Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If She Says You Raped Her -- YOU RAPED HER!

Please read the following article at A Voice For Men:
This is simply one more reason why no social contract binding upon men exists any longer. It is a long list already, and it keeps on growing.
It is not simply the old “patriarchal” compact specifically between men and women which has gone south — although that is certainly part of it. No, I am talking about the entire social covenant which binds our civilization together at ANY level whatsoever.
The legitimacy of the state itself is forfeit, and under THAT scenario, there can be no social contract other than the ad hoc ones individuals may conclude amongst themselves privately.
The present state order has NO moral legitimacy, and the only force that can legitimately regulate my behavior is a moral law within myself. The state has only the power to coerce, through violence.
Political obligation is dead. Welcome to the Hobbesian state of nature. It’s a comin!


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