure drivel.

by the way fidelbogen, I just discovered your blog this past week, and I'm loving the intelligence and passion of the entries. being a male student in a feminist dominated university program, I am really enjoying such a refreshing perspective.

It's unfortunate to realize that the bogus theories we are constantly fed as truth actually are leading to a greater gender disparity and potentially explosive conflict between increasingly disenfranchised men and the privileged, intellectual feminist elite.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Jessy said...

I feel like a shower after reading that poor ignorant idiot's post. Gawd, and you were reading that blog for sport?

2:24 PM  
Blogger Mareika said...

I would have preferred to comment to him but since you're asking ;)and others above are saying their comments don't get shown because he is selecting only what builds his ego, instead of dealing with the tough issue rape is, here goes.

It's nice to see a man wanting to make sure he himself doesn't rape a woman and it's nice to see a man wanting to stop a sexual encounter if he doesn't think the female is giving consent yet I'd like to think he is actioning this rather than just writing about it.

It's not healthy for society IMO, that some men want to shut up other men discussing rape just because he doesn't like what he hears. That just keeps us locked in the past where men don't speak and allows a few men to dominate the rest of men.


Rape is not a men's issue only. It is a woman's issue as a survivor and as a rapist. It is also not up to men only to stop rape and it is a men's issue when men and boys are raped by women.

Women have a right to stop it as surivors and women's rights doesn't mean women can't deal with issues around anger nor being a rapist. It's just ignored by radical feminists for political governance.

Children now have rights and those rights include boys up until the age of 13 when feminists think hormones separate them from being children. Yet as children, they should be heard and need treatment from abuse including rape from females to become healthy citizens. In fact, many rapists have been raped themselves and deserve compassion as survivors who acted out what had been done to them. If you can help them as children, you can save others from being a victim to the negative behaviour they repeat.

Only feminists consider men can stop rape. Non feminists want to stop rape altogether and see the issue to be a society issue and not a gender issue. IMHO, fidelbogen has spoken for all women and men who are not feminists and that includes rape survivors who accept both women and men are rapists and both men and women that have developed programs and implement programs in the prison system and out.

Once again it is feminist PC students who think they know better than even survivors themselves and want to be top kings and queens and tell everyone else how to do life.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. L said...

LOL! He wanted to give his one commenter a prize for agreeing with him. I'm almost embarrassed for him.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@The Ladies - ALL of you! ;)

'S fine with me if go and leave a comment with Julian. In fact, I think he needs to hear from you! BUT. . please save a copy before you post it, so we can all enjoy it here. OK?

8:33 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

P.S. If you already posted one but didn't save it, why not post another - but this time save it?

8:34 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


". .a male student in a feminist dominated university program."

Welcome to the activated non-feminist sector. :)

Have you thought about starting a revolutionary cell in your locality? ;)

We refer to such cells as "committees of criticism". . .

8:41 PM  
Blogger Factory said...

Issue three is done, hope you like it Fidelbogen...

11:46 AM  
Blogger Pete Patriarch said...

oh my god, i got about halfway through and my brain just shut down from the insane brown river of hate on that site.

you can tell that he has invested a lot on all his opponents being "het white male boys" and someone like that should just be left to do what they are happiest doing, which is playing in their own shit.

2:00 PM  
Blogger trent13 said...

Here's the comment I left - it's late and he (is it a he? a he-she?) made me angry:

First, it's pretty pathetic that you go so far as to call him on his use of "big" words like "circumspection," I mean, jeez, I don't know I thought your use of the "big" word "unequivocally," was a little over my head.

Second, what are you? A black woman with a sex change operation? I'm a minority woman and if I had to guess I would definitely be thinking you were originally a black lesbian, just from your accusations of "anti-feminist white het racist male." The mix of reverse racism (assuming you are black which only makes sense considering your assumption of his white racism) and feminism is particularly loathsome.

Third, and I really won't go into it much because I neither have the time nor inclination to fisk your fisking, you are nearly frothing at the mouth rabid insane!!!! You are the type to expect whites today to pay blacks for being victims of slavery. And if you can't see the problems there.... Why (and I'm not really asking because your arguments are so clearly out of touch with reality) in the world would you blame MEN, collectively, for the crimes of a small minority? Individual men rape, not MEN, collectively, I mean seriously, how much does one have to spell it out to you?!!! It is just as insane as men blaming women, collectively, for victimizing men through feminism.

