Thursday, February 02, 2012

Another Woman Lies About Sexual Assault. . .

. . . and Fidelbogen is a terrible, terrible creepy misogynist for bringing this to your attention!

You see, this woman didn't really lie about anything. It might appear that she did, but trust me, she didn't lie about anything at all. Not really. Or if she did, the case was "different" or "special", and so she was perfectly entitled to do what she did. After all, women are living under patriarchy and they need to level the playing the field by tilting the board in their own direction every chance they get.

Okay, here's a cluebat for the clueless. The woman in this video didn't personally get assaulted, but that doesn't matter because she was serving as a proxy for any woman anywhere who theoretically might have been assaulted in a similar situation, and might not have gotten justice for it. Do you see how that works? After all, the patriarchy has been assaulting women in many ways for many years, and there surely is plenty of payback coming down the pipeline. . . isn't there? Also, as the Redstockings Manifesto makes clear, these things need to be ironed out "politically", which means collectively. So the woman in this video was not just "a woman". No, in a large, abstract way she was women. And the cop was men. Do you follow me here? And men have been oppressing women for thousands of years, haven't they? Damn straight, and its high time women got their own back!

There, you see how easy it is to think like a feminist?

Now, if a particular man's life gets destroyed in the process, that's okay because he had too much male privilege. So it might feel, to him, like his life got destroyed -- but that is only because his male privilege got redistributed in order to create "equality". So he has nothing to whine about, does he?

All right, in the feminist universe women cannot do anything wrong because feminism does not hold women morally accountable. And why should it? You see, if feminism held women morally accountable, this would establish moral equality between the sexes. And for feminism, that is not the recipe -- no, not at all! For if moral equality were established, then a stable benchmark (or fixed landmark) for assessing every form of inequality would also be established, and it wouldn't be long before we sorted out all of those issues, would it?

And that would be the end of "inequality", and therefore the end of feminism. Wouldn't it?

But I say, that woman was a brazen little hussy, wasn't she? I especially like how she tried to pry-bar her way out of her predicament by using a hip, trendy, lefty political angle. But oh, what a worthless piece of shit she is! And what a terrible, terrible misogynist Fidelbogen is for calling this brazen little hussy a worthless piece of shit. Which is exactly what she is!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Het fidelbogen,

Has your feminist critics really called you a misogynist before?

In all of your blog posts and videos at youtube not once do you utter a word about predatory women.

In fact you kept the topic of feminism and women entirely separate.

Smart man, keep your feminist critics frustrated.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

Yup. I've been called that, or had that insinuated, quite a few times. It's par for the course in this game.

We're all "misogynists".

It's on a par with "fascist". Just a slur. Only a slur.

And most of the people who throw that word around are idiots.

6:22 AM  
Blogger said...

shocking video.

Now if it were not for all harassment hysteria:

if he had done everything she said, touched her a few times over the clothes, that would have been improper but nothing terrible compared to beatings, even just an overly tight handcuff.

But slightly touching a woman carries higher punishment then punching a few teeth out of a man. And the burden of proof is inverted, in favor of the woman.

But it is terrible to have given women all the weapons to invent lies to have other men destroy a guy's life for them.

Why don't we all get recorders built into our eye glasses to permanently record our entire life and immediately store it away on the internet.

Let us find the right systems and let us buy it. Let us also study the laws regarding recordings. Maybe we are not allowed. Then we are doomed.

1:17 AM  

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