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Feminism Cannot Live Without Radical Feminism!

The following extract is an entire comment, posted on the very left-wing Democratic Underground forum by a feminist who signs as  "He loved Big Brother". And I know the savvy readers of this blog will straightway comprehend how politically revealing the statement is.

HLBB is quite keen to champion the RadFems who were recently "ousted" from Conway Hall, London. Yes --  she wants to defend those people!

Note the passages which I have highlighted. They are verrrry interesting, and very revealing -- don't you think so? Also note that HLBB talks about the "RadFems" in a distant tone, no doubt prompted by some fine inspiration of prudence to distance herself.

But in plain fact, HLBB is a radical feminist herself. She is not so ostensively radical as the people she is discussing, but radical she is indeed! Just listen to her babbling on about "patriarchy"! And, even though she doesn't mention it here, I've no doubt she would rattle on and on about "male privilege" just as readily.

By these and other tokens, HLBB shows herself a toxic feminist indeed, as almost any confirmed non-feminist man or woman would surely admit. Need we trouble ourselves, even a speck, about the parochial distinctions between her style of feminism, and the style of the "RadFems"? About the only difference I can discern, is that HLBB doesn't hate trannies (or masks such feelings), and doesn't spin eugenic theories about the XY chromosome

Would HLBB insist that 1 in 4 women get raped? Quite likely. Would she insist that "rape is not about sex, but about power?"  Quite likely.Would she opine that false allegation of rape is a myth?  Quite likely. Would she oppose shared parenting legislation? Quite likely. Would she insist that men commit 95% off all domestic violence in order to control women?  Quite likely. .Would she favor the continuation of VAWA in its ideological form?  Quite likely. Would she protest loudly at the introduction of "male studies" in the university curriculum?  Quite likely. Would she oppose the advent of a male contraceptive pill?  Quite likely. Would she scoff at the idea of  "men's rights?" Quite likely. Would she agree with abolishing presumption of innocence for men accused of rape. Quite likely. .

And on it goes. You get the idea.

No, the difference between the feminist commenter HLBB and any of those vile creatures in the Agent Orange material does not frankly impress me. In fact, it reminds me of what of Adam Kostakis has written:
"The intellectual distance between two feminists in disagreement might seem, to them, to be vast indeed; a philosophical Grand Canyon! But to non-feminists, who stand far away from them both, and observe feminism from a distance, the two bickering ideologues stand very close to each other. Yes, we can just about see them on the horizon - two small figures, shouting over a pothole!"
Finally, what most troubles HLBB is a gut feeling that once those transphobic RadFems get the axe,  the glare of public attention will progress down the scale to the slightly less bad feminists like herself. In other words, she is afraid that her turn will be next. 

But here is HLBB's comment from Democratic Underground:
"I don't like infighting and celebrating something that Paul Elam of A Voice For Men is also celebrating.  
"RadFems have done a lot to further the goals of feminism and they're entitled to believe what the want about the XX chromosome. They are not the problem. They aren't always right, but they are necessary. Stop expecting everyone to be as educated and enlightened without flaws, because nobody is. All women deserve a safe space to define as they see fit. Cis women, WOC, trans women. We all have different goals and histories of oppression, and there is no hierarchy in the feminist groups. This will never resolve itself, and truthfully, I've read enough trans women who agree the pile-on to radfems is counter-productive and destroying a good ally against patriarchy.  
"Most radfems aren't transphobes. My local chapter focuses on socialism and intersectionality. But lesbians and anybody else have the right to say they prefer whomever as a sexual partner without it being labeled phobia. I can't stand this hateful infighting. Radfems aren't all the same. Some of them do hold fucked up beliefs. Trans women do as well. I am aghast at the highly offensive, vaguely rapey-connotations spouted as "cotton ceiling" baloney. That's a debacle and a half, but I am not expecting trans women and myself to part ways as feminists because we can't seem to agree with every single thing the other believes. Even though nobody has apologized for the cotton ceiling offense.  
"I will not dismiss radfems or trans people's right to identify their gender how they see fit, because I don't really have a problem seeing where all sides are coming from. I don't appreciate the insults from either side, but shutting down any feminist conference is just Orewellian and unproductive. I would expect that all women have the right to identify their place on the wheel of intersectionality, and define a safe space around it as they see fit. Feminists are allies of trans people, but not all cis women and trans women share the same dynamics within the patriarchy. Equality isn't about making sure no one gets their feelings hurt. 
"When RadFems are eliminated in a fiery rage of fourth-wave self-centeredness, I hope we can all realize that driving them away didn't do a thing to help fight against the real enemy, patriarchy, or help with securing solutions to our problems in that area, since apathy toward feminism is becoming so demoralizingly thick you need a breadknife to spread it. 
"Finally, I hope they can find another venue to meet, free of the pile-on. They're fringe, they're not the enemy, and most of all WOMEN DO NOT DESERVE TO BE SILENCED, PEOPLE. Why are we, as feminists, so butthurt about RadFems that we're doing the MRAsses dirty work FOR them? 
You can see this in its native environment here:

Also, in the interest of historical record-keeping, I have made a screen capture of HLBB's comment. I have shrunk this a lot, but click on it to make it legible. More importantly, save a copy for the archives. Yes, it is that important, and that revealing of where things now stand politically.


I just discovered THIS:
Make careful note of what you find there.

First: observe that the blog author has pasted the very same comment (from Democratic Underground) which I have pasted above.

Second: scroll down the page, and observe the interesting title statement of the next post, which reads "MRAs and Trans Activists: Two Sides, Same Coin".

That title statement is a link. Click on it!

Okay, finally, you should know that the blog author, "Bugbrennan", is one of those very same RadFems whom we have met in the Agent Orange files. She goes under a different screen name there, however. (I forget which.)

Anyhow, I gather that Bugbrennan is a lawyer who lives in the northeastern United States and moves in rather high circles.


Postscript: Cathy Brennan completely changed what was on her  blog, so that the material I originally linked to is no longer present. Just a note, in case anybody is puzzled.


Anonymous Agent Orange said...

Bugbrennan is Cathy Brennan. She works out of Batltimore as a lawyer. Her submission to the U.N. that strips trangenders of human rights is up for review by the U.N this year.

She heavily supports Radfem Hub, and has dumped nearly $15,000 in private detective work trying to find me. Fortunately, I have led her on a merry old chase. One day I am a student supporting OWS, the next day I am French jetsetter, and the next a Chinese dissident blogging from Malaysia.

Her activism is the worst kind....and is not to be underestimated. She has connections all over.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...


Oh you silly thing, of course I know who Cathy Brennan is! ;) She works out of Baltimore, but is originally from Massachusetts.(Or was it upstate NY?) And she is as active as a venomous snake, slithering here, slithering there.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I must get to work on my latest video. Cheers!

10:28 AM  

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