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Pouring Benzine on the Fire

We face a culturally entrenched enemy who is irredeemably vicious, vindictive, fat-headed, morally shallow. . . and commands a very large political power base! Appealing to their reason, or their better nature, is entirely useless and shall continue to reap a harvest of futility. They will NEVER change unless some outside agency acts forcefully upon them. Only if we galvanize large numbers against them will they ever learn to know shame, embarrassment, and above all fear; only then will they mend their arrogant disposition and comport themselves with plain and simple human decency.

Such are the people who confront us in this miserable war. In witness, I invite you to have a look at the following. It is a puerile opinion piece in the Daily KOS (of Kent State University, Ohio), with over a thousand reader comments trailing in its wake. The writer seems to be an undergraduate bimbo who perfectly recalls everything that her professor said, and the subject, as you will soon find out, is the proposed academic curriculum of 'Male Studies'. You might already be aware that this idea has drawn a shitstorm of unreasoning acrimony, if not downright vitriol, from certain quarters:

Setting the Record Straight on the Sanctimonious Male Studies Set - by Kaili Joy Gray aka Angry Mouse

The article and the reader thread, you will note, are all of a piece. Not surprisingly for the Daily KOS, it is the effluent of a left-wing academic ghetto: an echo chamber reverberating with snide, twittering, college educated smart-assery and self-preening cutesy sophistication, a place for intellectually inbred twits who have never in their lives had to answer to anybody but themselves. And if I am mistaken about this, then they had better step right up and answer to ME, and mind their tone of voice while they're about it!

Contrary to the escalating trend elsewhere, dissenting voices on the comment thread are few and far between. But I reckon that's understandable; after all, this is the Daily KOS! We're talking about diehards here!

But truly, I don't think I have ever seen a group of people that more richly deserves to have its collective ass barbecued and handed to it with a bucket of tabasco, than the lot we are observing here. If they are meaning to stir up an ugly, nasty, brutish social war. . . then I believe they are following the correct recipe. Yes, they are pouring benzine on the fire! And by sharing this now, to the accompaniment of my acid-dipped, razor-wired commentary, I am pouring more! Is there realistically any other way to roll? I want you, my reader, to read this and get sizzling mad. I want you to store up rage in your heart, and pass that feeling along to others.

In parting (since I have established the proper mood), please partake of the following if you didn't do so earlier:


Anonymous TDOM said...

Reading this article makes me feel almost embarrassed to admit that I am a Kent State Alum. The Daily Kent Stater (as it was known back then) was known as a high quality student newspaper and the journalism department was one of the finest at the university.

I certainly hope that this piece, by Ms Gray is not representative of the kind of writing that passes for journalism these days at KSU. It's not just because I disagree with her opinions, its because they are poorly written and poorly researched. She not only made no attempt at fairly representing the topic, but she show little to no understanding of male studies, or even men's studies or what the difference might be. She simply spews forth vitriol.

For instance, she seems to think that a handful of men's studies programs are sufficient to study men. Nevermind that they do this from a feminist perspective or that have never produced a single degreed individual. It is obvious that she didn't take the time to view the symposium on male studies, if she had, she wouldn't have stated that Dr. Sommers was the only woman associated with it.

She simply approaches the topic with the view that anything that might benefit men, is inherently evil and will be oppressive to women. it is appalling to think that the editorial staff of the campus paper would allow such a worthless, mean-spirited piece of garbage to be published.


10:10 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Whatever the KSU student paper may once have been, the Daily KOS is now a byword for. . the kind of stuff that you have seen here. Sigh! This was more the rule than the exception.

Problem is, that viewpoint is a TRIUMPHALIST ORTHODOXY. And the people who adhere to it deem themselves untouchable and perfectly entitled to say whatever the hell they want.

They are living in a bubble that will be VERY rudely pricked and I, for one, will extend no sympathy to them on that day.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UN Creates What May Become a Billion Dollar Agency for Radical Feminism

Baskerville: "Women on Top"

You might want to read this, Dr Fidelbogen PhD.

