Friday, March 11, 2011

GC Theory - Lecture 10

Oh, I am so terribly, terribly evil. And so lazy! This week's Gynocentrism lecture is nearly last week's lecture, seeing how it was posted six days ago. But better late than never. Here is the customary teaser snippet:
"It seems sensible, at this stage, to pose the question: why is all this happening? The answer I can offer up, for the purpose of this lecture, is not historical but psychological: it offers explanation through reference to the mental state of feminism's operators. There certainly are historical processes at work, explored elsewhere, but no social movement survives purely for the sake of its history. Nobody is born a feminist. There must be some stimulus, or stimuli, working to remodel formerly non-feminist women and men into activated feminists. But we cannot explain feminist conversion by the agitation of those already existing feminist activists. We can certainly believe that feminist activism plays a role in recruitment, but this is not adequate as an explanation. Why would an individual then commit to feminism, rather than any other particular social movement whose advocates engage in agitation for the purposes of ideological recruitment?"
Next, Adam Kostakis goes on to talk about how feminism offers catharsis to man-haters, and a socio-cultural space in which they can congregate, share their hate, and gain communal reinforcement for it. And subsequently to this initial stage, Adam informs us, the man-haters (both male and female) will realize they are in a position to embrace activism and actually damage men -- that is, to swing their hate into practical, real-world action.

Personal confession: I have, from time to time in the course of my varied existence, and especially when I was younger, experienced sharp and often bitter conflict with so-called traditional males and maleness. I reckon that makes me one of those celebrated "sensitive males" which the feminists used to call for.

And guess what?

I despise feminism with every single molecule I've got.

'Nuff said.

But here is Gynocentrism Theory Lecture Number Ten, titled "The Eventual Outcome of Feminism- Part 1":


Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Um..yup, what's worst about all of that is the proliferation of barbaric categories,lingoes and labels to give names to things that ought to just "be",in their unadulterated essence and suchness, and left at that.

As for me, on further reflection I suppose I am not so much "sensitive" as merely phlegmatic. Those things overlap a bit, and might be taken for each other at times, I think.... ;)

5:25 PM  
Anonymous silentblood said...

I'm sorry. that's the only way I know how to express those concepts. Is it wrong? Probably, but I also think two labels in particular are the most limiting and confining labels of them all.

As for this Gynocentrism Lecture and the next one, they're both decent summations of what's going to happen to feminism.

8:44 AM  

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