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Yes -- We Are Growing and Spreading Everywhere!

In case you haven' t been paying attention, the word is that we are dramatically gaining ground in the feminist war. I myself have been paying attention, because I make it my business to do so. I have monitored the vital signs faithfully in my nearly four-and-a-half years of blogging, and let me tell you, those years have brought dramatic change. In fact, the non-feminist revolution is developing very much as I predicted in early 2007, and the pace is accelerating. The inauguration of Voice For Men Radio will give it a tremendous boost, but even without that, the game is cooking along good and proper.

Yes, the genie is out of the bottle. We MRAs have been ranting and agitating for years, and compiling our knowledge, and honing our craft. And people outside of our immediate circle have grown aware of our presence and what we are saying. These people started listening -- just a few at first, but then a few more, and a few more. And they went about spreading the word to their uncle Fred, their aunt Sally, their cousin Ralph and a bunch of other people too. And the crowd got bigger.

Meanwhile, other crowds in other locations were gathering, often entirely unaware of each other. They didn't always know the meaning of "MRA" -- and often still don't. They organized for different reasons, addressing different issues at different levels of sophistication -- and they didn't always identify feminism as the fountainhead of the particular malady they sought to remedy. Yet these many groups, movements, proto-movements and sub-movements were all chewing away at some part of the feminist elephant even if they were not yet aware of the beast in its entirety.

So what is happening now? These different groups, all across the social landscape, are becoming aware of each other, and aware that they are aware of each other, and aware that they are laboring against a common enemy. I mean, that they are beginning to see the elephant.

And they are talking loudly, confidently, articulately about what they are seeing -- drowning out feminist voices altogether in many cases. For example, if you spend much time reading articles on the internet, you will notice that in the more open forums -- the ones without feminist moderators, I mean -- the non-feminists and anti-feminists will almost completely dominate the discussion. The few feminist commenters are quickly buried or pushed to the margin. This happens more often than not! And it happens FAR more than it did when I first started blogging.

To be sure, the feminists remain stubbornly entrenched in their lobbying organizations, vocational power bases and cyberspace echo chambers. But outside of those carefully controlled settings they are most decidedly in retreat. They are losing the battle on the street, among average men and women -- who are more and more turning against them and ignoring their message.

We MRAs are just a dot on the map in the midst of all this, but that is a point which the feminists have one hell of a time processing. They understand next to nothing about MRAs and the men's rights movement, and absolutely nothing about the all-encompassing non-feminist revolution which dwarfs and overshadows the men's movement. Thus, the feminists are the most ill-informed people in the world as regards the forces which threaten the continued existence of feminism itself.

The non-feminist revolution , with the men's rights movement as a gravitating focal point, is a grassroots cultural insurgency chiefly in the business of propagating information. It is now undergoing a dramatic crystallization due to the relentless preaching and teaching of MRAs over roughly the last decade. People in mushrooming numbers have had their "eureka!" moment where everything falls into place -- or as we so dearly love to say, they have taken the red pill. And the MRAs have been the catalyst in making this happen. They are the axial center of political consciousness chiefly responsible for synthesizing and interpreting the chaotic flux of affairs and feeding this awareness in coherent form to ever-growing circles of people -- resulting in their political galvanization. Those people awoke under their own power, but the MRAs have guided them to a concise knowledge of each other as a movement, and supplied a coherent body of theory.

And this growing consciousness is spreading around the earth as a kind of planetary brain, with a proliferation of informal networks and committees of correspondence on an international level. Thus, a shadow power structure is in process of formation which shall, in time, gradually twine itself around the femplex and suck the life out of it on a cellular level. Meanwhile, memes are under rapid propagation.

Yes, the activated non-feminist army grows and grows not only outside of feminism's door, but within its premises as well. The feminists can no longer be sure of who their real friends are, because our people are everywhere. Our people are, of course, capable of infiltrating. But more significantly, they need not even infiltrate at all because they are already inside. A certain number of feminists, I doubt not, may be "turned". But in most cases it is simply a matter of awakening the inert non-feminist "sleepers" who are already usefully situated within various industries or in proximity to various power nodes.


Anonymous Justice Seeker said...

This is good. I have always supported equality, I'm finding Lady Catherine's blog(I started reading it when you linked to it in a blog post) to be an interesting take on gender issues(she has dropped both the MRA label and ifeminist label and is designing her own ideology which is really neat watching it take shape), your blog has really good criticisms of feminism that I agree with, and I like Gynocentrism Theory. The climate for gender politics is changing and this is a good thing, more and more people are starting to recognize that feminism is not the sole authority on gender issues.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Lady Catherine said...

Thanks for promoting my blog! :-) There are a couple of reasons I dropped both labels which was because of some nasty implications of using one sided labels. I know Fidelbogen is going to disagree but I have encountered rational and intelligent feminists and I have encountered the same for MRAs, and both sides make good points and it's possible that both sides are partially correct. No, I don't agree with everything either side says but I'll listen and make my own judgements and decide for myself.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

"I know Fidelbogen is going to disagree but I have encountered rational and intelligent feminists .."

If you testify that you have encountered such persons, how can I know the contrary given that I was not present to assess the individuals in question? Ergo, I am in no position to "disagree", or, for that matter, agree.

However, I would speculate that these "rational and intelligent feminists" were merely that: rational and intelligent.

So. . if you were to meet a rational and intelligent MRA, and this person suddenly announced to you that he was in fact a feminist . . . you would be bound to conclude that he was a rational and intelligent feminist, yes? ;)

7:17 PM  
Blogger AlekNovy said...

I've also dropped the MRA label, in my case in favor of "counter-feminist" and "mgtow".

After re-reading the entire blog a few times, I definitely agree with Fidelbogen that strategically, "counter-feminist" is a lot better.

5:10 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


To me, the Magical Reflex Acronym is not so much a label as a DESCRIPTOR.

That is a subtle but important distinction. If "advocating men's rights" on any level is what you do, then I would say the descriptor fits.

A lot of people like to slam "MRAs", or what they believe to be such. But these people need to understand that, in the end, what they are really slamming is the idea of "men's rights", and also the idea that anybody would wish to speak up in favor of such a thing.

On another note, Alek, you asked me for my opinion on a certain point recently, regarding the probable reaction by feminists to the growing power of the non-feminist revolution.

I have given that complex question a lot of thought, and here is a simple answer that will stretch far enough to wrap around the complexity in a useful way.

I believe that the core of feminist reaction will be (and already is) understandable as an effort, by the feminists, to maintain control of their narrative.

The complex gamut of adaptive strategies will all fit under that umbrella.

The rest is details.

It is all about the battle for feminism's soul.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully said... I can feel that same revolution in process, yes. And I happen to be lucky enough to be working at an international level with MRAs and what you aptly call the non-feminist movement. You'd be amazed at what is happening in individual countries.... I'm getting messages from groups in at least 50 countries confirming exactly the ground-swell you refer to, some of the countries being poor or supposedly "patriarchally dominated"- they are fed-up with feminism and are getting active.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Thank you for stopping by. Anything that you would like to share on these subjects would be most welcome here. If you wish, contact me at:

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate feminists they cause to much hell and always try and lay a guilt trip.And yet the put us men down and try to rob us of our rights as one can change their gender they can try to with the so called sex changes but just because they go to a doctor doesnt change who god created them as a male or female they are always what they where born to be no matter they vain sinfull attempts to alter reality.

11:54 PM  

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