Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Bombshell of a Book has Just Been Published

I thank my overseas brother-in-arms, who has brought this to my attention. You know who you are.

A new book has been published, titled Exposing Feminism - The Thirty Years War Against Men.  The author is one Swayne O'Pie. This book was originally released in England under a different title, but international demand for it has bulked large, with orders pouring in from the usual suspects -- USA, Canada, Australia and the like. I expect they'll be wanting it India, too.

Here is a sample from the first chapter:
"Feminism has become a huge confidence trick, a 21st  century deceit and fraud. We have become  slaves to received opinions. Feminism is the modern political equivalent of the Emperor’s  New Clothes, it is devoid of any rational credibility, it is morally and rationally naked and we  are all being conned. Feminism is the reason why the developed world hates men.  
"Feminism has been presented, and has been widely received by our conventional wisdom,  as a liberating force, a view of the relations between the sexes that emphasizes openness,   ‘gender equality’, freedom from oppression, discriminations, inequalities, sexism and  stereotyping. This presentation is a masquerade. The burden of this book is to show in  a broad theoretical perspective and in practical detail that our conventional wisdom and  State have been wrong to embrace this malign and dangerous Ideological Movement."
I would mildly object to the book's title. The war against men has been going on for a sight more than thirty years -- although I do appreciate how this phrase chimes with the 'Thirty Years War' of the 17th century. But here is a link where you will find a link to a PDF file containing free samples from the book. 


By the way, the above is the blog of UK writer Mike Buchanan, whose acquaintance I recently made via e-mail. Mr. Buchanan also wrote the introduction to the new book, as you will see.

The book introduces the concept of "forever feminism", and I am pleased to note that this is the same "critter" which I have talked about under the name of perpetual revolution.

I hope you enjoy the free samples, and I further hope that these will inspire you to order the full book. Do spread the word.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose I will not be reading of any scheduled readings/reception of the author at any local bookstore, independent or otherwise, not just because he's not traveling here just now, but because it would be far more acceptable to embrace the thoughts/literary works of any reformed convict of almost any sort than to sit in the usual crowd of book enthusiasts and hear the thoughts of anyone who says anything negative about, shudder the thought, feminism. thanks for the heads up though, I not only will be looking for it, I'll be interested to see who carries this book, and who puts it out front. should be interesting.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Ulf Andersson said...

It´s not about saying or writing
anything negative about feminism.

It´s showing the world what
the hate ideology feminism really stands for and for
undressing the
emperor like in
the tale by Danish
fairy tale writer H. C.(Hans Christian)Andersen:

The Tailor convinced
the Emperor that he
had wonderful clothes on.
It took a child to see
that the Emperor was naked.
After the remark made by the child,
even the masses saw that the Emperor was naked.

You shouldn´t be ungrateful
for those who provided
you with this.
We have a proverb in Sweden:
"Ingratitude is the reward of the world
(in other words, ingratitude is only what one should expect)."

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ "ulf"

"it's not about saying anything negative about feminism"...

well, yeah, fuckthecocksucktard, yeah it is about saying anything negative about feminicrapism, yes it is about THAT. i've experienced the company of some various hypertasticallyANALtotheMAX NorSwedLanders,and honestly, I think I know why it go so fucking crazy in your country, it's because you were so busy jacking off to all the photos you made of yourself with your dandy new camera thingy, but you know, nothing personal, off fucker. see you in the cocksuckingfunnypapers! what would you know about gratitude or the inverse?

8:18 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

I'll definitely be looking forward to get a copy of this book eventhough I suspect I'll be reading many of the things I already know. It's refreshing to get different perspective apart from your own.

11:32 AM  

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