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Why Do Women Assault and Batter Men?

Here is an excellent academic paper, in PDF, on the subject of domestic violence, titled Controlling Domestic Violence Against Men. The paper is authored by Charles E. Corry, Martin Fiebert, and Erin Pizzey. Famous names, yes? But first, to stimulate your interest, I share the "executive summary":

"People hit and abuse family members because they can. In today s society, as reflected in TV, movies, law enforcement, courts, and feminist propaganda, women are openly given permission to hit men. Presently 25%-30% of all intimate violence is exclusively female on male.

"Primary aggressor laws usually result in arrest of the male and ignore research showing 50% of domestic assaults are mutual combat. The woman is thus encouraged to abuse her partner further until finally he will take no more. Such provocation of the human male is dangerous.

"Studies consistently find women use weapons more often in assaults than do men (~80% for women; ~25% for men). Women are significantly more likely to throw an object, slap, kick, bite, or hit with their fist or an object.

"There is no support in the present data for the hypothesis that women use violence only in self defense. Three common reasons women give for male abuse are: to resolve the argument; to respond to family crisis; and to stop him bothering me.

"Male abuse of a woman, requiring self defense, is one of the less-frequently stated reasons by women for their assaults. Our research shows that a gender-balanced approach to domestic violence is essential in order to reduce both the frequency and severity of such incidents for both men and women. Present laws and practices appear to commonly have the opposite effect."
As you will see, this paper tells quite a different story than the one which the feminists have been repeating like robots for over a quarter of a century. But, the feminist story has got to go. It must be rooted out of the collective mind and blown to atoms, and retired for all time. And by repeating the counter-message here, over and over, I am helping to undo what the feminists have done. Bit by bit, such information must be seeded into people's brains until the sum total of it reaches a tipping point or critical mass. When that happens, the process will shift into a new phase of wildly accelerated growth that will sweep the old paradigm off the map, and in so doing, disgrace a lot of people and wreck a lot of careers. Which is to say: lives that were built upon lies will collapse in ruin because their foundations will crack, crumble, and be swept away in the angry, obliterating torrent of pent-up karma. What goes around, comes around.

Yes. I blame feminism for the intellectual narcosis, moral hysteria and societal disintegration which is now spreading as a layer of gangrene all around the planet. I, along with growing numbers of other people everywhere, hold feminism fully to account for all of this. And I for one will not slacken my severity in the days ahead when feminism's world comes crashing down. I will be unrelentingly harsh, for example, to the individual culprits who are linked by evidence to the perpetration of feminism's various crimes. I will raise my voice against these people any way I can, and I will heap burning coals upon their heads in order to augment their burning shame in every possible way. I will not show mercy. I will hold them to account for every speck of human misery they have spawned in this world, and every one of the innocent lives they have destroyed. Finito!

What's that you say? NAFALT? Not all feminists are like that?

And perchance are you, yourself, one of those feminists who are not "like that"?

Well don't you dare "NAFALT" me like it's not your fault! Put your money where your mouth is, sister! Never forget that I am a non-feminist, so I don't owe you any answers. But if you even remotely call yourself a feminist, then you owe me plenty. And I don't mean graciously "femsplaining" feminism to me, like I have any duty to listen. I am not bound to spend one precious morsel of my short time upon this earth studying feminism in any way at all, if it doesn't strike my fancy to do so. Nor do I have any duty to understand feminism "correctly", because as a non-feminist I have a different mindset and a different perspective on feminism altogether -- an outside perspective which is just as valid for me as the feminist's inside perspective is valid for the feminist. Furthermore, I have no duty to underwrite feminism's continued existence in any way because, honestly, why should I care? I am perfectly happy to see feminism go the way of all flesh because I am not a feminist.

Furthermore, I have zero duty to tell you why I am not a feminist. Logically then, you have zero right to ask me why I am not a feminist, and you have even less than zero right to presume that you know what my non-feminism consists of in the first place. And if I don't pointedly inform you, there is zero way for you to know any of this whatsoever, is there?

I am a non-feminist, and that is the solid-citizen, default position which requires no explaining. It is YOU who owe the explanation, and if you call yourself a feminist, then you've got some explaining to do. See, I've got a checklist of feminism's crimes compiled in my head, and I will work my way down that list item by item, and linger over the nuances also, and let me say this: you had better clear your name of every last one.

And if, after I have finished my interrogation, you still insist on calling yourself a feminist, then I shall be bound to wonder why you would do something so empty, silly, perverse and pointless. Other people have made it clear that they are not feminist, so when you call yourself a feminist, it is like putting up a wall and making yourself "special" in a way that sets a burden upon them. Furthermore, seeing how much nasty baggage the word "feminism" has accrued to itself, why in heaven's name would you even want to lug that baggage at all unless you felt it was precious for some reason?

Are feminism's crimes precious to you? No? Then do you really need to haul them around like a worthless bag of rocks? Because that is exactly what you are doing when you insist on calling yourself a "feminist". To be sure, you are setting a burden upon other people in this way. Yet far more importantly, from your own standpoint, you are setting a burden upon yourself. Do you really want to do that?

So yes, there is a simple, easy way to spare yourself all of that burdensome and exhausting trouble: stop calling yourself a feminist. Disown that word altogether -- mind you, just the word. A little semantic tweak; that's all it takes! I am not asking you to change who or what you are, and if you are an exemplary human being, then by all means stick to that. Yes, please keep whatever is good about yourself. All I am requesting, is that you settle on a different tag. A different "handle". So use your imagination; it can be almost anything, but it cannot be "feminist". That word is out of bounds because it is permanently tainted.

"Feminist" is a nasty word; why would you ever wish to call yourself such a thing?

Very well, one of feminism's greatest crimes, which has generated such untold misery and strife, has been the heinous and pernicious domestic violence libel against men. Here is the URL where you can download the earlier-cited academic article which treats that woeful topic at considerable length.



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