You feminists talk about the subjugation (ooh, maybe I better change that, it might be too big a word for you! nah) and oppression of women, and how women, collectively, have it so bad. Cut the crap!!!

Feminism creates a world which forces men to be complete wimps (like you) or total jerks (like some of the misogynists that frequent the anti-feminists sites) - regardless, the problem lies with feminism. If a woman gets hurt by a man, she shouldn't be calling all men assholes, she should be calling THAT GUY an asshole, but you feminists (and this is where you lose touch with reality) like to say the problem lies with all men. It doesn't, sometimes people, men and women alike, aren't nice. GET OVER IT!!!!! If you want to be a active in reforming society don't collectively identify one particular sex as being be all end all source of the problems, fight against feminism so both of the sexes will be treated appropriately.

Oh, and you are welcome to respond with you rabid verbal diarrhea, I'm not even going to bother with checking your blog again as it really is just too literally insane.

10:40 PM  
Blogger trent13 said...

I just saw this on psycho's blog on the right of the post:

Any comments sent to this blog for posting publicly or reading by me privately that meet any of the following criteria will go directly to a spam box and will not find their way to this blog. They will also, in many cases, not even be read by me beyond discerning whether they fit into one of these "categories of rejection". NOTE: if you are a Men's Rights Activist or a White Nationalist, your comments will not even be opened by me. They will not be read at all. Period. ALSO: No anti-womanist or anti-feminist comments will be posted here.

To all men: your sexism and misogyny is not welcome here.
To all whites: your racism and unrecognised and unowned white supremacist perspective is not welcome here.
To all heterosexuals: your heterosexism, lesbophobia, and homophobia is not welcome here.
To all queer people and non-queer people: your transphobia is not welcome here.
To all class-privileged people: your classist comments are not welcome here.
To all non-disabled people: your ableism is not welcome here.
To all people who are not elderly and who are not (as determined by age) children: your ageist remarks are not welcome here.
To all Christians: your promotion of Jesus as a Savior or a Lord or a G-d, as well as any other expression of your anti-Semitism and christocentrism, is not welcome here.
To all non-Muslims: your anti-Muslim bigotry is not welcome here.
To all Westerners: your unconscious and unexamined white-, anglo-, and euro-centristic worldviews are not welcome here.
To all non-Aboriginal, non-Native, and non-Indigenist people: your anti-Indigenism and invisibilisation of Aboriginal people and denial of the on-going genocides perpetrated by white societies is not welcome here.
To all dominant U.S conservative and liberal people: your expressed forms of U.S. conservatism and U.S. liberalism, conscious or not to you as such, are not welcome here.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


The 'to all' list is priceless!!! What better proof of mental illness could you possibly ask for?

11:20 PM  
Blogger Discount said...

Wow, that person is scary. He seems to have an issue with anybody that is male, heterosexual and has white skin.

He is the spitting image of everything he says he is against, namely sexism, racism and those of different sexual orientations than him (heterosexuals) Isn't that just the most ironic thing...

1:00 AM  
Blogger Discount said...

I would not be surprise if Julian is a male to female transexual and not gay.

Contrary to popular belief transexual tendencies are symptomatic of mental pathology which generally present itself in males who seek to become the male to female transexual out of denial of homosexuality or actual developmental trauma or abuse in their past rather than actual hermaphroditic affliction.

Believe it or not many become women in order to seek attention from lesbians.(per Dr. Drew Pinsky)

Indeed, many if not most cases of transexuals are pathological transexuals. Very few are biological hermaphrodites.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Discount said...

Wow, just read the "to all" list.. It would have saved him time just to state what he really means...

Let me translate:

"All those who have a different opinion on this topic than I do are not welcome here and will not be allowed a voice in this one way conversation"

"Hello me it's me again, are you ready for todays spirited intellectual conjecture? Indeed good sir I am, thank you for asking. No problem, I'm welcome, thank you"

1:35 AM  
Blogger QuickLikeViper said...


thanks for the welcome :)

Have you thought about starting a revolutionary cell in your locality? ;)

We refer to such cells as "committees of criticism". . .

