Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Essentially Violent and Criminal
Nature of Feminism

Following the example of Snark, I shall draw attention to a hard-hitting sermon lately posted by Welmer on The Spearhead. In fact, I am re-posting it below, in its entirety:
"Feminists and their satellite organizations like NOMAS always pretend to deplore violence. They consistently claim to be striving for a nonviolent society, and to be opposed to all forms of physical force. Usually, they take a stand against “violence against women,” but sometimes they suggest that a peaceful society in general is their goal.

"This is a snow job. It is not really nonviolence that these people want, but power. Whether raw or distilled, they crave the intoxicating rush of power. Solanas, perhaps the only truly honest feminism out of the entire lot of them, openly advocated murder and slavery. She exulted in the idea of murder and destruction, and was – and still is – cheered on for it.

"But one need not read Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto to see that the claims of peaceful intentions are false; the facts on the ground bear witness to the violent intent of feminism. To achieve the power they lust for, feminists and their allies have passed laws that result in a great many men being imprisoned for anything from grabbing the wrist of a woman who was hitting them to losing their jobs and being unable to pay child support. Imprisonment is a form of violence, and is recognized as such by law.

"Not only are men imprisoned, they are beaten or arrested with excessive force every day. Witness the case of the man set upon by dogs at the behest of his ex-wife in Tennessee. Every year, scores of men are shot and killed by police responding to domestic disputes. In many cases it is the police response, mandated by feminist law, that precipitates the crisis. Men who couldn’t afford child support orders are beaten and raped in jail and prison. Some have died there. Untold thousands have been driven to suicide.

"This, to the feminists, is 'nonviolence'.

"Achieving domination by turning uniformed men with guns on their enemies is the means by which feminists pursue their aims. Throwing men in jail is how they do it. Forcing confessions from men who are under threat of imprisonment and losing their children is another method.

"Shooting people works for feminists.

"Beating people is OK.

"Attacking men with dogs? Just fine.

"Confiscating property is considered 'benign' from a feminist point of view.

"Shocking and gassing people to subdue them is all in a day’s work.

"Caging impoverished fathers like animals is 'justice'.

"There is no country in the world that practices this brutality to the same degree as the United States, but others, such as Australia, Canada and the UK, are catching up. What we have to recognize is that men have paid an enormous price for so-called women’s liberation, which has brought the world little more than Oprah, Hillary Clinton and the worn out, skeletal old hags of Sex and the City. Oh, and lest I forget, rampant illegitimacy, hundreds of millions of victims of broken families, and enormous, incalculable social welfare costs.

"Men have lost a great deal of liberty. Men have lost a great deal of property. Millions of men have lost their children. Many men have lost their freedom, and many their lives.

"If there is such a thing as a human rights crisis, this is one, and yet the feminists make the rounds as though they have halos floating over their heads. You’d think they are all clones of Mother Teresa from the deference they are shown in public and the mainstream press.

"It’s time to call a spade a spade. Feminists are not nonviolent. They are not good people. Their vision for the future entails, to paraphrase Orwell, a stiletto heel stamping on a man’s face, forever.

"Feminism is bare-faced barbarism."

I would make a small quibble with this. The stiletto heel scenario is only one school of thought among feminists. The other (but equally supremacist) vision, is a more benign sort of matriarchy where men in general will be "nannied" for their own good if they agree to behave like "good negroes". (But if they don't, it's the jails, the blacklists, the black boots, the false prosecutions, etc.)

Anyhow, about ten months ago I posted something in a related vein, and I think it is worth revisiting at such a perfect moment. I believe that the mingled reverberations of the Spearhead post and my own CF post will form a worthwhile combination in your mind's ear. Go now:


Welmer's post in its native habitat is linked below—and you will find the reader comments similarly illuminating:



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