Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Whatever this Guy is Smoking. . .
I Want Some Too!

Greetings NF revolutionaries, students of counter-feminism, and members of the pro-male men's movement!

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a mousy little blog post which appears to be courting obscurity. In this, it has so well succeeded that even though it was first published on 28 May, 2009, I didn't find it until much, much later. But find it I did—and I found it interesting!

The item in question is from a blog kept by a collaborationist who writes under the monikker of The Longest War—which, by the way, is also the name of the blog itself. For convenience henceforward, I shall refer to the author as TLW.

What I am sharing requires considerable back-story. The question is, where to start? All right, first I will send you to the TLW post. Read it slowly and thoughtfully—but fear not, 'tis brief:

So tell me, what do you make of this sensitive, soul-scraping male feminist blogger and his maudlin, guilt-drenched dribble? He says "pro-male" precisely as if it were a bad thing—and that screams metric tons! I would opine, that like too many of his tribe, TLW is living in a different moral universe; a Castanedean "separate reality"; a bubble of invincible self-reference which, in the end, only rude force will ever prick! However, that is by-the-by. At the moment, I must send you away for additional off-post reading to complete the back-story. For some of you, the following would be new material; for others, a timely refresher:

Very well, that wraps up the outside reading. Now let's piece this together. The first thing you should have noticed is that TLW writes of a critter named Kyle Payne, and that my own lengthy CF post is likewise about Kyle Payne! The next point of interest is that both the TLW post, and my own, were published close to the same time—mine on 8 April 2009, and the TLW item about 7 weeks later, on 28 May of that year.

All right. When I posted the Kyle Payne piece, my daily hit count spiked dramatically for about three days—and the increase went specifically to the post page itself! So how to account for that? Well clearly, the article provoked a LOT of interest: somebody saw it and told somebody else, or more likely a passel of somebodies—and the rush was on!

And the demographic composition of this visitor spike? Not MRAs or random websurfers, of course—I know those people well enough and trust me, it wasn't them! No, such an obsession with Kyle Payne would only originate, asymmetrically, from the feminist side. After all, Kyle was one hell of a stink bomb in their world at that time, and what I wrote about Kyle was, in its own way I suppose, a stink bomb as well! For I am certain that nobody on planet Earth—bar none!—had such an antagonistically mind-reaming and abrasively original slant on the subject as did I in that particular blog post. It must have punched through their brain-tunnels like a riptide from left field! It was offensive in just the right way, and I doubt if anything they had ever seen before quite prepared them for it!

Trust me, I know these people well; better than they know themselves!

And that brings us back to the mousy little post on TLW's blog. TLW has very evidently read my article on Kyle Payne. It has lodged in his cerebrum and, from the look of it, done some quirky things there. Consider the post title:

The Counter-Feminist Fidel-what’s-his-name and Kyle Payne: Could they both be on the same side?

What the hell is this dude talking about, anyway?

Honestly, I have no idea.

But wait, it gets better. Here is something that most will miss—indeed, I too nearly overlooked it. It is the cumbersomely long URL of the TLW blog post. Read it patiently; study it thoughtfully; chew it thoroughly, and let the juices trickle slowly down your gullet:

What the hell is this dude talking about, anyway?

Honestly, I have no idea. And yet, what a rush it is, to know we've got the power to mess their minds into such fantastical grotesqueries by the mere exercise of our native wit and gumption! ;)

I was going to write several paragraphs of clever, scathing, scintillating stuff, but I decided to hell with it! So, take a good look at the rest of the TLW blog; read some of the other posts just to get the flavor. This is quintessential feminism in its most characteristic and fully-developed form, however, it is the masochistic male side of the coin. Masochism is a recurring theme among these people; TLW and his political cohort Kyle Payne are both shining examples of this.

Whosoever loathest himself maketh himself loathsome, and shall be loathed like unto an unclean thing!

To cap it all off, here is a recent item at Men's News Daily that you absolutely WILL read—and I mean it! No excuses!:

In conclusion: men who support feminism are a big problem—even bigger than female feminists are—and . . . they are the Enemy! If they would only keep their dirty little cult to themselves, I would gladly live and let live. But no, they are aggressive little buggers spoiling for trouble, and . . . I predict they will get it!

You ought to scrutinize these people closely when you get the chance, and take notes. Nothing hinders my belief that guys like Kyle Payne are fairly common in the pro-feminist men's movement. Why would they not be? Given your personal knowledge of the world and the way it works, would the contrary be any MORE plausible?


Blogger ScareCrow said...

As Paul Elam points out in the article you linked to, as well as the article about the head authority on Men's Studies getting a sex-change and becoming a woman...

It is clear that these people have severe mental issues.

The men and women alike who support feminism are "not right upstairs".

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Jim said...

Another priest of Cybelle. You wonder what these guys get out of it; no, it's not getting laid more. It's a sense of moral righteousness. They are finally closing in on pleasing Mommy. Finally closing in, but never quite closing the distnace. so they have to keep, keep trying.

Maybe if they go the whole distance and cut the whole thing off and never turn into nasty smelly men, Mommy will finally, finally stop sneering at them.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the duplicitous mangina. Constantly rambling on about nothing,trying in vain to please their fembot overlords. Pathetic,aren't they?

On a sidenote, I wonder if I could plug my blog here,Fidelbogen?

Check it out.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Your blog looks interesting and promising, and I will give it a writeup in the near future, along with another new pro-male blog that I have discovered!

Meantime, as you'll see, I have left a comment over there. . .

7:32 PM  

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