I wish! Though there are couple girls I know who secretly share my disgust and exasperation with the post-modern/feminist/neo-Marxist curriculum. I say secretly because any public dissent to the theoretical orthodoxies of the school will result in academic consequences, if not outright expulsion.

It doesn't help that there are only a handful of males in the program, all of which are dutiful uber-feministas. (I’m in a Bachelor of Social Work program)

It's ironic, the more I play their game and bullshit through my papers, the higher my marks. So much for critical thinking...

8:36 AM  
Blogger Discount said...

Also it seems pertinent to inform Julian (Julie Ann) of the development of pathological rapists.

One of the best things feminists can do is to prevent child abuse of young boys by women. S/he may not know this but women actually commit the majority of child abuse and child murder and I'm not talking about abortion....

"There is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men - 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993). A strong case for the need to identify female perpetrators can be found in Table 4, which presents the findings from a study of adolescent sex offenders by O'Brien (1989). Male adolescent sex offenders abused by "females only" chose female victims almost exclusively."

Source: The Canadian Children's Rights Council

12:25 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Well. I have so many ideas about how to stir up counter-feminist trouble on campus that it clogs my brain and I don't know where to begin. But I will try. Or at any rate, I will toss out a few schemes and proposals.

IDEA: Hang out (at the campus coffee house maybe?) with those girls you have mentioned, and using your best discretion, sound them out. Measure the depth and configuration of their sentiments, and ascertain precisely how "radical" they are, or can be persuaded to become. See what they are "game" for. Then, at some point ask them point-blank if they would consider themselves "onside and on-board". Once you have "recruited" them, ideas and projects will start occurring to you. (This is where you can do a lot of fun brainstorming.)

IDEA: Start a blog for counter-feminist agitation purposes. See to it that the URL of this blog gets distributed widely around campus. Start small and simple, and work your way up. I would suggest you begin by writing a brief, simple "manifesto" (or mission statement if you will).

People will start leaving comments, and with any luck you will build up an online community of kindred spirits. If enemies leave comments, simply delete them.

Move slowly and test the water. In the early stages, confine yourself mainly to posting basic information, statistic sources, and the like. 101 stuff, in other words. Try to write in a style which 1.) sounds dry and cool, and yet. . 2.) pulls no punches. Experiment until you strike the perfect balance.

In time, this may break out of cyberspace and into the real world! But regardless, you can do some VERY interesting and creative stuff this way.

IDEA: Keep records of your experience in this ideologized academic environment. Think of it as "gathering evidence". The idea is to eventually give the outside world a first-hand idea of what really goes on in these places.

IDEA: Get a recording device and record the classroom speech of the more ideologue profs and students. Using your best judgment, start a mild "argument" with an instructor using devil's advocate or "leading question" tactics (but stay away from thin ice and hot potatoes!), and of course gather the proceeds with your audio device. The fruits of these various labors can be made available in web-dispersible MP3 format for general study.

IDEA: If you line your ducks up and play your cards right, you can possibly swing a precedent-setting "freedom of speech" or "freedom of thought" based legal action against the school. Think about it . . .

Well... I hope I have given you something worthwhile to chew upon here.

By the way, if you think you can write a "killer" guest column for this blog, I would be happy to consider it! :)

7:44 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


You appear to have a talent for digging up information. (Research, as I believe they call it! ;)

That is a talent I envy. But anyway, it is good to see a multitude of skillsets in this movement, to make it robustly-abled!

7:49 PM  
Blogger trent13 said...

I have to say it is exciting to know that there is someone right there at the forefront of the feminist radical brainwashing scene (in a college). So happy that you have "seen the light," - although how you manage to stay there without going absolutely nutso is beyond me. You have the power, assuming you can take it, lie low, and make good grades by playing their little game, to garner information for us. If people didn't already believe that indoctrination of women against men is going on in these colleges (all the more reason to have a concern about what classes, their instructors and who college students associate with), with your help (discrete of course, it could only be disastrous for you if your 'double agent' stance were known of) there can be little doubt as to how bad it actually is.

I know that there are men out there who may, wandering around on the internet, come across anti-feminist blogs, and I'm sure some of them think the the violence with which we protest feminism is unfounded. Having information from the mouth of so significant a horse as the average college professor to the average college student could only help enlighten them as to the gravity of the situation. Good luck and best wishes for your continued holding fast against them (instead of changing schools or something).

7:34 AM  

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