Thursday, July 08, 2010

It is unusual, to make an e-mail address the title of a blog post. . . don't you think? Well read the following Men's News Daily story to find out what's up with that:

All right, so I just sent an e-mail to "Kelly", as follows:

I will not support the WCADV, in any way, toward obtaining the Pepsi Refresh Grant.

As a man (and Seattle area resident), I am DEEPLY offended, and personally affronted, by the anti-male bias and sexism which is inherent to your campaign.

If men must be "taught" to "respect" women, then women must also be "taught" to EARN that respect. And the only way to accomplish this, is by teaching women to respect men in the first place.

Yet I cannot see that your proposed campaign includes anything at all about teaching women to respect men, and I know that self-respecting men everywhere will read that as a personal insult.

I, myself, certainly do.

As a member of the WCADV, you are undoubtedly aware that women commit domestic violence against men as often as men do against women. So I cannot understand why a person like yourself, who certainly knows better, would endorse the one-sided anti-male campaign which you are evidently promoting.

Apparently men are not worthy of respect?

You are poisoning the waters.

Your proposed program sends a politically loaded message that "men are the problem" - and this will only make the problem worse. It will NOT make men (or young boys) respect women. Quite the contrary; it will foment ill-will and resentment among them, especially when they see that women are being "given a pass" for THEIR behavior!

And. . . their respect for women will drop lower and lower.

Please reflect on this.

Again, I will not support your effort. And I will use my power of persuasion to inspire others along that line.


Very well, I have given you Kelly's e-mail address. You know what to do.

By the way, Kelly can also be reached at the following phone number:

(206) 389-2515 ext. 210

Area code 206. . . yikes, that is Bainbridge Island!!


Blogger ScareCrow said...


FidelBogen Strikes Again!

I am going to write that guy an E-mail myself...

Maybe I'll even call him...

Do not worry - I will not ask, "Is John There" and snicker or anything like that...

I'll just try to have a man-to-man, heart-to-heart talk with him...

4:20 PM  

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