Monday, June 14, 2010

Proposed Activism Campaign

Our dark, nefarious cabal of men's rights hooligans is setting sail upon the stormy waters of activist politics, and we invite you all to be our shipmates for the voyage.

To that end, I have just posted the following at the 'False Rape Strike Force' blog (where I am a co-publisher):

As you will note, it is all about the recent parliamentary doings in England. I trust that you will find it self-explanatory, and that you'll keep an eye on that space in the coming days. The FRSF blog is meant to serve as the launchpad for such activities, so I would urge all fellow workers in the vineyard to direct web traffic thataways by all available means in order to gather momentum for the project that we now have in hand.

Go now; I will see you again over there!


Blogger ScareCrow said...

Not too far off topic:

This is in regards to a woman here in Reno Nevada, whose brother (she believes) was wrongfully imprisoned for rape.

She is trying to pass legislation that would make ALL evidence available to defense lawyers - by making the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (cops) give it directly to the defense attorney...

That is, I guess that the DA and prosecuting attorneys can choose not to disclose evidence at trials? especially if they are over-zealous like Mike Nifong...


I am going to look into this more carefully, and see if there is anything I can do to help this woman (Tonya Brown) to get that legislation passed...

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated - since I am a dummy when it comes to this kind of thing (and almost everything else).

4:28 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Hey 'Crow, ya caught me in the middle of writing a long, juicy blog post - which ought to be posted by day's end.

Anyhoo. . .look into that situation and get ahold of me, and we'll see what we can do to make it into an online MRA issue, and hopefully spread the word all over the world!

Oh, and let's not mince words: Mike Nifong was not "over zealous", he was a scumbag criminal!

And if 'frontier justice' were in effect, he'd be swingin' on a rope from a big old oak tree! ;)

Thank heavens we live in a civilized world where lynch mobs have the law on their side. . eh?

5:46 PM  

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