UK: Women will be the losers if the Government allows rape anonymity

Defeat wasteful spending in Congress/sound off on VAWA

1:34 AM  
Blogger trent13 said...

lol F, you are so creative! I haven't even read the article yet, but I had to comment about how inventive and precisely creative your rant was. ;) I was reading it thinking, "exactly! Why can't I make my thoughts present themselves out of my head in such a fashion?!"

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Army Outside Their Door was quite the thought-provoking podcast.I enjoyed it very much.

8:26 AM  
Blogger ScareCrow said...

Those comments...

Like a bunch of drunken frat boys and dorm girls at a college party or something...

Somebody forgot to flush the toilet.

9:25 AM  
Blogger NotNOW said...

Maybe this chick is one of the KOS posters:

"Consider the 25-year-old Southern California woman sentenced to a year in jail Friday after being convicted of sending hundreds of threatening text messages to herself — in a bid to get her former boyfriend and his sister-in-law arrested by blaming them as the authors."

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Podcast is superb.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Over 1,000 comments...I'm rather amazed people were able to take serious anything articulated by someone choosing to be known by the alias, "Angry Mouse". You notice how feminist pseudonyms always seem to have words like "angry" and "b*tch" in them? Maybe they should examine that.

Gotta say I loved the first comment on her article, though;

"Ok stupid question begs asking

What kind of a job is one going to get with a degree in Male Studies?"

ROFL...what kind of job, indeed. I suppose the same manner of employment that's available to the plethora of women leaving our universities with their prestigious and oh-so-useful Women's Studies degrees in tow.

Ms. Mouse might want to offer some evidence and valid sources if she's going to make allegations that the boy crises is a myth. I'm afraid her calling it "bullsh*t" doesn't quite constitute factual backing in my book. Never-mind that there is a myriad of evidence to the contrary...angry mouse has declared it bullsh*t so it must be so.

O.K...enough with the sarcasm....

Fidelbogen, I have to apologize. I accidentally deleted your latest comment on my blog. I've been receiving a bit of spam lately and am afraid I got a bit trigger happy when I was checking off the comments to be deleted. I only realized it recently when I came across the email notification of your comment in my junkmail.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Well, the way I see it, there are plenty of people who WOULD take seriously a monniker such as "angry mouse", e.g. the same people who would INVENT such a monniker in the first place. And such people do exist, and they cluster around node points such as the Daily KOS. So, I am long past feeling any amazement about such things, given that such things are boringly predictable - and boredom and amazement mix precisely as well as oil and water.

Also: I cannot dispute that there is an element of poetry about the name "angry mouse", hence poetic appeal.

But taking it further, I see a certain psychology at work here, which is revelatory of feminism as a whole.

Mice are commonly known as cute, innocent, helpless creatures. One does not attack a mouse as a mortal enemy.

Just imagine if the name had been "angry bear" or "angry alligator".

Yes, one may logically move with aggressive heroism against such creatures as bears and alligators. . . but certainly not against mice!

Feminism has all along exploited the male instinct to protect women, and view them as cute, innocent, helpless creatures - like mice.

Of course, that is just one way of looking at mice. It is equally valid to say that mice are vermin who spread disease. Even if they are cute and helpless little buggers.

"Rabid Mouse" might have been a better alias than "Angry Mouse."

Men have a weakness as regards the real or imagined weakness of women, and one of feminism's prime tactics has been to exploit this male weakness ABOUT women's weakness as a source of female power. Or, "empowerment" as the feminists like to say.

If the principle of female evil were to incarnate itself as any particular animal, a mouse would not be a bad choice.

As for the deleted comment on your blog, well, those things happen.

I think it is the one where I talk about the Spearhead post, yes?

I don't know if you noticed, but the Spearhead has been going through software upgrades, and most of the comments have gotten annihilated on the main page posts. However, all of it is still archived in the forum section. . if that is of interest. :)

12:14 PM  

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