Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some Encouraging News from the Scepter'd Isle of Albion

The new-fangled coalition gummit in Great Britain has rudely shoved political enemies out of the way, and passed the motion to give anonymity to rape defendents.

Well, not quite. Actually, they are only anonymous until they are formally CHARGED. After getting charged, they can still get their name smeared all over the media.

So this is not quite as good as we had hoped for! :(

But still, it is progress.

It is a symbolic victory — a propaganda victory — of great magnitude. Call it a marker; call it a milestone. Call it a shot heard 'round the world, because we know that feminists around the world know about it, and can process the implications of it!

And in one shape or another, the waves will wash up on American shores. Think of it as one of those "British invasion" phenomena which occur periodically. . .

I don't know how much our FRSF e-mailing campaign contributed to this, but I thank everybody who took the time to message their local MP! I have officially removed the pertaining posts from FRSF, since they no longer serve any purpose.

Anyway, read all about it in the UK Telegraph:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a strategic victory. Aside from helping a very small portion of the falsely accused, the ones who are accused by women whose stories fall apart immediately,the main purpose it serves for the MRM is to let feminists know they're not untouchable.

We will still have to wait years before everything we'd like to see happen actually does, including the full anonymity of the presumptively innocent,but this is the proverbial first volley fired from our side.

It was a clean blow,which is why I am personally hopeful. However much your campaign did or did not affect the decision will never be known,but it was the right step to take. Hopefully, this will boost the morale and confidence of the "troops". I certainly found it encouraging.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminists, both males and female, shall reap what THEY have sown!

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The encouraging thing is that it demonstrates that sympathy for men's rights is actually alive, however quietly, within Britain's new government. Clearly the key players are not shouting their heads off about it, and wisely so. Here's looking forward to more initiatives of this kind, both in Britain and in other jurisdictions (forget Australia if Gillard gets elected, but New Zealand is looking promising).

4:18 AM  

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