Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Many Faces of Real Feminism

Here, courtesy of YouTube, is some feminism for exposure to the sunlight of the world's gaze:

As you see, this is a German pop singer. The German lyrics are displayed across the screen. Translate them for yourself if you are inclined, but if you are not inclined, they boil down to this: "Men are shit, dead fish in my man-ocean, I control them with my sexual power, my ass and tits are deadly weapons."

You get the idea.

Real Feminism is a many-faceted gem, as the present case will attest. What you are seeing here is what I would call pop-radical feminism -- as contrasted to the academic radical kind. It is nonetheless "real" feminism given that the female-supremacist subtext is indisputable. But no, wait a minute, there is nothing "sub" about it; the text is right there in plain daylight where all of us may study it and comment upon it. And I am grateful to the shitty little fräulein for being so very plain-spoken about this. I appreciate the honesty.

Again, this is real feminism -- let none inform you otherwise. It is what feminism has empowered women to pursue, and actively encouraged them to pursue. And unlike the SCUM Manifesto (from which it spiritually descends) this was not created waaaay back in 1967. No, this dates from the year 2010. That sounds rather contemporary, wouldn't you say? So what does it tell us about the soil chemistry of the current zeitgeist if such mushrooms as these are still so vigorously sprouting? Do you believe that such things merely pop into the universe through a side door, out of nowhere, for no reason? Or do you believe that such things bear some organic relation to the social ecology and the forces of history? And do you feel that such things are only a "passing phase" in the culture that we are best advised to simply ignore?

If you are a feminist, don't bother screaming at me that I don't understand feminism. Au contraire. I understand it very well indeed, as do plenty of other observers and thinkers in the non-feminist community. So please take your feminist subjectivism and stuff it into some dark, obscure, unspecified location!

Here is an old Counter-Feminist post that explains how we atomize feminist subjectivism by overwriting feminist categories:


All right, so what do you think, have you had enough feminist music for a while? Well here is some spiritual de-toxification, courtesy of the patriarchy. This is from an old-school German guy, Georg Phillipp Telemann (1682-1767). Note the clear, level gaze; the open, honest, benevolent demeanor. Avery different kind of German from the one featured above, I can assure you!

Ahhh. . . Baroque clarity and light!


Anonymous Ulf Andersson said...


I must say that this is what real feminism is all about.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sehr gut! (Ich denke.) ;)

11:10 AM  

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