Sunday, June 27, 2010

Misandry: The Hating of Men and Things Male

The following post on the Spearhead is, in my opinion, a very useful eye-opener. I think you ought to give it a read. For even if one would insist that "feminism" is not a hate movement, the evidence of pervasive male-bashing in the culture at large is persistent, omnipresent, and hard to miss unless you are "filtering" it. Thank heaven for MRAs, who make it a career to bring such things to our attention:

As you are scanning down that list of man-hating book titles, consider the difficult search you would have, to find an equivalent trove of woman-hating material. It just ain't out there, folks!

This MIGHT be explainable (just maybe) by claiming that men overall don't hate women to the same extent that women hate men. Another explanation might be, that all the misogyny gets censored and silenced by the "lace curtain" effect, which permits only the female aspect of the disease to shine through — but what would that tell you about the comparative institutional power base of women as against that of men? So neither of these alternatives add up to a case that any feminist would care to put forward. . . do they?

Anyhow. . I wrote an entry on the reader thread over yonder, and I thought it was fairly good, so I share it here. It was in response to a commenter who signs herself as 'Laura10':

“Those women are on the very fringe of feminism. They are radical and very small in number.”

They are not the fringe of feminism; they are the root; the core; the fuel rod in the reactor. Without women like them, feminism would effectively cease to exist as a political life-form.

It is the mild, lukewarm ones who in fact are the “fringe”— the comparatively bland suburbia surrounding the seething inner city, as it were.

Small in number, you say? Sure, if you mean in proportion to the total female population of the planet. But in proportion to the self-declared feminist population, they are a much larger fraction.

Andrea Dworkin was an extremist among extremists. Trust me, you can find scads of feminists and feminoids (both the academic and the ‘pop’ variety) who mightn’t be quite as bad as Dworkin, but still reek to the high heavens. Don’t believe me? Then spend as much time studying feminist websites and reading feminist literature as I have done . . .

(Not that I *enjoy* doing this, but I take the pursuit of knowledge seriously enough to do it anyway.)

Female supremacist thinking and anti-male emotion in all of its spectral shades is well-represented throughout the feminist community both past and present. DISAFFECTION TOWARD MEN AND ALL THINGS MALE is the glue that binds feminism together as a cultural entity, and the motive force that keeps it moving right along.

Subtract that element of disaffection, and feminism as a social organism would disintegrate, dissipate and rapidly be forgotten.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a very good response,but I think that broad just likes to yank people's chains and she knows exactly the right combinations of words to use to get us pissed off, or she's stabbing to try to find them.

Women are always looking for people's buttons, that's part of the reason why they act so "crazy" all the time.

1:29 PM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

As the author said, there are many more books than just those he listed...

I wonder if Laura10 is actually Laura Woods - the author of "TheThinkingHousewife" website.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The response by the MRA to "Laura" was very succinct. This "not all feminists are like that, they are only a minority" thing is bunk: and women know it. The anti-man "radicals" are the CORE of feminism. Gynocentric misandry forms the very basis of all feminists. Yet women pull this bunk every time like clockwork: "oh, yeah, they're just a tiny minority, not real feminists". The error here is to let feminist female haters define feminism themselves. We shall define feminism, as it actually is; the opinions on feminist women are irrelevant. All they produce is lies anyway.

"Laura10" is yet another lying woman sticking up for the misandrist anti-man movement that is feminism.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that many people need to remember is it does not matter if most American women are like that. It only matters that the ones who get organized and push for legislation are.
If history has shown us everything it is that time and time again a small group of people can determine how the rest of of get to live our lives and what laws we need to abide by.

10:42 AM  

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