Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Thinking Globally --
And Acting That Way Too!

Here is the full text of an e-mail that I recently sent to somebody whose first language is not English. I think I will try French on him next, and see how that works. By the way, you Anglophone critters ought to start working on a second language if you have not already done so. Spanish and German would both be good choices. Anyway, the e-mail:
Hello; yes your English is totally clear and understandable... :)

I will share a few quick thoughts.

In my humble opinion, the basic war at this stage is a grassroots struggle to win hearts and minds, and build solidarity for a movement.

When you send letters to agencies, ministers, etc etc, you are basically asking the established powers to "play nice" and give up some of their power. Problem is, they are not 'nice', and they will not give up their power just because some little mouse is squeaking at them.

So that is why I believe that the focus, for now, should be on the grassroots side of things. Spreading propaganda among ordinary people, forming networks and communities, etc. But mainly. . .

. . . waking people up and making them think.

This will build power against power...

Our problem now is that we are small (or at least weak, which comes to the same thing). And as you know, small things are easy to bury. A little rock is easy to bury.

But a big rock, not so much; and the rock of Gibraltar -- well, forget it!

So, the idea is: get so big it is impossible to bury us.

One system of revolutionary action, which can go global, might be modeled on the "Committees of Correspondence" that were used in the American Revolution. For an introduction to this, here is the Wikipedia article:


But whatever happens, I believe it cannot be any kind of a regimented plan. It needs to be organic. It needs to grow naturally, and be flexible.

So I see the present task as creating a flow of information, with all sorts of channels to make this happen, and spreading internationally.

Information means planting suggestions in the minds of people, who will form local cells, committees, etc.. in order to spread information further and faster.

Many people in many places, with many skills, and many social networks, etc...etc... already in place. So it is not necessary to 'create' all of these things -- that would be too much work. Rather, the game is to make use of what already exists; to 'plug in' to it and make it part of a grid.

Eventually, this will get too big to bury. Then, Our Side may begin to dictate the terms of the conversation. Right now, the other side controls the terms of the conversation. Because they have the power, of course....

A lone fighter, as you say, will reap mockery and contempt. Effectively, he will be the village idiot. But if he is a smart 'idiot', he will recruit other 'idiots', slowly, patiently. . . and finally, the tables will turn and then somebody else gets to be the village idiot for a change. ;)

Well, those are my thoughts for now. I have plenty more where that came from, and I can spend as many e-mails as needed. Next, I think I need to say something about ideas for that ... [suggested project].

Meanwhile, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on whatever...

In solidarity;



Blogger The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I'm in the process of becoming a minister, so don't discount the usefulness of the pulpit completely.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Did I discount it even a little?

Any "pulpit" can be a "bully pulpit" -- and I try to use my own little pulpit here to the best advantage.

When you get your first congregation, I'm sure you will make your sermons count. I try to make mine count....

12:12 AM  
Blogger AlekNovy said...

Fidelbogen, thank you for this amazing piece.

I too just understood this principle... The BEST activity we can engage in now is information dissemination.

Let as many men in as many countries as possible learn as many of the facts as possible.

They will end up forming organizations and doing things themselves eventually. This is where our focus should be right now... Dispensing knowledge and casting light on areas that have been dark.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous omannohjens said...

"to somebody whose first language is not English. "

Fidelbogen, I have to give you right.

grin beginning ... my grandfather is a native of your country he is- he was a true Texan..... grin continued.....

8:12 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Ahhh...then your grandfather must have been, maybe at the Alamo with David Crockett...hmmm? ;)

Although: some might say Texas is not a part of my country, but still the Lone Star Republic. Who knows....?

5:55 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"Effectiv politische weltsicht"...

That is a verrry interesting phrase. I understand just enough German to be intrigued! ;-)

6:27 PM  
Anonymous omannohjens said...

Is why my grandfather were a German citizen. Germany as a worthy and better replacement lone star for Texas...???? Who knows....?

(my 3 / 4 German and 1 / 4 Texan humor is ..... if you can nevertheless laugh .... or just therefore ???)

"the Alamo with David Crockett.."

Series-grin ...to this time he was not even in the " sowing" planning ....

"Effectiv politische weltsicht"...

Ich bitte um Dich Aufklärung. Wie sagt man so international treffend, Jens steht mal wieder auf sämtlichen seiner Gehirnleitungen und sein bißchen Denkvermögen wird dadurch vollständig außer Kraft gesetzt....

...und warum bist Du fasziniert????

beste germanische und texanische Grüße

Jens, der Beweis von völkerverständlicher Vereinigung und das sogar in "verzwillingter" Ausführung...

4:27 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

...und warum bist Du fasziniert????"

Well, all right, maybe I should have said that I was honored by the translation of "efficient political worldview" into your mother tongue! :-)

4:48 PM  
Blogger ohmannohjens said...

Honor to whom honor is due

10:10 PM  

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